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Nintendo Puzzle Collection is a Nintendo GameCube game released only in Japan on February 7, 2003. The game was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The game was supposed to be released outside of Japan, but it was canceled before release. The game supports Game Boy Advance to Nintendo GameCube connectivity, for players to download a version of the games on the disc. Games that could be downloaded were downgraded, including the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Dr. Mario and Yoshi's Cookie, and a version of Panel de Pon.


Dr. Mario 64
All of the games are upgraded in terms of graphics and sound.

Because there was no Japanese version of Dr. Mario 64, the one in this game is a port of the North American version of the game. There are a few new things in the game, including new music and secret characters. The game is never referenced to as Dr. Mario 64, but rather Dr. Mario (and any references to the Nintendo 64 in the game itself are removed).

Yoshi's Cookie

The game is technically a port of Yoshi's Cookie. There are added things, however, such as upgraded graphics and sound. Other than that, the game is completely identical to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game).

Panel de Pon

The version of Panel de Pon has more differences from the original game than any other included on the disc. The game is essentially the same as Pokémon Puzzle League, as it is a version of the game skinned as Panel de Pon 64. Thus, it features many of the same things as Pokémon Puzzle League (such as a 3D mode, new characters, updated graphics, and a new four-player mode, which wasn't in Pokémon Puzzle League).

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