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Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey is a fantasic game if you're into the whole Pokemon thing. I know what you're saying, " it's just a Pokemon rip-off that wasn't close to being as successful as the original Pocket Monsters!" Well, have no fear, nor should you be condescending, cause this game gives a refreshing face-lift to the whole - fight with dudes so that you can get badges which in turns allows me to control my cooler looking dudes. It really sounds lame when I make a microcosm of the Pokemon Universe, it's ok since I love Pokemon! 

So, instead of taking one, or two?, monsters like in Pokemon, you get three monsters which is better than the cumbersome system of swaping out monsters in order to gain the upper-hand. Plus, Pokemon got nothing on something so cute yet so simeple like the Slime! Too bad he is limited to a turn-based system, or else he could creep his way along the beaten path of finding the Navel Plug. The combat system is superior to that of Pokemon. 
Final Judgement? THIS GAME IS AWESOME! If you've been watching the Endurance Run lately, you know that collecting monsters can be annoying yet so rewarding. 

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