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Fatal Fury 2 (known in Japan as Garou Densetsu 2: Aratanaru Tatakai, translated to Legend of the Hungry Wolf: The New Battle) is a fighting game developed and published by SNK for the Neo Geo. It is the second installment in the Fatal Fury franchise, released over a year after the original Fatal Fury. The game again follows Terry Bogard , Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi, along with a new assortment of characters including the popular characters Mai Shiranui and Kim Kaphwan , as they fight in a new, worldwide "King of Fighters" tournament (not to be confused with the King of Fighters franchise) sponsored by a mysterious German nobleman known as Wolfgang Krauser. The only characters other than Terry, Andy, and Joe to return from the first game are Billy Kane (as the first boss) and Raiden (known as the mask-less Big Bear). An updated version of Fatal Fury 2, called Fatal Fury Special, was released a year later.

The North American Super Nintendo Box Art

The game was ported to the SNES on November 26, 1993 and the Genesis on June 24, 1994 by Takara, who also ported the game to the Game Boy and the PC Engine (only in Japan with a required "Arcade Card" add-on). SNK also released Fatal Fury 2 to the Neo Geo CD in September 9, 1994. The original Neo Geo version was also included in the Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 1 compilation for the PlayStation 2 and was released on the Wii Virtual Console on June 30, 2008.


Neo Geo's Four Button Configuration

Gameplay is different in this game than the original Fatal Fury. Four attack buttons are used instead of three (light punch, light kick, strong punch, strong kick), making full use of the Neo Geo's four-button configuration. Players can now dash away from their opponent by pushing the stick left or right twice in quick succession. Along with special moves, players now have access to the "Desperation Move", which can only be executed when the player's life gauge is at 25% and is flashing red. Players can also taunt their opponents by pressing strong punch from far away, and can perform a "defensive attack" by pressing forward and light punch while blocking an attack. Players can also perform a "strong attack" by pressing both strong punch and strong kick, which also knocks the opponent to the opposite plane. Holding the stick down-forward will cause the player to walk towards their opponent while crouching.

The two-line (or two-plane) fight system from the original Fatal Fury also applies here. However, players can now move freely among lines by pressing both light punch and light kick simultaneously. The stages of the first three boss characters have hazards on the back line, causing players who enter it to get damaged and return back to the front line.

Ports and Changes

The 1994 Game Boy Release

Fatal Fury 2 was ported to many other non SNK Platforms. In 1993 Fatal Fury 2 was ported to the SNES and X68000. One year later it was ported to Sega Genesis, PC Engine , and Game Boy. The Game boy version was changed significantly from the other versions. All voices where removed and replaced with speech bubbles, and the Characters where redone in a "Super Deformed" style. Both the SNES and Sega Genesis versions where published by Takara, where the PC Engine version was published by Hudson Soft.


Fatal Fury 2 contains eight playable characters and four CPU-only boss characters, which can only be playable in the SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy versions with a cheat code. Much like the Street fighter 2, Fatal Fury 2 made a point of picking fighters from around the world, selecting many different nations for fighters to represent. Fatal Fury 2 was notable for introducing popular characters Mai Shiranui, and Kim Kapwhan. These characters would go on to become regulars in the popular King of Fighters Series.

CharacterNationalityList of Special MovesStage
Terry Bogard
  • Power Wave
  • Burn Knuckle
  • Rising Tackle
  • Crack Shoot
  • Power Geyser*
Andy Bogard
  • Shadow Slice
  • Rising Dragon Punch
  • Sonic Split
  • Flying Crunch
  • ChoReppadan*
Joe Higashi
  • Slash Kick
  • TNT Punch
  • Tiger Kick
  • Hurricane Upper
  • Screw Upper*
Mai Shiranui
  • Cherry Dream
  • Dragon Flame Fandango
  • Deadly Ninja Bees
  • Butterfly Fan
  • Squirrel Attack
  • Cho Hisatsu Shinobibachi*
Kim Kaphwan
South Korean
  • Flying Slice
  • Moon Cresent Slash
  • Flying Kick
  • Houou Kyaku*
Big Bear
  • Giant Bomb
  • Super Drop Kick
  • Fire Breath*
Jubei Yamada
  • Nihon Seoi Dash
  • Body Drop
  • Cookie Cutter
  • Dynamite Izuna Otoshi
Cheng Sinzan
  • Tempest Blast
  • Belly Blast
  • Bone Crusher blast
  • Bakuri Hoh*

Unplayable Boss Character

In the MVS version of Fatal Fury 2 the boss characters are unplayable. However in the SNES version of the game they are unlockable with a code. The updated version of Fatal Fury 2; Fatal Fury Special, the boss characters where balanced and added to the main cast.

CharacterNationalityList of Special MovesBrief Stage DiscriptionStage
Billy Kane

San Setsu Kon

English City
Axel Hawk

Wheel Blast

Smash Bomber

Electrified Boxing Ring
Laurence Blood
SpanishBloody SpinSpanish Bull Pen
Wolfgang Krauser

Blitz Ball

Leg Tomahawk

Kaiser Wave

German Castle

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