Purity/Corruption? How does this effect morphs?

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I've read Peter Molyneux say that if you are pure, you will stand a little straighter, but if you're corrupt you will hunch over a bit. How come the achievement picture for the achieve 100% purity/corruption, called the extremist, (http://www.achieve360points.com/game/fable2/) show a corrupt person receiving horns, while the achievement picture for being 100% evil or good just changes facial expressions? Would a 100% good yet also 100% corrupt person have horns yet a good facial expression? Also, on the subject of achievements, is it possible to get the Completionist with one character?

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I think it works roughly like a 'lawful/chaotic' system, where, for example, killing a corrupt guard would make you good but corrupt.

Of course, who knows?
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Im not quite sure on the details of how it will work in the game, but from what ive seen its just a system to try to add more shades of gray to your characters choices, meaning that your actions in the game arn't simply black/white good/evil like in the last game.

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I would think that the purity/corruption angle would revolve mostly around bribes or quest choices where you turn a blind eye to someone else doing something negative.  An example would be if, at the end of a quest where you capture bandits or clear out their camp or something, you're given the option where (A) the bandits' victims administer their own brand of justice and you're given gold/items to look the other way, or (B) give the bandits over to the proper authorities, but you get no goodies.  You're helping people by making the bandits go bye-bye, so you're still technically good, but like atejas and raiden are saying, you can dabble in the grayish areas of context for each choice.  As for how it affects your character's appearance, I would tend to take the designer's word over generic achievement pics.  And I would think the Completionist achievement would be possible, but with a lot of extra time spent altering your character's personality alignments from one extreme to another.

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No one truly knows maybe you can have horns and a halo this game? no one will know til we play it but I am also interested

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solid_bones said:
 Would a 100% good yet also 100% corrupt person have horns yet a good facial expression?
You can't have a 100% percent corrupt and good person. it goes one way or the other. Like you start out in the middle and you can gradually go bad or you can gradually go good, but you can't go in both directions

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