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A sequel to the original Duck Tales NES game. A very similar game to the original you play as Scrooge McDuck going through several platforming oriented levels, defeating enemies, in hopes of collecting hidden treasure map pieces.

Unlike the original this sold poorly. The game only saw a limited production run due to it's late release in the console cycle. The actual gameplay was praised mainly because the game didn't change much from it's predecessor. Due to it's limited run the game has become somewhat of a rarity among collectors.


In DuckTales 2, Scrooge McDuck has to find Fergus McDuck's treasure by finding the seven map pieces, which are scattered around the world.

Gameboy Version:

Them pixels.

Despite having an acceptable NES version the Gameboy adaptation of Duck Tales 2 wasn't the best. With dumbed downed graphics, even for the Gameboy version, and half-hearted controls. It was a decent conversion since it carried over the story and levels from the NES version and didn't water down much else from the original.

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