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Wild Arms

In the first Wild Arms, Filgaia is populated primarily by humans. The planet is slowly dying and the Guardians, the beings who watch over Filgaia, are slowly dying. The Metal Demons, the antagonists of Wild Arms, lie in wait for the opportunity to conquer the planet. Mother, the leader of the Metal Demons, desires to destroy the planet while her son, Zeikfried, wants to enslave humanity and use Filgaia as a new home-world after Hiades became inhabitable. These conflicting aims for Filgaia but mother and son at odds.
Prior to the game's events, a race called the Elw resided on Filgaia and accepted humanity, after war had ravaged their own world. The Metal
 The Temple of Memory, a remnant of Elw technology
Demons had attempted to take over Filgaia back then but were foiled by the combined efforts of Elw, Human, and Guardians. The Elw were very technologically advanced and created weapons such as the golems (which can be used as a navigation aid on the world map), but they were used by the Metal Demons in a second war, prompting the creation of the holmcross - destructive weapons based on the Metal Demon's own DNA. The holmcross went berserk and all but one were destroyed, and so the Elw created their final weapon before departing Filgaia: the Guardian Blade. It succeeded in driving out the Metal Demons, but began the decay process which is seen in the barren wasteland environments during the game. The Elw are capable of living an extremely long life, but they depend on nature (which Filgaia was losing); this prompted the Elw to leave Filgaia and seek out a new home (the self created Elw Dimension, visited during the game).
In Wild Arms Alter Code: F, the world map design is basically the same as the original game save for being horizontally flipped.

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