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The King of Fighters: Neowave is a 2D 3-on-3 fighting game developed and published by SNK Playmore for the Atomiswave arcade platform. It is the first out of the five games SNK Playmore developed for the platform. (The others being NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, Samurai Shodown VI, The King of Fighters XI, and Metal Slug 6) Although released after The King of Fighters 2003, the gameplay and non-canonical concept of "Dream Match" is based on The King of Fighters 2002.
It is the first King of Fighters game to feature a fifth button, which is used here to power-up at the cost of slowly depleting the life gauge. It is also the only arcade version of King of Fighters to feature a 3D polygonal background in front of the 2D character sprites.
The game was first ported to the Xbox worldwide, then ported to the PlayStation 2 in Japan and PAL regions only, featuring new hidden characters. Due to licensing issues with Eolith prior to the PS2 release, the Arcade and Xbox versions do not have characters who made their debut on The King of Fighters 2001.


Japan Team

Fatal Fury Team

Art of Fighting Team


Ikari Warriors Team


Psycho Soldier Team

Women Fighters Team


Korea Team

King of Fighters '96 Team

King of Fighters '97 Team

King of Fighters '98 Team

  • Yashiro Nanakase (with Orochi Yashiro as a hidden character)
  • Shermie (with Orochi Shermie as a hidden character)
  • Chris (with Orochi Chris as a hidden character)

King of Fighters '99 Team


Mixed Team


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