metallicdistortion's Fable III (Xbox 360) review

Broken but pretty

Fable 3. I really dont know where to start from the poor hack n slash mechanics, to a boring story and poorly voiced characters Fable 3 dissapoints on all fronts, but that doesnt mean its not better than most of the shit that came out this year, namely any thing with call and or duty stamped on it. Theres always been a special place in my heart for the Fable series, I loved and still love the first game and the second was pretty good too, but its been ages since Fable One came out and I expected so much more, its outdated and sadly not nearly as fun as it could have been. One las thing: the ending was kind of meant to have two seperate paths you could take, well that was the original idea i guess, but the way it plays out is pathetic, just dont finish the game you'll be even more disapointed. RIP fable. 


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