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In north western Elibe, a group of highly spiritual people developed a philosophy which encouraged people to find their place with God. Through years of preaching and sacrifice, the religion spread across much of the land, and became the official religion of Elibe. When the event known as the Scouring broke out, the bishop Elimine wielded the legendary light tome Aureola, and the powerful Saint's Staff against the dragon army as one of the Eight Generals. After defeating the dragons, Elimine reformed the church into the St. Elimine Church, and helped establish the Kingdom of Etruria. With the church centralized in Etruria, the kingdom grew into becoming one of the greatest kingdoms in the land, only ever being challenged by Bern. Etruria spread its influence across the continent, conquering the Western Isles, and becoming a protector of the minor nation of Lycia. After the infamous Black Fang were defeated, Eturia and Bern had a small war over the recruitment of the legendary tactician Mark, but neither side was able to achieve victory.

During the Bern invasion of Elibe, Eturia supported Lycia against Bern aggression, and was able to cause the Bern army to retreat. Yet despite their victory, some of the nobles betrayed their king, and forged an alliance with Bern against Lycia. After General Roy of Pherae liberated Etruria, the Etrurian army joined with the Lycian Alliance, and both armies took the name of Etrurian Alliance. After Bern was defeated, peace returned to Elibe, and Etruria helped Lycia and Bern rebuild.


St. Elimine

A bishop from Eturia, she took up arms against the dragons during the Scouring. Wielding the Aureola tome and the Saint's Staff, Elimine became one of the Eight Generals, and was monumental to stopping the Demon Dragon Idenn. Afterwards, Elimine returned to Etruria and and reformed the church into the St. Elimine Church, with her at its head. With her help, the Kingdom of Eturia was founded, and and the people rallied around their saint. After her death, it is said that she moved beyond sainthood and became a goddess, with people worshiping her across Elibe.


The king of Etruria, he commands great loyalty from his subjects. Prior to the start of Bern's invasion of Elibe, Mordred's son Prince Mildain was killed in a riding accident, and Mordred cut himself off from the world. After Bern was forced out of Lycia, two of Mordred's advisers had the king confined to his chambers and seized control of the country. After Roy was able to liberate the capital Aquleia, Mordred requested him to travel to the Tower of the Saint, and to take any supplies that would help him defeat Bern. Afterwards, he was blessed by the visit of a very special person.


The prince of Etruria, he is greatly beloved by the people. One day, when riding his horse, Mildain fell from the saddle and was killed in the fall, sending his father into a grief stricken state. In actual fact, Mildain was hit by poison tipped arrow, as the Etrurian nobles wanted to seize power for themselves. When General Douglas realized what had happened, he spirited the prince away to safety, and spread the rumor that Mildain had died. After the war with Bern was over, Mildain came out of hiding and reunited with his father.


A mysterious bard from Etruria, he knows many legends of the land. When rebellion broke out on the Western Islands, the bard Elphin served as strategist for the rebel army against the Etrurian nobles. His wisdom and insight proved valuable to the rebels, and Elphin helped send the Etrurians into a panic. When Prince Roy arrived in the Western Isles, Elphin revealed the truth of the Etrurian atrocities, and formed an alliance with Roy. After liberating the Isles, Elphin journeyed across Elibe with Roy, proving to a be a valuable and influential partner. After the war ended, Elphin disappeared and was never seen or heard from again.


A noblewoman from Etruria, she is the mother of King Zephiel of Bern. Years before the Black Fang incident, Hellene was entered into an arranged marriage with King Desmond of Bern. Despite giving birth to Desmond's heir, Hellene and Desmond hated each other, and refused to see eye to eye. When Zephiel became of age to be recognized as the heir to Bern, Hellene taunted her husband about the fact that her son would be king, while his illegitimate daughter would be nothing. After she learned about the failed assassination plot on her son, Hellene stopped seeing him as a political tool, and made amends with him.


The Count Reglay, Pent studies the mysteries of magic, trying to gain greater knowledge. A very talented mage, Pent became the Mage General of Etruria, and became a staunch supporter of the king. Pent left Etruria, and became a student of the Archsage Athos, in the utopia of Arcadia. During the Black Fang incident, Pent helped Eliwood fight against Nergal, and played a major part in saving the world. After Nergal's defeat, Pent retired as Mage General, and continued Athos' research while raising his two children. During the war with Bern, Pent remained in Etruria and never picked up arms against the Bern army.


A minor noblewoman from Etruria, she is Pent's faithful wife. Years ago, when Pent was looking for a wife, Louise won his hand in marriage when she pledged to protect him with her bow for life. After that meeting, the two fell in love and were quickly wed. When the Black Fang incident occured, Louise visited her distant relative Hellene to find out the location of the Shrine of Seals. When the final showdown with Nergal came, Louise reveled to her husband that she was pregnant with their first child, and together they helped Eliwood save the world. During the war with Bern, Louise never picked up arms against Bern, and stayed by her husbands side in Etruria.


The son of Pent and Louise, Klein is a respected general in the Etrurian army. During the war with Bern, Klein fell under the command of Lord Arcard, governor of the Western Isles. When word the Lycian Alliance discovered Arcard's treachery, they rebelled against the Etrurians, and Klein engaged them in battle. When his sister revealed the truth about Arcard, Klein abandoned his lord, and joined the Lycian Alliance. After the war, Klein retired as a warrior and became an ambassador for Etruria to the other nations.


The spoiled daughter of Pent and Louise, she wants to be seen as a respected lady. When Bern invaded Lycia, Lord Erik of Laus took Clarine hostage, as a gift for the General Nacien of Bern. When the Sacaen warrior Rutger saw her plight, he freed her, and helped her meet with the Lycian Alliance Army. After meeting with Roy, Clarine joined his army, and assisted him all the way to the final battle in Bern. After the war, Clarine returned to Aquleia and earned the love and admiration of her peers.


The apprentice of Lord Pent, Erk studies to became as great of a spell caster as his master. A few years prior to Black Fang incident, Pent discovered the young mage Erk, and brought him home to serve as his apprentice. After learning much from Pent and Louise, Erk left on a mission to further his studies by working as bodyguard for the Ostian cleric Serra. This job got Erk caught up in the Caelin Succession, where he allied with Lady Lyndis. After their victory, Erk returned home briefly, but then once again he left, this time working for the troubadour Priscilla. When they were attacked by Lord Darin's men, Erk joined forces with Eliwood, and traveled with him in his fight against Nergal. After Nergal was defeated, Erk was offered the post of Mage General, but declined, and dedicated his life to his magical studies.


A mercenary from Etruria, he used to be a notorious pit fighter. Fifteen years before the war with Bern, Dieck saved Klein from a rampaging lion at an Aquleia arena. After being severely wounded, Lord Pent bought Dieck, and him work as a mercenary on his behalf. A few years later, Dieck bought his freedom and left House Reglay, becoming an independent mercenary to protect his lords reputation. Years later, Lord Eliwood hire Dieck and his band of mercenaries to help Roy in his fight against Bern, and Dieck's name became legendary. After the war ended, he dissolved the mercenary troop, and lived his life as a solitary warrior.

Count Caerleon

A count from a minor noble family in Etruria, known for his kindness. When the House of Cornwell was destroyed by Ostia, the count adopted the young daughter Priscilla, and brought her to Etruria. When she grew older, the count forbade her from seeking out her biological family, this didn't stop crush her ambition, but infact made it grow. After Priscilla helped Eliwood defeat Nergal, he was reunited with his daughter, and showed only joy at her return.


The daughter of Lord Cornwell, when her house was destroyed, she was adopted by Count Carleon of Etruria. During the Black Fang incident, Priscilla journeyed through Lycia looking for any remaining family members from Cornwell, unfortunately, Lord Darin of Laus found her beautiful and would not let her leave Laus. When Eliwood's party arrived, Priscilla joined with them, and continued to look for her family. After Nergal was defeated, Priscilla returned to Cornwell, and was met with joy rather than anger.


The Great General of Etruria, Douglas commands the respect of many Etrurians. A loyal knight to the Etrurian royal family, Douglas is loyal to King Mordred and Prince Mildain above all else. When he witnessed the assassination attempt on Prince Mildain, Douglas had him nursed back to health and sent in hiding to the Western Isles. Afraid of what would happen to the king, Douglas remained in Etruria so to prevent anyone from threatening his life. When the coup broke out, Douglas painfully sided with the rebels, knowing that was the only way to save the king from danger. When Etruria was liberated by General Roy, King Mordred ordered Douglas to help them fight against Bern. After Bern was defeated, Douglas retired from the army, but later served as general once again after being requested so frequently.


The Mage General of Etruria, Cecilia is beloved by the people for her wisdom and kindness. Prior to the war with Bern, Cecilia trained the young Lord Roy in matters of combat and diplomacy, greatly earning his respect. When war with Bern broke out, Cecilia brought Etrurian reinforcements to Ostia and forced General Nacien and his army to retreat back to Bern. Cecilia then took Princess Guinevere into her care, and kept her safe in Etruria. When the rebellion started, Cecilia fought the rebels, but was easily defeated by King Zephiel and sent to the dungeon. Her wounds were tended by the shaman Sofyia, and she later joined Roy's army. After the war ended, she helped rebuid Etruria, and was given the title of "Maid of Etruria" after her death.


The Knight General of Etruria, he is fiercely loyal to Prince Mildain. When the coup in Etruria broke out, Perceval was forced into allying with the rebels as a way of protecting the king from harm. When he learned that Prince Mildain was alive, Perceval abandoned the rebels, and joined with the Lycian Alliance Army. After the war ended, Perceval replaced Douglas as Great General of Etruria, and soon became the advisor to the newly crowned King Mildain. Stories of Perceval's heroics crossed the land, and set the model for all knights to follow.


A high ranking bishop in the Elimine Church, he has high hopes for Roy. As a young man, Jodel was a close friend of Niime the mountain hermit, a relationship that ended with tragedy. When Jodel's sister was murdered, Niime wanted to kill those responsible, but Jodel couldn't betray his faith by seeking bloody revenge, so the two parted ways. When war with Bern broke out, Jodel ordered Saul to keep tabs on Lord Roy, to ensure that he was someone worthy of being savior of Elibe. When he realized Roy's pure heart, Jodel lended his assistance to Roy and helped him collect the remaining divine weapons. After the war ended, Jodel eventually became the Archbishop, but never lost his sense of righteousness or honor.


A womanizing member of the Elimine Church, he was given an important task by Bishop Jodel. During the war with Bern, Saul and his partner Dorothy traveled to Lycia, where they were ordered to accompany and evaluate the potential of Lord Roy. Saul observed Roy, while chasing women on his spare time, and decided that Roy was someone worthy to lead in the fight against Bern. After the war ended, Saul was offered the position of bishop, but instead went out on his own helping people across the land.


A member of the Elimine Church, she supports Father Saul in his mission. Despite being a member of the church, Dorothy has no magical powers, and while she wants to help people like Saul, she can only support him as an archer. After the war ended, Dorothy left the churches service, and returned to live a normal life in her village. Despite her plainness, most say that Dorothy had the most fulfilling life of all her comrades.


Advisor to King Mordred, he has grand ambitions for his own house. Prior to the start of the war with Bern, Roartz hired an assassin to kill Prince Mildain, in order to secure the throne for himself. As the king wallowed in his despair, Roartz seized more power, until he finally took complete control of the country in a coup backed by Bern. His reign didn't last long however, soon the Lycian Alliance arrived in Aquleia and Roartz was forced to flee. Under great stress, Roartz fled to eastern Elibe where he fought the Etrurian Alliance, but was overcome by their strength.


A minor nobleman from Etruria, he became the governor of the Western Isles. A man of no importance in the Etrurian court, Arcard spent his days supervising the mining activities happening in the Western Isles. When the Lycian Alliance discovered that Etruria was abusing its power on the isles, they attacked Arcard, forcing him to flee back to the Etrurian mainland. Back in Etruria, Arcard helped Roartz with his coup, but was once again forced to flee when the Lycian Alliance arrived. Arcard made his last stand in northern Elibe against the Etrurian Alliance, and was finally defeated for good.


A bishop of the Elimine Church, Windam defied the church leaders and sided with rebel faction. When Roartz and Arcard fled Etruria, Windam was left in the Tower of the Saint, and forced to fight against the Etrurian Alliance. Knowing that he probably wouldn't survive, Windam ordered his men to fight against the army using the dangerous "arrows of light". Despite a hard fought battle, Windam was killed and the tower was taken by Roy.


Commander of the legion at Castle Idina, he is very loyal to Lord Arcard. When the Western Isles rebel army freed the slaves being kept at the mines near Idina, Morgan dispatched his army to bring them back. Unfortunately for him, Elphin had led the Lycian Alliance into the area, and they were able to easily defeat Morgan and his men.


A bishop from the Elimine Church, he oversees the mine at Mt. Ebrakhm in the Western Isles. A very corrupt and greedy man, Oro believes that as long as he does his work in the name of God, he cannot be punished for his evil deeds. When the Lycian Alliance arrives at his castle, he tries to use his vast power against them, but is defeated after a long bloody battle.


A general from Etruria, his battalion is stationed alongside Bishop Oro's. When the Lycian Alliance gave Bishop Oro a hard time, Robarts and his men joined Oro in battle and engaged the Lycians. Like the bishop. Robarts was inevitably defeated in battle.


The marquess of a small territory on the Western Isles, he uses his full power to fight the rebels. When he learned that Lord Arcard was sending him reinforcements to fight against the Lycian Alliance, he hired the services of the local bandit Scollan to finish the fight faster. Despite their combined efforts, Roy and the Lycian Alliance were able to easily overcome him.


An Etrurian duke living on the Western Isles, he has a small castle on the route to Mt. Ebrakhm. When the Lycian Alliance asked for his permission to travel through his territory, Nord attacked them, hoping to earn a piece of Lord Arcard's riches as a reward. Foolishly, he attacked the alliance head on, and he was defeated with great ease.

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