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After the war between men and dragons known as the Scouring, one of the Eight Divine Generals returned to his home in southern Elibe. The hero Roland named this land Lycia, and became it's king, ruling from his mighty castle in the capital city of Ostia. After the death of Roland, his children founded other cities in Lycia, and rather than fighting for control over the land, they formed an alliance between themselves, with Ostia remaining as the central member. For centuries, Lycia enjoyed relative peace with it's neighbors, Bern and Etruria, the two most powerful nations on the continent. However, when the Kingdom of Bern invaded it's neighbors in the Elibe year 999, Lycia was thrown right into the forefront of the conflict, and history was made by this tiny nation.



Known as the Little Knight, Roland was one of the Eight Generals who defeated the dragons in the Scouring. During the Scouring, Roland wielded the mighty Blazing Sword, Durandal. A man of small stature, Roland inspired the people by showing that even the smallest spirit could create the mightiest of change. After the dragons were defeated, Roland settled in southern Elibe and founded the Kingdom of Lycia. After his death, his children divided the land, and it became the League of Lycia.


A knight serving Sir Roland, his loyalty is absolute. After the death of Roland, Georg and his fellow knights were given the task of standing guard over his tomb, and protecting the Durandal from thieves. For centuries, Georg watched over the tomb, and only when Eliwood and his party arrived to claim the Durandal, did Georg have a great fight. After being defeated by Eliwood, Georg remarked about how similar he was to Roland, and then his spirit was put to rest.



The Marquess of Ostia during the Black Fang incident. As Hector's older brother, Uther was forced into becoming marquess when their parents died from illness. A serious man, Uther put the state of the country before all else, but still found time to worry for his brother. When Hector left Ostia to help Eliwood find his father, Uther ordered his subordinate Oswin to keep from all harm. As Hector traveled around the continent, Uther continued to offer him support, but eventually died of the same illness his parents had while Hector prepared for his final assault on the Dread Isle.


The second prince of Ostia, who helps Eliwood on his quest to find his father. A headstrong and stubborn youth, Hector sneaked out of Castle Ostia when Lord Uther refused to dispatch the army to discover the whereabouts of Lord Elbert. In the territory of Santaruz, Hector met up with Eliwood, and the two friends embarked on a journey that would change them forever. After their quest was complete, Hector inherited the position of marquess from his brother and led the Lycian Alliance into a new age of prosperity. For years Hector reigned as marquess, until the Kingdom of Bern invaded Lycia. Hector took to the battlefield one last time, but died fighting against King Zephiel and his Dragon Generals.


The daughter of Lord Hector, and a childhood friend of Roy. When Bern invaded Lycia, Lilina was visiting Lord Eliwood in Pherae, paying her respects to the ill nobleman. After Roy and his companions liberated Pherae from bandits, Eliwood sent Lilina back to Ostia, telling her to rule the city while Hector fought on the front lines. After Hector was killed in battle, Lilina was taken hostage when General Leygance initiated a coup. Fortunately, Roy and the Lycian Alliance Army defeated Leygance, and Lilina showed Roy the resting place of the Durandal. Following that, Lilina joined Roy's army and became a strong pillar of support in his quest against Bern.


A knight from Ostia, he serves his lord faithfully. At the start of the Black Fang incident, Oswin was ordered to accompany Hector on his quest to find Lord Elbert after Hector ran away from the castle. At Santaruz, Oswin met with Hector and formally joined him as his guard. As Hector traveled across Elibe, Oswin served him faithfully, always grounding Hector when his views became too extreme. Oswin had a brief incident with Hector when Hector discovered that Oswing had been hiding the truth of Uther's death from him. After a short while, Hector forgave Oswin, and Oswin remained by his side for years to come.


A cleric from the church of St. Elimine, her bratty nature gets on the nerves of her companions. During the Caelin succession incident, Serra and her bodyguard Erk got caught up in a battle with bandits who were harassing Lyn. After the battle ended, Serra smelled an opportunity, and joined Lyn on her quest to meet her grandfather in Caelin. After Lyn secured Caelin, Serra traveled to Ostia where she entered the service of Hector. Much to Hector's chagrin, Serra accompanied him on his quest to find Lord Elbert. After the incident with the Black Fang, she returned to Ostia and continued to serve House Ostia.


A spy in service to House Ostia, his loyalty is unshakable. During the Caelin succession incident, Matthew joined up Lyn in Araphen pretending to be a mere thief, but infact was keeping tabs on Lyn for Ostia's use. After Lyn took Caelin, Matthew returned to Ostia and resumed his duties for Lord Uther. When Hector left Ostia during the Black Fang incident, Matthew helped him leave the castle, and continued to support him on his journey. After the incident, Matthew continued his life as a spy and informant for Ostia.


A spy in service to Lord Uther and Matthew's lover, she keeps tabs on the Black Fang. When Lord Darin of Laus invaded Caelin, Leila took part in the invasion as a member of Ephidel's team. When it became apparent that Lord Helman's life was in danger, Leila had him taken away so that he could receive medical treatment for his wounds. After that, she told Eliwood and his party all the information she had learned about Lord Elbert's disappearance, afterwards, she traveled to the Dread Isle continuing her duties. On the Dread Isle, she was killed by Jaffar, and her body was left as bait for Eliwood's party.


A knight from Ostia, he is responsible for Lilina's safety. When Roy and his comrades traveled from Ostia to Pherae, Bors accompanied them to pick up Lilina from Eliwood's care. After routing the bandits terrorizing Pherae, Lilina ordered Bors to protect Roy on his quest against Bern. After the war ended, Bors returned to Ostia to help rebuild the land; his kind heart proved immensely valuable to uniting the people.


A spy in service to House Ostia, he is loyal to Hector and Lilina. During General Leygance's coup, Astore helped Roy and his comrades sneak into Castle Ostia, and freed Lilina from her imprisonment. After defeating Leygance, Astore joined Roy on his quest as a method of avenging Lord Hector. After the war ended, Astore disappeared, but most believe that he continued living on as a spy serving Ostia.


Leader of the Ostian Armor Knights, a strict and dedicated soldier. When General Leygance led his coup in Ostia, Barth led the Ostian Knights who opposed Leygance, and wanted to restore Lilina to the throne. When the Lycian Alliance arrived at Ostia, Barth joined up with them, and helped them defeat Leygance. After the coup was defeated, Barth joined Roy on his journey against Bern. After the war, Barth became leader of the Ostian Knights, and led them to glory once again.


A new recruit in the Ostian Knights, and Bors' younger sister. During the war with Bern, Wendy enlisted in the army as the first ever female armor knight in Ostian history. When Leygance overthrew Lilina, Wendy joined with Barth in rebelling against him, and successfully helped the Lycian Alliance defeat Leygance. After Leygance's defeat, Wendy accompanied Roy and Lilina on their quest to defeate the Bern army. After the war ended, Wendy remained on as a knight, and inspired women all over Lycia to follow her example.


A mercenary soldier who serves under Barth in Ostia. Ogier joined the Ostian army at the same time as Wendy, but due to his smaller stature he decided to become a mercenary rather than a knight. Using his fast moves, Ogier complemented the fighting styles of Barth and Wendy, and greatly helped them with defeating General Leygance. After the war ended, Ogier traveled around Elibe as a mercenary, spreading stories of both himself and his comrades.


A general in the Ostian army, he has grand ambitions. After Lord Hector was defeated by the Bern army, Leygance returned to Ostia and prepared to surrender to the Bern army. Knowing that Lilina would be a rallying point for the people, Leygance took Lilina hostage and waited for the Bern army to come and take Ostia. Unfortunately for Leygance, the Lycian Alliance arrived before the Bern army did, and he was killed fighting the alliance.


A lieutenant in the Ostian army, he is loyal to General Leygance. After taking control of the city, the Ilian mercenary knights hired by Hector refused to side with Leygance, and helped the Ostian Knights rebel against Leygance. Knowing that they would be the laughing stock of Elibe, Devias led his men to rout the Ilians that refused to surrender. Just when the battle seemed in his favour, the Lycian Alliance arrived and defeated him.


A bandit operating out of Ostia, he takes advantage of the chaos of war to cover his activities. As the war with Bern raged, Henning operated his band of thieves out of the cave which housed the Durandal, the Divine Blade of Lycia. When the Lycian Alliance arrived to claim the sword, Henning and his men engaged them in battle, not realizing that they only wanted the sword. After a hard fought battle, Henning died fighting the Lycian Alliance.



The marquess of Pherae, and father to Eliwood. During the Black Fang incident, Elbert posed as a member of the rebellion against Ostia as a measure to keep tabs on Lord Darin. After a dispute with Darin, Elbert and his knights left Laus, but were ambushed by Nergal and the Black Fang. Elbert and his knights were then taken to the Dread Isle, where they then had their Quintessence harvested, and used to open the Dragon's Gate. Elbert was later mortally wounded by Jaffar, but was able to wound Nergal, which stopped him from being able to open the Dragon's Gate for some time.


The wife of Lord Elbert, and mother of Eliwood. After Lord Elbert disappeared, Eleanora reluctantly allowed Eliwood and his men to go search for Elbert, but only after promising to come back safe. After Elbert died, Eleanora dispatched Isadora to support Eliwood, and to avenge Elbert. After the Archsage Athos returned Eliwood and his party to Pherae, Eleanora had them rest for the night before they ventured into Bern to find the Shrine of Seals.


The prince of Pherae, Eliwood is a kind and noble man who fights for justice. During the Caelin succession, Eliwood saved Ninian from the Black Fang, and then helped the neighboring territories of Caelin remain neutral in the dispute. One year later, Eliwood embarked on a quest to find his missing father, and found himself soon stopping a plot designed to return the dragons back into Elibe. Years later, Eliwood was struck with illness and ordered his son Roy to lead the Pherae Knights in his place. After Hector was killed in battle, Eliwood took his place as head of the Lycian League, and directed their efforts against Bern.


The son of Eliwood, Roy leads the Lycian Alliance against Bern. After Eliwood was struck with illness, Roy returned home from Ostia, and took charge of the Pherae Knights. At Araphen, Roy met Hector, but was too late to save him from his wounds, and was promoted to head of the Lycian Alliance Army. After fighting many battles, and uncovering all sorts of conspiracies, Roy gathered the eight divine weapons, and challenged the Dark Dragon Idenn in battle. Afterwards, he returned to Lycia and helped his childhood friend Lilina rebuild the land.


A veteran knight of Pherae, Marcus is completely loyal to House Pherae. As a young man, Marcus served as a knight under Lord Elbert, and later rose up to becoming the head of the Pherae Knights. When Eliwood became of age, Marcus served under him, and journeyed with him across Elibe when looking for the missing Lord Elbert. Marcus continued serving Pherae for years, and even served under Roy when he led the Lycian Alliance against Bern. After the war ended, Marcus finally retired, but continued to give advice to young aspiring knights.


A novice knight from Pherae, he helps Eliwood on his quest to find his father. A rather poor knight, Lowen made a name for himself in the army by being a master cook, always finding the best ingredients to make awesome dishes. As he traveled around Elibe, Lowen's skills began to drastically improve, and soon Lowen was regarded as one of the finest knights ever to serve Pherae.


A knight from Pherae, she serves as the bodyguard to Lady Eleanora. When Eliwood left home to find his father, Isadora remained in Pherae to protect Eleanora from harm. When Eliwood sent word that Elbert had died, Eleanora sent Isadora to Badon to help Eliwood in his quest against the Black Fang. After Nergal was defeated, Isadora remained as a knight serving Eleanora until she was wed.


A knight from Pherae, he serves Lord Elbert faithfully. When Elbert was captured by Nergal, Harken posed as a member of the Black Fang to take revenge on them. In Bern, Harken was found by Eliwood's party when they were searching for the Shrine of Seals, and there he offered his sword to Eliwood. After the incident ended, Harken returned to Pherae and helped Marcus rebuild the Pherae Knights. Soon after, he was married to Isadora.


A villager from Pherae, she is proficient with a bow. When bandits attacked her village, Rebecca took her bow and helped Eliwood repel their attack. After their defeat, Rebecca joined Eliwood on her quest to find his father as payment for saving her village. Once Nergal was defeated, Rebecca returned to Pherae, and entered the service of Eliwood.


An archer from Pherae, he left home with his childhood friend Dan in the hopes of striking it rich. After traveling for some time, Wil ended up in a village in Bern being harassed by bandits. As payment for their kindness, Wil helped Lyn battle bandits, and then joined her on her quest to meet her grandfather. A year later, Wil helped Lyn retake Castle Caelin, and then he followed her and Eliwood on their quest to find Lord Elbert.


A villager from Pherae, and Rebecca's older brother. Five years prior to the Black Fang incident, Dan left Pherae with his friend Wil in the hope of becoming rich. After parting with Wil in Badon, Dan disappeared and was never heard from again.


A pirate from Lycia who is a member of Fargus's crew. Five years prior to the Black Fang incident, Fargus found Dart lying unconscious on a pier in Badon. Taking him in, Fargus game the amnesic man the name Dart, and made him a member of his crew. When Eliwood's party arrived in Badon looking for passage to the Dread Isle, Dart gave Eliwood Fargus's challenge for get free fare to the island. Once they arrived at the island, Dart joined Eliwood's party. After defeating Nergal, Dart was wounded protecting Fargus in a fight, and some say that he wound up in Pherae...


A knight of Pherae, he escorted Roy from Ostia back to Pherae. A hot blooded knight, Alen as always quick to run into a fight despite protests from his partner Lance, and his superior Marcus. After serving in the war against Bern, Alen returned to Pherae and helped Roy rebuild the land. His fiery nature inspired many people, and played a large role in restoring Lycia to glory.


A knight from Pherae, he defended the castle while Roy was away. When bandits attacked Pherae, Eliwood sent Lance away to get reinforcements to drive out the bandits. After meeting Roy near Pherae, Lance teamed up with him to drive out the bandits. After defeating the bandits, Lance joined Roy as a member of the Pherae Knights, and continued to serve him as a member of the Lycian Alliance Army. After the war ended, Lance helped Roy rebuild the land, and challenged his master when Roy was going down the wrong path.


An archer from Pherae, Wolt grew up as Roy's milk brother. When Wolt became of age, he enlisted in the Pherae Knights, and became an archer to support them. As the war with Bern progressed, Wolt became more formal with Roy, and despite his lords protests, he became a dutiful and overly formal soldier. After the war ended, Wolt continued to support Roy, and became a large part in the reconstruction of Lycia.


A traveling merchant, he supports the Pherae's in their endeavors. During the Black Fang incident, Merlinus was saved from badits when Eliwood and Hector were passing through Caelin. After a brief introduction, Merlinus was hired by Hector, and became their trasport. After Nergal was defeated, Merlinus opened a store in Ostia, but was forced to close it, afterwards he worked for Eliwood in Pherae. During the Bern invasion, Merlinus served as an advisor to Roy, and helped him in his fight against Zephiel.


A bandit from Pherae, he wants all the gold there is. After Lord Elbert and his knights disappeared, Groznyi invaded a small town near Castle Pherae and took control of the people. His reign did not last long, as Eliwood and his party arrived to drive him and his men out of Pherae.


A bandit from Pherae, he wants Eliwood's castle. After Eliwood was struck with illness, Damas and his men took control of Pherae as the main contingent of knights was away fighting Bern. Unfortunately for Damas, Roy and his men were en route from Ostia, and Damas was killed after a quick battle.



The Marquess of Caelin, he is Lyn's last surviving relative. When he was younger, Hausen objected to the love between his daughter Madelyn, and Hassar, leader of the Lorca tribe in Sacae. When his daughter eloped with Hassar, Hausen cut all ties with her, and became a lonely and bitter old man. When he later learned that Madelyn was living in happiness in Sacae, he sent his forth to reunite him with his family. Unfortunately, his brother soon became jealous over this news, and began poisoning Hausen, in order to inherit the throne. After a long inheritence dispute, Hausen was united with his granddaughter Lyndis, and officially made her his heir to House Caelin.


The bitter younger brother of Lord Hausen, he demands to be heir to the Caelin throne. When his niece Madelyn eloped to Sacae, Lundgren became the default heir to the Caelin throne for nearly twenty years. Unfortunately, Madelyn eventually buried the hatchet with her father, and was prepared to return to Caelin with her family. Learning this, Lundgen dispatched thugs to eliminate Madelyn and her family, and began poisoning his brother to speed up his inheritance. After a long campaign, his great niece Lyndis arrived to meet her grandfather, and she killed Lundgren in battle.


The wife of Lord Hausen, and mother to Madelyn. At an early age, Lyndis died from an unspecified cause and left behind her husband and daughter. Years later, Madelyn named her only child after her mother.


The daughter of Hausen and Lyndis. When she was a young woman, Madelyn fell in love with the Sacaean nomad Hassar, the chief of the Lorca tribe. Forbidden from marrying a Sacaean by her father, Madelyn eloped to Sacae and lived with the Lorca tribe. Over ten years after giving birth to her daughter Lyndis, Madelyn decided to write home to her father, and told him about her life with Hassar and Lyndis. Unfortunatley, a few days after sending out the letter, the Taliver Bandits attacked the Lorca tribe, and Madelyn was killed in the assault.


The daughter of Madelyn and Hassar, Lyndis (also known as Lyn) was born on the plains of Sacae. After he seventeenth birthday, the Taliver Bandits massacred the Lorca tribe, and Lyn was left as both an orphan and the last of the Lorca. Months later, Lyn rescued the traveling strategist Mark, and after a brief battle with bandits, they traveled together hoping to hone their skills. On their travels Lyn met two knights from Caelin who informed her of her lineage with House Caelin, and Lyn left on a new quest to unite with her grandfather. A year after their meeting, Lyn helped Eliwood on his quest to find his father, and became a major pillar of support in his fight against the Black Fang.


A serious knight from Caelin, his loyalty to Lord Hausen is unshakable. After Lord Hausen received a letter from his daughter Madelyn, he dispatched Kent and his partner Sain to find Madelyn, and to escort her and her family back to Caelin. In the Sacaean capital of Bulgar, Kent learned of Madelyn's death, but was able to locate Lyn, and told her the story about her heritage. A strong pillar of support, Kent escorted Lyn to Caelin, and helped her defeat Lord Lundgren. A year later, Kent accompanied Lyn and Eliwood on their journey to find Lord Elbert.


A womanizing cavalier from Caelin, he helps Kent find Madelyn's family in Sacae. When Lord Hausen learned of Madelyn's whereabouts, Sain accompanied Kent on his journey to Sacae. In the Sacaean capital of Bulgar, Sain chatted with many beautiful women, annoying Kent, as well as inadvertently agitating his target Lyn. After helping her fight some thugs, Sain told her about Caelin, and escorted her to Castle Caelin. A year later, Sain helped retake Castle Caelin from the Laus army, and then accompanied Lyn and Eliwood on their quest to find Lord Elbert.


Former commander of the Caelin Knights, Wallace retired to a life of farming. During the Caelin succession, Wallace was ordered by Lord Lundgren to take Lyn into custody, and to prevent her from taking the throne. When he laid eyes on Lyn, he saw the honesty in her eyes, and pledged to help her take down Lundgren. After Lyn secured Caelin, Wallace left Caelin for adventure, and soon found himself lost in Bern. When Eliwood and his companions came by, Wallace once again gave his support and helped him fight the Black Fang. Afterwards, Wallace ended up in Ilia and became a farmer on the tough frozen lands.


A general of Caelin, he was Kent and Sain's teacher. A general with a good heart, when Lyn arrived in Caelin to challenge Lord Lundgren, Lundgren had a person close to Eagler taken hostage as to force him to fight. When Lyn and her companions were closing in on Caelin, Eagler led his army out to face them, and ordered his men to fight if Lyn could not provide proof of her ancestry. As he died from his wounds, Eagler revealed that Lundgren was poisoning Lord Hausen, and that there was little time left to save him.


A knight from Caelin, he is very loyal to Lord Lundgren. When Lyn and her party arrived in the outskirts of Caelin, Yogi waited for them armed with a powerful ballista. Believing that his ballista was sufficient for stopping Lyn, Yogi was devastated when Lyn was able to capture the ballista. After being defeated, Yogi begged for forgiveness, and died hoping that reinforcements would come.


A knight from Caelin, he led a swift attack on Araphen Castle. During the attack, he set fire to the castle with the hopes of turning public opinion against Lyn, and possibly even killing her right there. After a short battle, Bool was killed by Lyn's party, and Araphen was saved.


A thug in the service of Lord Lundgren. When Lundgren learned that Madelyn was alive, he hired Zugu and his men to silence her, and to prevent any heirs from obstructing his path to the throne. In Bulgar, Zugu met Lyn and unwittingly revealed himself to be in the service of Lundgren by openly calling Lyn by her full name. After the Caelin knight came to Lyn's aide, Zugu was killed in battle.


The chancellor of Caelin, he serves Lord Hausen faithfully. When Kent and Sain sent word that they had found Lyn, Reissmann was imprisoned for conspiring with them against Lundgren. After Lundgren was killed, Reissmann showed Lyn to her grandfather, told her about his condition. After Hausen recoverd, Reissmann took the task of teaching Lyn on how to be a proper lady, but was never successful in subduing her active lifestyle.


A mercenary bandit operating out of Caelin. While Eliwood and his party traveled looking for Lord Elbert, Puzon and his gang ambushed Merlinus in the territories surrounding Caelin. When Eliwood and Hector crashed his operation, Puzon got angry by their appearance, and challenged them to battle. Despite his belief that nobles couldn't fight, Puzon was soundly defeated, and his gang was dissolved.

Other Principalities

Lord Cornwell

The marquess of Cornwell, he had grand ambitions. Years before the Black Fang incident, Cornwell attempted to start a rebellion against Ostia, to seize all of Lycia. His plan was uncovered by Ostia's spy network, and Lord Uther had him executed, and his house destroyed.


The son of Lord Cornwell, Raymond has an axe to grind with Ostia. When Raymond was young, his father conspired to rebel against Ostia, his plan was discovered and he was executed and his house destroyed. After being orphaned, Raymond took the name Raven, and lived his life preparing his revenge against Ostia. After serving Lord Hausen, Raven was captured when Laus conquered Caelin. After learning that Hector was nearby, Raven joined the Laus army, but left them when his sister convinced him to join her. After the war ended, Raven ended up in Araphen, but disappeared from history.


The daughter of Lord Cornwell, when her house was destroyed, she was adopted by Count Carleon of Etruria. During the Black Fang incident, Priscilla journeyed through Lycia looking for any remaining family members from Cornwell, unfortunately, Lord Darin of Laus found her beautiful and would not let her leave Laus. When Eliwood's party arrived, Priscilla joined with them, and continued to look for her family.


A traveling monk, he helps those in need. During the Caelin succession, Lucius met Lyn in Kathelet when she helped Nils rescue his sister from the Black Fang. After defeating Lundgren, Lucius became Raven's partner, and helped him as a mercenary in Caelin. During the Laus invasion, Lucius was held prisoner in the dungeon, but was rescued when Raven joined Eliwood's party. After defeating Nergal, Lucius opened his own orphanage in Araphen.


An orphan from Araphen, he hates the Bern army. During the Bern assault on Araphen, Chad's orphanage was destroyed by the Bern soldiers. While scavenging the land, Chad witnessed Lord Hector being sent to the dungeon after being beaten by the Dragon General's of Bern. Telling this news to Roy, Chad joined his army and helped him sneak into Castle Araphen. After the war ended, Chad gave up thievery and took care of the orphans effected by the war.


An orphan from Araphen, his orphanage was destroyed by the Bern army. When Chad left to fight the Bern soldiers, Lugh left his fellow orphans and went to go find him, so that they could stand together against Bern. After the war ended, Lugh built a school of magic where his orphanage used to be, and there he taught many youngsters magic as to enrich their lives. Like his mother, he was a very talented mage in Elibe.


Lugh's twin brother, he grew frustrated with the orphanage and left to train his magic. Over his travels, Lleu ended up in the Western Isles and witnessed the power of the manakete, as Aine fought the Lycian Alliance. Fascinated with dragons, he joined the Lycian Alliance at his brothers request and continued to develop his magical skills. After the war, Lleu made dark magic mainstream, and took on many students in the art.


The daughter of two powerful mages in Lycia, Nino was adopted by the wicked sage Sonia. As a baby, Nino was taken hostage when Sonia and Nergal were looking for the secret of the dragons. Her parents were unable to act against them, and divulged all their information. Before Sonia could kill Nino, Nergal recognized her power and ordered Sonia to raise her as her own child. For years, Nino dealt with her mothers abuse, striving to make her happy only finding refuge in company of her half-brothers. After Sonia grew tired of Nino, Sonia plotted to kill her, but her plot was revealed, and Nino learned the truth. After Nergal was defeated, Nino lived in Pherae and raised twin sons, but soon ran away, being chased by bounty hunters.


Nino's father, he was a powerful mage who knew the secrets of the dragons. He was murdered by Nergal.


Nino's mother, she was a powerful mage who knew the secrets of the dragons. She was murdered by Sonia protecting Nino. Some say she was the sister in law of the shaman Canas.


Nino's brother, he was a powerful potential mage. He was murdered by Nergal and Sonia.


An orphan from Lycia, she makes her living as a thief. When war with Bern started, the marquess of her region had all of their crops confiscated, and their village burned as protection from Bern. Frustrated, Cath left her village and made a new life of stealing from the nobles. After meeting with Roy a few times, she finally joined his army in the Western Isles, and put her skills to use. After the war ended, Cath continued traveling the land, and continued stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.


A pirate captain from Lycia, he offers his support to Eliwood's party. During the Black Fang incident, Fargus was the only ship captain in Badon brave enough to take Eliwood and his party to the Dread Isle. After making Eliwood pass a test, Fargus gladly took Eliwood and the others to the island. Later on when Eliwood and his party returned to the Dread Isle to fight Nergal, Fargus made the perilous voyage once again. After Eliwood left, Fargus gave Nils the Earth Seal to give to Eliwood, and then he waited for the lords to reach their victory.


A member of Fargus' Pirates, he dates the tavern girl Anna. Some say he is a soldier from a foreign land...


The owner of the tavern in Badon, her boyfriend is the pirate Jake. Some say she is a traveler from another land...

Marquess Araphen

The marquess of Araphen, he has a strong relationship with Caelin. When Lyn and her party traveled to Caelin to meet with Lord Hausen, Kent contacted Marquess Araphan requesting aide. After meeting Lyn, he refused to give her aide, citing that her Sacaean blood was too great, and that he would not help "a savage". Proud and vain, he remarked about how if Lyn had abandoned her pride and begged, he would have helped her get Caelin. Disgusted by his masters overt racism, the marquess's guard captain left his service, leaving Araphen with no military leader.


The marquess of Santaruz, he is a long time friend of Lord Elbert. During the Caelin succession, Helman met with Eliwood who requested that Helman remain neutral in dispute. Being fond of Eliwood, Helman was happy to accept this request, and stood aside as Lyn traveled to Caelin. A year later, Helman was tempted by Ephidel to join Lord Darin in rebelling against Ostia. Agreeing to the plot, Helman got cold feet when Eliwood was put in danger by Ephidel's thugs. Standing up against Ephidel, Helman ordered Ephidel to leave his lands and to take all the Black Fang with him. Angered, Ephidel killed Helman, but the old lord survived long enough to tell Eliwood that Lord Darin held all the answers.


A thug operating out of Santaruz. When Eliwood and his party traveled to Santaruz, Ephidel payed Zagan and his men to chase Eliwood out of the territory. Posing as poor merchant, Zagan asked for money from Eliwood, but Marcus was not fooled by his act. After Hector and his party arrived from the north, Eliwood and Hector teamed up to defeat Zagan.


The avaricious marquess of Laus, he has grand ambitions. Shortly after the Caelin succession, Lord Darin was approached by Ephidel of the Black Fang, and was offered an alliance to conquer Lycia. Darin was easily swayed by Ephidel, and organized a rebellion against Ostia with Lord Helman's and Lord Elbert's support. When Elbert later payed Darin a visit, the two men had a massive argument, and soon after Elbert had disappeared with all his men. When Elbert's son Eliwood arrived in Laus looking for answers, Ephidel convinced Darin to abandon his son, and to move his army into Caelin. After his army was defeated in Caelin, Darin fled to the Dread Isle where he was used as cannon fodder for the Black Fang. After a hard battle, Eliwood defeated Darin, and his ambitions died with him that day.


The son of Lord Darin, and an old acquaintance of Eliwood and Hector. During the Black Fang incident, Erik volunteered to lure Eliwood into a false sense of security, and then assassinate him with the Laus army. Unfortunately for him, Eliwood and Hector saw through his ruse, and defeated him in battle. After it was discovered that Darin had abandoned him, Erik revealed the entire conspiracy with Ephidel. Years later, after Hector was killed fighting Bern, Erik betrayed his Lycian allies and formed an alliance with General Nacien. Offering the abducted Etrurian troubadour Clarine as a sign of good will to Nacien, Erik engaged Roy in battle, but was once again defeated by House Pherae.


A general from Laus, his loyalty to Lord Darin is absolute. During the Black Fang incident, Bernard led the assault on Caelin, and was able to successfully take the castle. He guarded the inside of the castle from Eliwood, and fought against him and the Caelin Knights when they tried to retake the castle. After a hard fought battle, Bernard recognized his defeat and lamented Laus's cruelty to it's neighbors.


A knight from Laus, he serves under General Bernard. During the siege of Caelin, Bauker defended the castle against Eliwood's party. A gentleman at heart, Bauker accepted his defeat without any disdain for his opponents.


A mercenary known as "Hurricane", he is fiercely loyal to Laus. During the Black Fang incident Eubans and his men supported Lord Darin's plans to rebel against Ostia. After Darin was killed, Eubans continued to support him, and attacked Eliwood in the outskirts of Ostia. After being betrayed by his subordinate Heath, Eubans died regretting nothing.


A member of Euban's mercenary company, he supports Lord Darin. After Eliwood and Hector had taken Castle Laus, Sealen and his subordinates launched a sneak attack on the castle in the hopes of retaking it. Sealen scoffed at Heath's suggested escape route, and dived head first into battle.


The marquess of Thria, Hector's cousin. A peace loving man, when the Lycian Alliance were heading towards Ostia after the death of Hector, Orun allowed them to stay at his castle. Unfortunately, just before the alliance arrived in Thria, Orun was assassinated by his attendant, and a trap was created for Roy and his army. Prior to his death, he also allowed the Sacaean nomad Sue, to take refuge in his castle.


The attendant of Lord Orun, he craves greater power. After Hector was killed by the Bern army, Wagner assassinated his lord, and formed an alliance with Bern. When Roy and the Lycian Alliance arrived in Thria to meet with Orun, Wagner panicked and kept delaying their meeting. When Roy finally grew frustrated and left, Wagner ambushed him, but was defeated by the alliance.


A brigand from Lycia, he operates in the mountains between Laus and Thria. When the Lycian Alliance was defeated by Bern in Araphen, the soldiers in Dory's territory fled and left the citizens to battle against the brigands. Dory quickly filled the power vacuum, and began to harass the citizens in the surrounding towns. When Roy and the reformed Lycian Alliance Army entered the territory, they answered the villagers requests and defeated Dory.

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