Has there ever been a worse tagline than "this game stinks"?

#1 Posted by lolwot (254 posts) -

The Wii commercials universally suck ass, but at least they don't denigrate the games they advertise with words (although this particular phrase would be much more fitting in many Wii commercials). I think Nintendo truly outdid themselves with their Earthbound promotion. I have to wonder if "this game stinks" was just the first quote they came up with while formulating their marketing strategy for the game. There couldn't have been any more thought to it than that. It's not even clever. It's just a poor choice of words. >_>

#2 Posted by Endogene (4741 posts) -

actually that was how earthbound was promoted for the snes release back in the day

#3 Posted by JohnDudebro (924 posts) -

I think it was suicide packing in that strategy guide. Such a big and unwieldy box is just enough to frighten retailers and mothers.

Such a goddamn pity EB wasn't a bigger hit. It deserved so much more.

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