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The Engineer is a character class in the Team Fortress franchise. His main purpose is to build different structures to aid his team in battle. The Engineer carries a Shotgun, a pistol, and a melee weapon; his wrench. The Engineer is unique in that he can build objects in game, such as; a teleporter entrance and exit, a dispenser, and a sentry gun. The wrench can be used to speed up the building process of any these weapons, repair them, or destroy sappers left by Spies. The wrench also uses "metal" to upgrade the sentry or to repair objects. "Metal" can be gathered from supply points on the map, through the dispenser, or from dropped weapons.

With eleven scientific PhDs and his talent for playing the acoustic guitar, this gun loving redneck is far more than what meets the eye. In every match he proves himself to be an invaluable asset to the team. That is, when he's not having a hoe-down next to his sentry.

  • Health: 125
  • Speed: 100% of normal
  • Character Type: Defense
  • Advantages: Provides powerful frontline or fallback support, sentry is an insurmountable obstacle for most classes alone
  • Disadvantages: Pyros, Demomen, and Spies can easily destroy your buildings if you're not careful, cannot directly assist in fighting without endangering his setup

The Engineer is voiced by Grant Goodeve.


This amiable, soft-spoken good ol' boy from tiny Bee Cave, Texas loves barbecue, guns, and higher education. Natural curiosity, ten years as a roughneck in the west Texas oilfields, and eleven hard science PhDs have trained him to design, build and repair a variety of deadly contraptions.

  • Country of Origin: Bee Cave, Texas, USA
  • Motto: "I like to make things"
  • Emblem: Wrench

Family History

In the Loose Cannon comic promoting the Engineer Update it is revealed the Engineer's grandfather was hired by the quarrelling Mann brothers to build a life extender machine so that one brother might outlive the other thus causing the never ending battle between Blu and Red.

It is also notable that the engineer in Team Fortress Classic is Dell's father.

Default Weapons




The shotgun is the Engineer's best gun in his arsenal (excluding the sentry). It's a good shotgun that does good damage up close, but is useless from afar.

Ammo Damage

  • Holds 6 shots, 32 in reserve
  • Pellet Per Shell: 10
  • Point Blank: 80-90 (9 dmg per pellet)
  • Medium Range: 10-30 (6 dmg per pellet)
  • Long Range: 3-10 (3 dmg per pellet)
  • Mini Crit: 8.1 per pellet
  • Critical Hit: 18 per pellet




The Pistol is the Engineer's secondary weapon. It fires and reloads quickly, but is still no match for most weapons. Opt for the shotgun when in danger, but use this whenever you have free time. With 200 extra bullets, and a dispenser likely nearby you can take all the potshots you want once your equipment is up, just watch for spies.

Ammo Damage

  • Magazine size (reserves): 12 (200)
  • Point Blank: 20-22
  • Medium Range: 10-15
  • Long Range: 8-9
  • Mini Crit: 20
  • Critical Hit: 45




The wrench is the most useful tool in the Engineer's arsenal. Whacking structures with the wrench will double their construction speed, repair them, refill their ammo or upgrade them, doing so in that order as needed. It also removes sappers by two hits each. The wrench is also a good weapon to use in close range when you need to take down spies and other enemies eying your little HQ's.


  • Point Blank: 65 (59 to 72 damage)
  • Mini Crit: 88
  • Critical Hit: 195


The engineer is able to build four different buildings: a sentry gun, a set of teleporters, and a dispenser. Every building has 150 health except level two and three sentries that have 180 and 210, respectively. He uses a separate resource called metal to deploy, upgrade and repair and rearm his work. He starts with 200, his maximum amount. It can be replenished by any source of ammo. All structures can be upgraded up to two times for all 200 metal per level.

An ability added in the Engineer Update, all of your buildings can be packed up and re-deployed elsewhere. Simply done by walking up to a finished building of yours and right clicking, this will instantly pack up your building into it's toolbox where you can walk around (at reduced speed) and re-deploy it elsewhere. When re-deployed, a building will construct at a much faster rate, but if it's a level two or three sentry it has to go through each construction animation.

Sentry Gun - 130 metal

Level one sentry.
Level two sentry.
Level three sentry.

The sentry gun is the engineer's (and possibly the game's) most powerful weapon, after it's fully deployed a sentry will automatically track and fire upon any enemies within it's range with deadly precision. A starting level one sentry is equipped only with one barrel which has a slow rate of fire. A level two sentry has two turrets and has an increased rate of fire. A level three turret adds on a four barreled rocket launcher. Each level adds max health and ammo reserve to the sentry as well.

Dispenser - 100 metal

Level one dispenser

Dispensers are medium size structures that provide metal, ammo, and health for you and your teammates. The dispenser can give a great advantage to your team, if placed in the right location you and your teammates can stay alive much longer. Ideal locations are either right by your sentry, to keep you stocked up on metal and healing any damage you take; or right behind the front lines to minimize your teammates' down time.

Although while normally when you pick up ammo you will also acquire an equivocal amount of metal, the dispenser deals the two out separately. Ammo will restock at a rapid rate (even faster when upgraded) but the metal must be generated separately. Every 5 seconds it will garner 40, 50, or 60 units (depending on it's level) of metal and store it, every time this happens you will hear a mechanical cranking sound. When built, the dispenser will be holding 25 metal, and can hold up to 400 units. Whenever a friendly engineer is near a dispenser it will use it's stores to replenish any of his spent metal at 40, 50 or 60 units every half second, depending on it's level. Healing starts at about 10 HP restored a second, with ~5 HP/s added each level.

Teleporters - 125 metal each


Telporters are used to carry people from one place to another, you have to build the entrance and exit separately. It's a helpful way to get your players to the front line faster. Every time the teleporter is used, it has a recharge time which is dependent on it's level. The teleporters are really helpful for slow-moving classes like the Heavy and the Soldier.

The teleporter recharge takes 10 seconds to complete at first level, going all the way down to 5 then 3 seconds at 2nd and 3rd level. Both teleporters are effected when you wrench them, this means repairs, upgrading and sapper removal is done simultaneously. If either one is destroyed it will revert the remaining teleporter back down to level one.

Note: If an enemy is standing on your teleporter when someone comes through they will be telefragged. Conversely if an enemy spy uses your teleporter the same thing could happen to you or anyone on your team!


  • The Engineer is able to self destruct any of his buildings anytime he wants by taking out his big red button. Any time a building is destroyed it will leave behind bits and pieces that can be picked up for ammo/metal.
  • If a spy is doing nothing but sapping your sentry you have to kill him first, trying to repair constant sapping will accomplish nothing.
  • The Engineer's buildings take damage from all weapons, but the majority of classes cannot put out damage on your sentry as fast as you can repair it, provided you have the metal. A demoman can get around this by launching enough stickies onto the area to take it (and maybe you) down in one blow. If you see them landing either shoot them as fast as possible to get rid of them, or go for the kill and take out the demo while he is concentrating.
  • It's not always be wisest to repair your sentry in response to an attack, especially if the sentry is likely to go down. Many enemies need to focus their attacks directly at the sentry to destroy it leaving them wide open to a few 12ga shells to the chest. If your sentry dies while your repairing it you will be left swinging your wrench out in the open, if it's destroyed while you are counter attacking you will often have a weak enemy that is easy to finish off. If successful the metal from his fallen weapon plus the bits from your sentry should easily cover the cost to replace it right away.
  • Critical hits do not do any extra damage to buildings.
  • When placing your buildings you can rotate them in 90° increments by hitting secondary fire. This can fit sentries closer to corners, dispensers flusher to walls, or change which way your teammates come out of teleporters.
  • While placing a sentry you will notice a pair of dotted lines and when in a large enough area a transparent ring around you. The dotted lines indicate the forward field of fire, enemies will be fired upon in that zone almost immediately where enemies approaching outside it will be safe until the sentry turns to face them. The transparent ring indicates the range, make sure your sentry can reach all the entrances to the room it's defending.
  • When defending an area with your sentry you will often get a few kills from the first couple of enemies to run into it but they will very quickly learn to stay out of the way. A planned attempt to dislodge your sentry is going to be inevitable, you need solid teammates to disrupt them. Otherwise try dismantling and moving your sentry often, they will see that it's gone and might let down their guard, walking right into your new one.



Taunt position when the pistol is equipped.

The engineer spins the pistol in his hand while laughing evilly.


Taunt position when the shotgun is equipped.

The engineer cheers while performing a hoedown.

"Woooo hoo!"

"Heeeey ya!"

"Yippee ki yaa he yay kyaaah kayo!"

"Hee hee! Yeehaa!"


Taunt position when the wrench is equipped.

The Engineer laughs evilly, slaps his knee and points

Unlockable Weapons

The Golden Wrench - Replaces the Wrench

The Golden Wrench

Bestowed only to those crafting during the week of the engineer update, just 100 of these legendary tools are said to exist. Although likely to be actually made out of Australium, what is known is that it is hard, and it is shiny. Both of which you could be as well if you are lucky enough to even be killed by one, because a victim of a Golden Wrench is turned into the very same substance. Less than 100 of these wrenches still exist, for a charity event was arranged among some of the winners where they would destroy their Golden Wrenches to aid the Child's Play charity.

The Frontier Justice - Replaces the Shotgun

The Frontier Justice

A fusion of classic craftsmanship and new-age technology, the Frontier Justice is born! This shotgun trades random critical hits and half it's magazine size for a new term in the TF2 lexicon, "Revenge Crits". This ability stores up critical hits whenever the engineer's sentry shoots down opponents, 2 crits for every kill the sentry makes and 1 for every assist. These crits are unleashed when the sentry is destroyed (either by enemy fire or self detonation) making every shot afterward a guaranteed critical with the shotgun until your revenge crits run out or you die, whichever comes first.

The Wrangler - Replaces the Pistol

The Wrangler

A boy toy if there ever was one, the Wrangler lets you take your boring auto-tracking, auto-murdering sentry gun, and places the control in your hands! When used, the Wrangler not only lets you aim your mechanized death dealer, but boosts it to double the fire rate AND gives it a complimentary shield which absorbs 2/3 of incoming damage! You'd better make good use of all these bonuses though, because a sentry that ceases to be controlled by a Wrangler is inactive for 3 seconds while it's auto-targeting systems come back on-line.

The Gunslinger - Replaces the Wrench

The Gunslinger

If you like to drop your sentries right into a raging fire-fight, then lop off a hand because the Gunslinger is here for you. This grizzly prosthesis gives the Engineer wearing it 25 more health, and critical hits go from random to guaranteed on every third hit. Further bringing out the Engineer's inner-warrior is the replacement of the normal sentry with combat mini-sentries. These little devils deploy four times faster than normal, immediately start with full health, and only cost 100 metal. They are unable to be upgraded or even repaired however, and only do half the damage of a normal level one sentry.

The Southern Hospitality - Replaces the Wrench

The Southern Hospitality

All gussied up with pointy-bits, the Southern Hospitality is the first community weapon for the Engineer. These attachments aren't just for show as hitting an enemy will cause them to bleed, similar to the Tribalman's Shiv. On the downside(s) the wrench will not make critical hits and makes you take 20% more fire damage.

The Southern Hospitality can be crafted by combining an Ambassador and one scrap metal pile.

The Lugermorph - Replaces the Pistol

The Lugermorph

Originally only available to the other pistol-totting class, the Scout, the Engineer has taken this free-lancer's firearm and reverse-engineered it into his own arsenal. The Lugermorph is available only to those who bought Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse within the first week of it's release, or to those who have unlocked it in Poker Night at the Inventory. It functions identically to the default pistol, though commands a considerable price premium.

The Jag - Replaces the Wrench

The Jag.

This version of the wrench does 25% less damage than the standard wrench, but in exchange constructs buildings 30 percent faster.

The Rescue Ranger - Replaces the Shotgun

The Rescue Ranger.

This version of the Shotgun has a 33% smaller clip, and decreases the primary ammo of the engineer by 50%, but in exchange, it allows the engineer to repair any allied building using the projectile from the Rescue Ranger. It also allows the engineer to pick up any of his buildings at any range for the cost of 130 metal. however, this marks the engineer for death while he picks it up.

The Eureka Effect - replaces the Wrench

The Eureka Effect.

This nifty wrench variant allows the engineer the ability to teleport to spawn by taunting or right-clicking by sacrificing the ability to move buildings.

The Widowmaker - Replaces the Shotgun

The Widowmaker.

This shotgun uses metal for its ammunition, with each shot costing 30 metal. however, the engineer gains back metal for every point of damage done, inluding critial hits, creating potentially an infinite ammo shotgun.

Pomson 6000 - Replaces the Shotgun

The Pomson 6000.

This retro-Futuristic ray gun requires no ammo, and requires to be pumped after 4 shots. it specializes in removing bonuses from enemy players, particularly spies and medics, removing 20% cloak and 10% ubercharge respectively. the projectile fired cannot be reflected, as well.

The Short Circuit - Replaces the Pistol

The Short Circuit.

Part of the Mann-Conomy Update alongside the Widowmaker, it is an anti projectile device that consumes 35 metal every shot, but destroys all projectiles within its range. however, it barely damages enemies, doing a paltry 5 damage, and does not have random critical hits.

The Engineer Update

The Engineer Update

The final class to receive their own update, the Engineer came out in style with his own 13 page comic further fleshing out the game's fantastically unnecessary back-story. This was then followed by his own dedicated page where the newest info on his unlockable gear and upcoming maps could be seen. Also on said page was an updating counter that referred and links to the Official Wrench Log, a hall of fame counting those who have managed to conquer the odds and craft one of the hundred few, hyper-coveted Golden Wrenches. It should be noted that the engineer page was updated for every 25 Golden Wrenches crafted. The update went live on July 8th, 2010, nearly 3 years after the game's launch.


  • Engie's guitar-playing may be a reference to his voice actor, Grant Goodeve, playing a guitar on Eight Is Enough.
  • Engie's hometown of Bee Cave, Texas is a real place.
  • In the "Loose Canon" comic, the original BLU Engineer was revealed to be inventor Nikola Tesla.


Below is a list of every hat the Engineer can equip in the head slot.

Miscellaneous items

Below is a list of every item the Engineer can equip in the two misc slots.

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