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At the height of the Scouring, the hero Hartmut and his fellow Divine Genenerals engaged the dragons at the Dragon Temple located in eastern Elibe. After a fierce battle with the Dark Dragon, the humans had secured their victory, and went their separate ways. Hartmut settled in the mountains near the Dragon Temple, and founded his own kingdom, the Kingdom of Bern. Over the generations, the people of Bern tamed the wild wyverns living in the region, and used these powerful beasts to create one of the greatest armies in all of Elibe. Bern existed in relative peace with its neighbors, but there was always the very real threat of war breaking out between Bern and Etruria, the other dominant kingdom of Elibe. One minor war erupted during the year 981, as both Bern and Etruria battled each other trying to recruit the legendary tactician Mark. During the year 999, total war eventually broke out, as Bern invaded Sacae and Ilia, throwing all of Elibe into the flames of war.



Leader of the Divine Generals, known as Hartmut the Champion. During the Scouring, Hartmut led the Divine Generals in battle against the dragons, taking victory after victory. When Hartmut and his comrades faced off against the Dark Dragon Idenn, Hartmut took pity on her, and rather than killing her, he sealed her away with the Sword of Seals. After the battle, Hartmut remained in the mountains of eastern Elibe, and created the Kingdom of Bern.


A master of the dark arts, he joined with Hartmut as one of the Divine Generals. Known as The Enigma, Bramimond journeyed to Bern with his comrades, and fought against the dragons at the Dragon Temple. After the Scouring ended, Bramimond placed a seal over the divine weapons, and took residence in the Shrine of Seals. Over the years, Bramimond dived further and further into his dark magic studies and soon lost his very soul to its overwhelming power. When Eliwood and his companions met with Bramimond during the Black Fang incident, Bramimond reluctantly released the seal over the divine weapons, but gave his support to Eliwood. When Eliwood faced off against the dragons, Bramimond unleashed Ninian's power, and helped them subdue the dragons. Afterwards, Bramimond returned to the Shrine of Seals, but soon died from using his power.


The avaricious king of Bern, he craves the love and devotion of his people. As a young man, Desmond trained in martial arts and diplomacy, but was never able to master them as a ruler should. Despite his flaws, he succeeded his father as king, and ruled for many years. As king, he married Princess Hellene of Etruria, and had a son, Prince Zephiel, with her. When the people say Zephiel's skill and fell in love with him, Desmond flew into a rage and abandoned his wife and son, taking a mistress and having a daughter with her. Years later, Desmond pretended to make amends with his son, but in fact he had poisoned his wine in an attempt to assassinate him. Zephiel was saved by his subordinate Murdock, and planned for his revenge against Desmond. At his funeral, Zephiel sprung from his coffin and stabbed his father in the heart.


The son of King Desmond and Queen Hellene, he inherits the Bern throne. As a young man, Zephiel excelled in his swordsmanship and studies, becoming the ideal candidate for the throne. Yet despite the love of his people, his father despised him for his skill, and conspired to remove him from the throne. Working with Sonia of the Black Fang, Desmond had the Fire Emblem stolen, and an assassination attempt made on Zephiel. Fortunatley for Zephiel, Eliwood and his party defeated the assassins, returned the Fire Emblem. After Zephiel stopped his fathers second plot, he murdered his father and closed himself off from other humans. Years later, Zephiel made an alliance with the dragon Jahn, and conspired to return the world to the dragons. Despite his efforts, Prince Roy of Pherae, and his half-sister Guinevere fought against him, and returned peace to the land.


The daughter of King Desmond and his mistress, she wants peace for the land. When Guinevere was a little girl, she was adored by her father, who was grooming her to inherit the throne. Despite Desmond's favor, Zephiel was the rightful heir and Guinevere remained as princess after Desmond died. When Zephiel allied with the dragons and invaded it's neighbors, Guinevere left the capital and was captured by Captain Rude on her way to Ostia. After Roy and his army defeated Rude, Guinevere accompanied him to the Lycian Alliance HQ in Ostia, and then made her way to Etruria. When Zephiel attacked Erturia, Guinevere was captured by her brother, but escaped again with the help of Captain Milady and returned to Roy's side. After the war ended, Guinevere became queen and led Bern into a new era of peace.


A powerful knight in the Bern army, he swears absolute loyalty to Zephiel. A man of common birth, Murdock was recognized for his great skill and raised up to being the greatest of the Wyvern Generals. When King Desmond poisoned Zephiel, Murdock nursed him back to health and helped him kill Desmond. Years later during the war of dragons, Murdock led the invasion of Ilia, and subjugated the Zealot's Edessa knights. Later on, he defended the Shrine of Seals against the Etrurian Alliance, but was defeated in battle.


A leader in the Bern army and member of the Wyvern Generals, she is completely loyal to King Zephiel. During the war against the alliance, Brunnya led the attack against Sacae, and subjugated the Kutolah tribe with assistance from the Djute tribe. During the attack on Araphen, Brunnya defeated Lord Hector in battle, and dealt a devastating blow against the Lycians. After Zephiel was killed in battle, Brunnya rallied the Bern army for one last battle at the Dragon Temple, but was killed in battle against the Erturian Alliance.


A leader in the Bern army and member of the Wyvern Generals, he is obsessed with himself. During the war against the alliance, Nacien led the attack against Lycia, and helped General Brunnya defeat Lord Hector. After Hector's death, Nacien made an alliance with Lord Erik of Laus, and was promised Lady Clarine in exchange for his cooperation. After Clarine escaped to the Alliance, Nacien lost interest and pursued the Alliance from Lycia to Etruria. At Aquleia, General Murdock told Nacien to defeat the Alliance or face punishment for his failures, yet Nacien was still unable to defeat them.


A soldier from Bern, he is a skilled knight under the command General Murdock. During the campaign in the Western Isles, Galle assisted Milady in seeking out Princess Guinevere who was under the protection of Etruria. After Nacien was killed in Etruria, Galle was promoted to the rank of Dragon General, and worked in tandem with Murdock to fight the Etrurian Alliance. At the Shrine of Seals, Galle was forced to fight his lover Milady in battle, refusing to abandon his country or king. After a hard fought battle, Galle was killed by the Alliance.


The leader of the Vaida's Raiders, and one of the Wyvern Generals. Her loyalty to Prince Zephiel is unshakable, but hates King Desmond with a passion. When wyvern knights began attacking peasants on the frontier, Vaida and her soldiers stopped them and saved the people. Due to her "treason", Vaida was expelled from Bern and joined the Black Fang, attacking Eliwood in Bern. After she returned to her prince, she joined with Eliwood as thanks for saving him from certain death. After Nergal was defeated, Vaida returned to Bern.


A former soldier from Bern, he was a member of Vaida's Raiders. When Heath's unit was ordered to attack the peasants, Heath rebelled against the army and was branded an outcast. He fled to Lycia where he became a member of Euban's mercenaries. When Sealen was ordered to retake Castle Laus, Heath prepared an escape route, and left to return to Euban's side. After Lord Darin died, Euban's attacked Eliwood's army, but Heath refused to harm the women and children, so he joined with Eliwood. After Nergal was defeated, Heath moved to Ilia and became a mercenary.


A member of Vaida's Raiders, he was killed when his unit fled to Lycia.


A member of Vaida's Raiders, he was killed when his unit fled to Lycia.


A member of Vaida's Raiders, he was killed when his unit fled to Lycia.


A dragon knight from Bern who serves as Princess Guinevere's personal guard. At the outbreak of the war against Lycia, Milady lost track of Guinevere, and traveled around Elibe searching for her mistress. When Milady was reunited with Guinevere in Etruria, Guinevere begged her to help her find Roy nearby. Pledging loyalty to the princess above Bern, Milady helped her escape and joined the Alliance army. After the war, she returned to Bern and helped make the land prosperous again.


A soldier from Bern and Milady's brother, Zeiss is a subordinate of General Galle. When General Nacien was facing demotion for his failure to stop the Lycian Alliance, he framed Zeiss for collaborating with Milady against Bern, and ordered for the army to hut Zeiss down. Fortunatley for Zeiss, Galle warned him of the plot, and Zeiss was able to find refuge in the Lycian Alliance Army with his sister. After the war ended, Zeiss became a general in the Bern army and helped restore Bern to glory.


A cleric from Bern, she serves as an attendant to Princess Guinevere. When war with Lycia broke out, Elen accompanied Guinevere to the border with Lycia, and escaped imprisonment by Captain Rude. She met with Prince Roy, and begged him to help her free Princess Guinevere. As thanks for helping in her time of need, Elen joined the Lycian Alliance Army as a healer. After the war ended, Elen helped restore Bern, and the people gave her the title of "Saint of Bern".


A villager from Bern, he is fully dedicated to his wife's well being. During the Caelin Succession, Dorcas joined the Ganelon bandits to find money to pay for his wife's medicine. When Lyn told him that his wife was being attacked by the bandits, Dorcas betrayed his comrades and entered into Lyn's employ. After Lyn became the heir of Caelin, Dorcas returned to his wife in Bern, but soon moved with her to Pherae. When Eliwood left Pherae to find his missing father, Dorcas was hired as a mercenary with his friend Bartre, and together they fought against the Black Fang. After Nergal was defeated, Dorcas bought medicine for his wife, and they lived happily ever after.


Dorcas's wife, who suffers from crippling illness. When Lyn and her party was traveling through Bern, Natalie approached them and asked for their assistance finding her husband. Lyn realized that she was sick, and offered to let her stay with them during the night. When the Ganelon bandits appeared, Lyn ordered her party to protect Natalie at all costs, knowing that her illness prevented her from fleeing. After the bandits were routed, Natalie allowed Dorcas to travel with Lyn to repay her for her kindness, and Natalie returned to her village. A short while later, Natalie and Dorcas moved to Pherae, knowing that they would be safer from bandits in Lycia. After Nergal was defeated, Natalie recovered from her illness and lived a long life with Dorcas.


A general in the Bern army, he serves as Murdock's right hand man. When the Etrurian Alliance was heading towards the Shrine of Seals, Murdock ordered Pereth to defend the Sword of Seals and the Divine Weapon Apocalypse from capture. Despite his awesome dark magic, Pereth was overcome by the power of the Alliance Army.


A commander in the Bern army, he faithfully serves under General Murdock. During the Ilian occupation, Teck was ordered by General Murdock to defend the ruins guarding the Divine Weapon Malte, on the outskirts of Edessa. Despite his heavy defenses, Teck was defeated by the alliance.


A general in the Bern army, he is part of the occupation force in Ilia. When the Etrurian Alliance entered his territory, he ordered the druid Niime to cast a spell which would cause heavy rains to wash out the army. Despite that, the spell actually froze the rivers over, and the Eturian army defeated him.


A general from Bern, he serves under General Nacien in the Etrurian capital of Aqualeia. Reis and his men had captured the manakete Fa, and were preparing to hand her over to King Zephiel when the Lycian Alliance arrived. Reis defended his fortress against Roy, but was defeated in battle, finally realizing how powerful Fa truly was.


A mage general from Bern, he led the attack against the Nabata Desert. While his subordinate Randy attacked the village of Aracdia, Ohtz entered the tomb of the Divine General Athos and attempted to steal the Divine Weapon Forblaze. Unfortunately, Roy and his army were able to quickly defeat Randy, and then proceeded to defeat Ohtz.


A mercenary knight from Bern, he led the assault against Arcadia. When he confirmed that there were dragons in Arcadia, he ordered Zeiss to report this news to King Zephiel. Despite knowing that Nacien's reinforcements were late, Randy still bravely fought against the Lycian Alliance, and was killed fighting them.


A knight serving under General Nacien, he is Nacien's right hand man. During the trials of the Western Isles, Flaer left the manakete Aine to defend the capital against the Lycian Alliance army. After Aine was defeated, Nacien left Flaer to fight against the Lycians as cannon-fodder in Etruria, hoping that Flaer would restore his own honor. Flaer put up a strong resistance against the Lycians, but was overcome by their strength.


A lieutenant working under General Nacien, he is terrified of Nacien. After the Wyvern Generals defeated Lord Hector, Slater was left at Araphen Castle to defeat the remnants of the Lycian Alliance Army. Under threat of death from failure, Nacien left Slater behind at Araphen to face Roy's forces. Despite the momentum the Bern army had, Roy's determination to meet with Hector proved greater, and Slater met his death at the hands of Roy.


A soldier from Bern who works at a castle along the Lycian/Bern border. At the outset of the war, Rude and his companions took Princess Guinevere and her attendant Elen prisoner. Rude pretended to not know the whereabouts of the princess, but in fact he was conspiring to sell the princess to Bern's enemies. When Elen escaped custody and warned Roy, Rude was defeated in battle.


A member of the Ganelon Bandits, he pursues Lyn's party to the Lycian border. After many of his comrades were defeated by Lyn, Bug persisted in chasing Lyn or else fearing that the reputation of the Ganelon Bandits would be tarnished forever. Unfortunately for him, he ran into the Ostian cleric Serra and her bodyguard Erk, who helped Lyn defeat him.


A member of the Ganelon Bandits, he wants to avenge his comrade Migal. When Lyn and her companions were resting in an old fort in Bern, Carjiga and his men surrounded them hoping to defeat the knights, and capture the women. Despite his great numbers, Lyn was able to convince the fighter Dorcas to join their cause, and Carjiga was killed in battle.


A member of the Ganelon Bandits, he wants compensation for his wounds. During the Caelin Succession, the novice pegasus knight Florina injured Migal when her pegasus landed on him. Outraged by this, Migal and his men tried to capture Florina and her pegasus to sell later, but Lyn and her party arrived to save her.

The Black Fang

An assassins guild operating out of Bern, created for the purpose of fighting corrupt nobles. Not all of the Black Fang members are from Bern, but for simplicity they will be listed here.

Brendan Reed

The founder of the Black Fang, he created his organization as a way of protecting the people from the corruption and greed of their lords. After years of success in Bern, the dark druid Nergal heard about them, and had his assistant Sonia infiltrate the group. After Sonia and Brendan were married, Sonia took control of the group and Brendan remained as her puppet, simply obeying her orders. When Brendan later learned about Nergal and Sonia, he tried to stop his wife, but was killed fighting her. After his death, Nergal reanimated Brendan as a morph, where he fought Eliwood on the Dread Isle.

Lloyd Reed

The oldest of Brendan's two sons, he is known as the "White Wolf". The strongest of the elite Four Fangs, Lloyd fights without prejudice or remorse, following the judgment of his superiors in the Black Fang. After running into Eliwood and his group, Lloyd began to question the story that Sonia had told him about Eliwood. After his brother was killed by Limstella, Lloyd only desired revenge against Eliwood, believing that he was responsible for his death. After fighting Eliwood, Lloyd was reanimated as a morph by Nergal, and fought against Eliwood for the last time at the Dread Isle.

Linus Reed

The youngest of Brendan's two sons, he is known as the "Mad Dog". A member of the elite Four Fangs, Linus is a much more brutal fighter, relying on brute strength to overcome his enemies. After he fought against Eliwood and Hector, Linus prepared to confront his father with the news of what he learned. Unfortunately for Linus, he was ambushed by Limstella, and his quintessence harvested to help Nergal. Linus was later reanimated as a morph by Nergal, and fought against Eliwood one last time at the Dread Isle.


A longtime member of the Black Fang, she is known as the "Blue Crow". Extremely loyal to Sonia, Ursula values Sonia's admiration above all else. During the Caelin Succession, Ursula gave Beyard the task of retrieving Nils and Ninian, threatening him with execution if he fails. Later on, she indirectly helps Eliwood fight against Vaida, fearing that she could lose her favor with Sonia. Afterwards, she ambushes Prince Zephiel at his mansion, and attempts to assassinate him, but is killed by Eliwood and his party. Shortly after, she is reanimated as a morph, and fights against Eliwood on the Dread Isle.


A deadly assassin who joined the Black Fang on Nergal's behalf, he is known as the Angel of Death. As a child, Jaffar was discovered by Nergal sleeping on a pile of corpses, realizing his hidden potential, Nergal took Jaffar and raised him to be an assassin. When he joined the Black Fang, his skill was quickly realized, and he replaced Jerme as a member of the Four Fangs. After retrieving the Fire Emblem, Jaffar was badly wounded and near death, despite his protests, Nino healed his wounds, and joined him on his quest to Zephiel's mansion. When it was discovered that Sonia wanted Nino dead, Jaffar betrayed his masters and took refuge with Nino in Eliwood's army. After Nergal was defeated, Jaffar disappeared, being hounded by bounty hunters for the rest of his life.


A long time member of the Black Fang, he is known as "Hurricane". During the early times of the Black Fang, Legault joined with Brendan Reed and his sons as a way for the common man to stand up against oppression. However, when Nergal took control of the Black Fang, Legault recognized that the organization was on its way out. Legault decided to cash in his chips and make a living as a simple thief, but Eliwood was able to convince him to help them fight against Nergal. After Nergal was defeated, Legault returned to Bern and helped former Black Fang members deal with their loss.


A sadistic man who was once a member of the elite Four Fangs, known as the "Death Kite". Before Nergal and Sonia had infiltrated the Black Fang, Jerme stood among the greatest of the assassins, but soon found his position usurped by Jaffar. Bitter over his humiliation, Jerme harbored a long standing hatred against Jaffar, and was demoted to standing guard at the Black Fang HQ. When Eliwood and his party arrived to claim the Fire Emblem, Jerme fought against them, looking to satisfy his thirst for blood. He was later reanimated by Nergal as a morph on the Dread Isle.


Kenneth was once a respectable holy man, who served Elimine Church in Elibe. However, when he met Nergal, Kenneth witnessed true power and abandoned God, and started worshiping Nergal. Kenneth became a member of the Black Fang who took the name, "Shrike", and preached blasphemy to his followers. When Eliwood and his party traveled to the Black Fang HQ to retrieve the Fire Emblem, Kenneth engaged them, believing that Nergal's power would overcome them. Later on, Kenneth was reanimated as a morph on the Dread Isle.

Pascal Grentzer

Pascal was once the Count of Landskron in Bern, but was stripped of his title by King Desmond when he went mad and slaughtered all his people. Pascal fled from the Bern, and found refuge in the Black Fang, becoming a member of the Four Fangs known as the "Crazed Beast". After it became clear that Pascal did not share their values of sparing innocent lives, Brendan had Pascal imprisoned, and stripped of his rank in the Four Fangs. When Hector and his party came to his territory, Sonia released Pascal, and he attempted to assassinate them. Defeated in battle, Pascal finally realized what death truly was.


A founding member of the Black Fang, he is known as the "Soaring Hawk". A noble character, Uhai met with Brendan Reed and his sons, and found a common purpose with them. Training together, Uhai finally found a proper home, and became a loyal member of the Black Fang. After Nergal and Sonia took control of the group, Uhai was transferred to the Dread Isle, and begrudgingly fought for Nergal. When Eliwood and his party arrived, Uhai fought them honorably, but was overcome by their strategy. Later on, Uhai was reanimated as a morph by Nergal on the Dread Isle.


A minor commander in the Black Fang, he serves Ursula faithfully. During the assassination attempt on Prince Zephiel, Maxime faced against Nino and Jaffar in battle hoping to assassinate them for Ursula. Despite his vigor, Maxime was no match for the Angel of Death, and was swiftly killed in battle.


A member of the Black Fang who reports directly to Nergal. After Lord Elbert wounded Nergal, allowing Eliwood and his companions to escape the Dread Isle, Nergal dispatched Oleg to Lycian port of Badon to retrieve Ninian and Nils from Lycian protection. Oleg believed that taking the siblings would be a simple task, but he failed to anticipate Eliwood's new resolve. After a hard fought battle, Oleg was killed by Eliwood's party.


A member of the Black Fang, he was tasked with guarding the Dragon's Gate. When Eliwood and his party arrived at the outskirts of the Dragon's Gate on the Dread Isle, Cameron informed them that Lord Elbert was further ahead. He taunted them about never being able to pass Lord Darin or himself, but was easily defeated in the end.


A member of the Black Fang, known as the "Shadow Hawk". When Hector and his companions arrived at some ancient ruins on the Dread Isle, they met Teodor who was trying to learn the secrets of the ancient magic there. As they chatted, Teodor revealed himself to be a member of the Black Fang, and ambushed Hector's group. After he was defeated in battle, he lamented his failure to acquire more power before succumbing to his wounds.


A member of the Black Fang, known as the "Owl". A very racist man, Aion believed that the Sacaen people were inferior to other races, and laughed at Uhai's failure to defeat Eliwood. Believing victory in battle to a matter of intellect, Aion had no doubts about his ability to assassinate Eliwood. Yet despite his strategy, he never anticipated for the mysterious magic sealing morph Kishuna to appear. With his magic sealed, Aion was defenseless against Eliwood's onslaught, and was killed with ease.


A member of the Black Fang, he commands the navy which patrols around the Dread Isle. When Ninian and Nils escaped from capture on the Dread Isle, Zoldam and his flotilla were dispatched to find them and return them to Nergal. When he discovered that Ninian was aboard Fargus's pirate ship, he boarded the ship, nearly sinking it in the process. As Fargus and his men repaired the ship, Eliwood and his companions fought against Zoldam, and protected Ninian from capture.


A member of the Black Fang, he ambushes Eliwood and his companions while they are being tested by Fargus at the Port of Badon. Despite his confidence in his abilities, he was defeated by Eliwood's party.


A member of the Black Fang, he serves faithfully under Ephidel. When Lord Helman backed out of the Black Fangs conspiracy, Boies and a group of mercenaries were sent out to prevent Eliwood and his companions from reachind Castle Santaruz. When Hector challenged Boies, the assassin laughed at his confidence, but soon learned that Hector was the real deal.


A member of the Black Fang, Nergal sent him to Ostia to assassinate Hector. As Hector made plans to leave town, Wire and his comrades kept tabs on the young lord and his retainer Matthew. When the opportunity seemed right, they attacked Hector, but Matthew was already aware of their plans, and helped his lord defeat Wire.


A rookie member of the Black Fang, he serves under Ursula. During the Caelin Succession, Beyard was given the task of capturing Ninian and Nils after they were rescued by Lyn and Eliwood. When Lyn and her party defeated him battle, Beyard took his own life rather than facing the wrath of Ursula.


A member of the Black Fang, he serves under Ursula. During the Caelin Succession, Heintz was given the task of recovering the escaped Nils, using Ninian as bait. When Lyn recruited the monk Lucius as an ally, Heintz found himself overpowered by the might of his light magic. Despite his failure, he believed that they were still too late to save Ninian.


One of the original members of the Black Fang, he has a good relationship with Brendan and Nino. When Brendan Reed was killed in battle by Sonia, Jan was witness to this and he quickly fled in fright. After Sonia was killed, Jan revealed to Nino that Brendan had discovered the truth behind Nino's past. As one final act of kindness, Jan gave Nino a pendant from her real family.


A member of the Black Fang, he is a close subordinate of Linus. When Linus was given the task of observing Eliwood, he ordered Igor to lure the young lord into his ambush. Igor objected to going against Lloyd's orders of not fighting Eliwood, but still helped Linus fight Eliwood. Igor never actually fights Eliwood, and his whereabouts after the battle are unknown.

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