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Great game to release some anger 0

I have never bought a boxing game before. But After I downloaded the FNR3 demo, I just had to buy it the next day. This game is unbelivable. The first thing you will notice is the remarkable graphics. The boxers jsut look so real. You can actually see the sweat on the boxers during the fight. And when you punch someone you can see the sweat and his blood gush out from him. hahaha. The only problem with the graphics are everyone else, for example the girl that hold the card saying what round it ...

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best sim boxing game ever 0

I have been a fan of fight night since the first game. With the introduction of total punch control I could not imagine how it could be any better. EA really shows its talent by making this great game. Fight night allows you to create a character or go through a legends' career. The gameplay is excellent as the game rids itself of the hud, but you can change that in the options menu. Health and stamina is easily observed through the sounds and looks of the fighter. The graphics are amazing and i...

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Knock Out Game! 0

The first time i played this game was when my friends brought it over. You start out picking out an awesome boxer or a legendary boxer I picked Muhammad Ali Okay so first impression, AWESOME graphics like it was too realistic i thought i was the one getting punched in the face. You can literally dodge the punches, go behind him and knee him in the balls. I can honestly say that this is the best boxing game ever because of the amazing gameplay. When you punch your opponent in the face keep ...

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Fight Night XBOX 360 0

This is a quick review of Fight Night Round 3 Published by EA and Developed by EA Chicago. Gameplay: Fight Night Round 3 at first glance appears to be a very sim like boxing game but the game ended up being kind of easy. I was playing on the medium difficulty and ran into a few difficult bouts but I breezed by the career mode in about 8 hours of play, also unlocking all 1000 ach. points. There is a lack of customization and options in the career. You basically train then fight then do it all o...

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Ding Ding! Seconds out. Round 3! 0

There's a lot of bad things to say about EA and their evil monopoly. But when they produce sporting games of the caliber of Fight Night it's hard to stay mad at them. Before Fight Night came along with it's total punch control system, boxing games were mostly glorified contests of button mashing. The punch control system is so utterly intuitive and easy to control that you'll soon seem to be some kind of pro as you duck and counter your opponents with consumate ease. Ok, so we've seen all this ...

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