Theresa and Kreia

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Anyone else notice how similar Theresa and Kreia from KOTOR2 are? They're both morally ambiguous characters, who take on a mentor role of the main character, who only really care about the big picture, how your actions affect the world around you through simple gestures. That in itself wouldn't have stuck out to me as much if they didn't look and talk the same way. I had to look in the back of both manuals to make sure they weren't voiced by the same actor. They both have the same clothing(the colors and details are a little different, but they're both wearing hooded robes) and their eyes don't have pupils. If that wasn't enough, they even have similar powers in the game, they communicate telepathically with the hero(or Jedi in KOTOR) and they tell the hero about the future. The source of their powers are a little difference, but then again, the force isn't really much more than magic anyway.

Anyone else have an opinion?

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Wait, your sister is like Kreia?
That's it, I'm sold. I need this game.

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I saw the similarities, the way they talk and dress do seem alike.

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It was honestly the first thing I thought's probably intentional.

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I think they used the same voice actor too. Also it seems that she is the main characters sister from the original Fable, and the story of this game was rather cliffhanger like. Anyone else predict an expansion that allows us to head to the snowy realm of the black people with the other 3 heroes?

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Yeah I immediately noticed the similarities of the two, it was likely intentional as just by looking at things from grave stones to paying attention to characters you meet and quests, you can see a ton of nods to different things from movies/tv shows to other far I recognized nods to Buffy, Sam and Max, and Evil Dead off the top of my head.

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