buzz_killington's FIFA Soccer 09 (PlayStation 3) review

Best game in the FIFA series.

FIFA series is one of the longest running sports series, and one the best. FIFA has had its ups and downs (FIFA 03 and 04 anyone?) , but its quality never dropped more than a certain point. In my opinion, the best FIFA game was FIFA 03 for the PC, which had the best gameplay and gamemodes I had ever seen in a sports game. I kept playing that game for a long time. Now comes FIFA 09, the new contender for the best FIFA game.
The gameplay is almost identical to FIFA 08, but the few tweaks and changes and polishes here and there have made it a lot better. The graphics haven't improved all that much, but there are no complaints either. Players look really good, and alot like their real life counter parts. The animations are awesome, and the clipping issues which happened pretty frequent in 08 happen a whole lot less.
Now the biggest addition here is the Adidas sponsered updates, which updates each and every player's skills every weak based on their performance in their real life. That is pretty awesome and makes online matches much more balanced. For example in 08, the strongest team was Barcelona, and in online matches, out of every 5 games 4 had Barcelona in them. But in 09, Man Utd is the strongest team for a week, while the next week they might have lost some of their power.
Overall this game is great on presentation, and isn't that much different from FIFA 08, but the extra polish plus the Adidas updates make this one awesome package that is worth every cent you pay for it.


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