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Almost Perfect. 0

RPGs tend to be stuck in the same medieval time periods, but Fallout offers a fresh, original storyline set in a distant retro future. The game's renown is surely due to its interesting plot line, humorous and believable dialog, and exciting characters. From the moment the game starts, you're placed in the role of an inhabitant of Vault 13, where you were born and have lived yourentire life thanks to an apocalyptic nuclear war that's all but wiped out humanity. The water chip which recyles the v...

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One of the Greatest RPG's of all Time. 0

The original Fallout is perhaps one of the most celebrated RPGs of all time. I consider it one of my favorite games, if not my favorite game of all time. I would recommend it to anyone remotely interested in RPGs, great story, characters, and overall quality gameplay.While it's sequel Fallout 2 was a much more open ended game, this makes the original Fallout  feel like a much more focused RPG experience where you don't feel overwhelmed. The story starts you out in a vault after a nuclear war  in...

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Like fine wine -- only gets better with age. 0

Through some strange course of events, Fallout turned out to be the last Infinity-Engine-era RPG I ever played. The Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series caught my eye early on, but I never actually got around to playing Fallout until 2007. So fair warning ... this is an old game, and the interface and combat will take some getting used to. FAQs are your friend. Once you get the swing of things, you're in for one of the best RPGs ever made.I was actually surprised by a few things, considering ho...

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Quite Possibly the Greatest RPG of the 90s, Given a Decent Shot 0

Playing Fallout today can be, in a word, daunting. The game's graphics and isometric camera angle scream "90s," and the game's mechanics have long been extinct in the games that have come out recently. However, if you give Fallout a decent chance, without any preconceived notions of what the game should be like, then you'll find an amazing game hidden under some 90s dust.I've had an on-and-off relationship with Fallout for many years now, as dumb as that may sound. As a teengaer, I picked up bo...

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Fallout is one of the greatest RPG's you'll ever play 0

Computer Role Plating Games saw a drought throughout the mid 90s, but saw a spike with the release of Diablo, and many new of the release of Fallout, and were fairly stoked.  Fallout is a game set in a post apocalyptic future, with a grimy 50s futuristic setting. Fallout doesn`t use your usual setting of orcs or fantasy theme, but uses weapons and many things found or created on this Earth. There are also laser rifles which were created by the Brotherhood of Steel, which is a group very dedicate...

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How does this game play in year 2010? 0

I have faint recollection of playing this back 97-98 but don't remember getting too far. Ever since finishing Fallout 3 I wanted to get back to the original games. Finally managed to do that and here is my take on how the original Fallout 1 stands.For many, like me, who have played Fallout 3 first will feel right at home with the post-apocalyptic world. Basis of the story goes by you being assigned a task of getting your vaults water chip fixed. The task is assigned to you by The Vault Overse...

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Brilliant Game 0

This is one of my all-time favorite games. A true masterpiece in storytelling and immersion. The setting was exactly up my alley, as I at the time was growing more and more sick of the many different fantasy settings in most all other rpgs. The intro sucks you right in to this expansive universe of 50's envisioned future post-apocalyptic USA. The game is simply brilliant on every level, from audio to art and atmosphere. Interesting gameplay systems with the PERK and VATS, I always made sure to h...

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Man, I love this game. I loved fallout so I thought I would take a look at its start, and I'm happy I did. The game was so free, I just couldn't decide what to do. The game can be rushed through (like I did) OR you could actually play through it and add 10000 times more fun to an already as fun as heak game. Yah it's "old", but where would we be today without games like this. I love the story, I love the atmosphere of the game, and I love just everything about it. Yah thier is a few graphic glit...

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Fallout 1 a Wasteland at war 2

Fallout 1 is the best Rpg you could get on the pc it is filled with choice that not only affect your stats but the game around your character and affect other characters views on you if go around pummeling kids with the super sledgehammer  your not exactly going to be loved by everyone.The game Starts off when you (The Vault Dweller) must leave your vault that protected you from a nuclear fallout  in order to get a new water chip which is a computer chip that managed the water recycling and pump...

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Going back, it's just as good 0

I find that going back to the first game in a series after I’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with a modern iteration is rarely profitable.   I have a friend who is a huge fan of the first Silent Hill game who insisted that my love of Silent Hill 2 would wane once I had played the pre-pyramid head original.   He was wrong, and I was disappointed.   However, after a few first fumbling mouse clicks while trying to learn how to walk and interact with the world, I fell in love with the origi...

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After playing this game a lot more, I have found bunches of where I was wrong. I played it for like 25 mins and thought it was gay, but after beating it, I saw their was a lot I missed. The animation and graphics I still hate, I can not play this game for more than an hour without my eyes burning. The game itself is a fun experance, while I feel under pressure of the time limit, before and after the water chip, It is still one of the best RPGs I have ever played. The water chip and mutant attack...

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