Nintendo E3 2010 Press Conference Live Blog

#101 Posted by Pie (7053 posts) -

Looks kinda embarrassing, that isnt 1:1

#102 Posted by Addfwyn (1917 posts) -

Zelda, yay, but I don't like the wiimote controls for it.  Give me a gamepad anyday

#103 Posted by Rhaknar (5939 posts) -

non responsive commands do not a good presentation make :(

#104 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2907 posts) -

Oh, crap. I was fearing this. Might be the first Zelda game I skip...

#105 Posted by Terranova (582 posts) -

you know what i may just get a wii for this game lol
#106 Edited by FireBurger (1479 posts) -

Hahaha the sword control is embarrassing.
There's gonna be a YouTube remix of this shit....

#107 Posted by bcjohnnie (442 posts) -

Wow how could they demo a new Zelda game with these horrible janky controls?  This is bullshit.

#108 Posted by Number1 (201 posts) -

fuck that sword control is weak
#109 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2718 posts) -

That just looks weird.

#110 Posted by DammitFrank (81 posts) -

Yeah wii controls I get it, please go to direct feed.

#111 Posted by Milkman (16515 posts) -

This is why live gameplay demos are a bad idea.

#112 Posted by Besetment (473 posts) -

Yeah but can you cut watermelons?

#113 Posted by GozerTC (456 posts) -

So far E3 hasn't excited me.  I'm looking forward to Sony but hopefully Nintendo will keep me entertained. :)  

#114 Posted by stalefishies (330 posts) -

This had better be fixed by release.

#115 Posted by NickLott (792 posts) -

This is certainly not 1 to 1.

#116 Posted by Nictel (2380 posts) -

Ah I see the problem, the motion bar is on the ground in front of his feet. Nintendo should learn how to use their own stuff. At least I think that's the problem I can't imagine the controls being worse than in Twilight Princess.

#117 Posted by Chaos (95 posts) -

the controls look a litle bit off, i hope they fix that for the release. 

#118 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7613 posts) -

Game looks nice..  but the control looks dreadful.

#119 Posted by Binman88 (3684 posts) -

Wii controls don't seem to work very well for Miyamoto, so how the fuck will I be able to master them?

#120 Posted by Hector (3355 posts) -

Watching it now!!!

#121 Posted by This_Dude (295 posts) -

This is not the control method i want for a zelda game

#122 Posted by Deathpooky (1374 posts) -

Anyone feel like Reggie is going to break Miyamoto in half when he gets off stage?

#123 Posted by cap123 (2477 posts) -

that is not 1:1, i think there must be a problem, surely it's not that bad.

#124 Posted by DammitFrank (81 posts) -

Miyamoto making noises.

#125 Posted by Oginam (446 posts) -

I think the sensor bar is in a bad place which is why the sword stuff looks strange.

#126 Posted by Beomoose (675 posts) -

Live Demo, folks

#127 Posted by Boyling (185 posts) -

Miyamoto is almost Brad-level bad at demoing

#128 Posted by bcjohnnie (442 posts) -

This is not a turning point for Zelda games... this is just another stupid incremental iteration on a boring tired-ass franchise.
But it will sell like hotcakes again.

#129 Edited by JoeyRavn (4948 posts) -

So... Link's officially right-handed now? The controls look... tiring. 
lol Wireless interference. I know it's not their fault, but, man, come on...

#130 Posted by SuperZamrod (269 posts) -

HAHAHA Nintendo fucked up big time!

#131 Posted by FireBurger (1479 posts) -

This is only getting worse. Dear god...

#132 Posted by Orange (205 posts) -

Zelda 1:1? Yeah, it really looks like it...
*rolls eyes*

#133 Posted by nightbird (54 posts) -

Not quite what I had in's hoping for a non-motion control scheme.

#134 Posted by Scooper (7882 posts) -

New Zelda looks wank.

#135 Posted by golguin (3842 posts) -
@Boyling said:
" Miyamoto is almost Brad-level bad at demoing "
This. And Live demo folks.
#136 Edited by Rourkey (180 posts) -

wow new zelda looks crappy.... the controls seem really dodgy... Hopefully its all the fault of the interference....

#137 Posted by Rhaknar (5939 posts) -

dude... this is kinda bad :( not the game perse, but damn, it's not responding at all to the controls

#138 Posted by Terranova (582 posts) -

control seems very slow, but it could be a early build at least it looks real time and not some trialer they are acting to
#139 Posted by BeachThunder (11689 posts) -


#140 Posted by ztiworoh (731 posts) -

Ok this is going downhill quickly

#141 Posted by monster9999 (393 posts) -

No more Zelda please i just want to see 3DS

#142 Posted by rcath (358 posts) -

the controls are probably fine, just a live demo guys. calm down.

#143 Posted by juice8367 (439 posts) -
@Binman88 said:
" Wii controls don't seem to work very well for Miyamoto, so how the fuck will I be able to master them? "
That's why I never liked motion controls or the Wii
#144 Posted by Milkman (16515 posts) -

Christ, everything is falling apart...

#145 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2718 posts) -

Somebody tell them to stop.

#146 Posted by Manhattan_Project (2117 posts) -

Wow this looks horrible.
And it can't be the sensor bar placement, I can't see Nintendo making that mistake with a game this big.

#147 Posted by Number1 (201 posts) -

man im glad i watched this THE FAIL IS TAKING OVER!!!!!!!!!
#148 Posted by Pie (7053 posts) -

I feel so bad for those duders...

#149 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2907 posts) -

"Everyone turn off your wireless devices"
Yeah, good luck with that.

#150 Posted by Chris2KLee (2328 posts) -

Lol, Stop live blogging people! You are screwing up the presentation!!!

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