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Using three of the original game's four game designers, Elvira 2 was one of those rare game sequels, where you couldn't help yourself from making it an all-night playing event. Elvira's role was far reduced this was often even better than the original including less clumsy RPG controls in battle, and more diverse areas to explore.

The concept this time is that Elvira (aka Cassandra Peterson) has inherited a movie set, where things are not what they seem. You get to choose a character to play – be it a Stuntman, Private Eye, Computer Programmer or Knife Thrower – each with his own attributes. Entering each movie set means entering that horror movie, as if it were real.

Such areas to explore include an underground hive of insects (this level's giant spider will have you itching yourself for hours after your computer's shut off), a zombie-ridden maze of catacombs under a church, and the obligatory haunted house. Along the way, you must search the movie lot itself for information and clues, all leading to the eventual meeting with Cerberus himself.

While the final battle is pretty gory and borderline disgusting, the rest of the game is classic thrills and chills. You enter the studio, explore the sets, find some objects, fight some monsters, meet some people with whom you can converse to a (very) limited degree, talk to Elvira a bit and even cast a fair few spells (provided you have found the necessary ingredients). Most of the controls are accessed through the mouse, which you use both to move and to select appropriate action icons when the need arises.

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