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Hey all,

First of all: It was a really, really amazing game. Everyone who's interested in a story-driven shooter should play this. Finished it yesterday and going to start another playthrough with the 1999 Mode now.

I'm just interested in how you guys played the game and what your favorite vigor-combos were.

I really liked this combo:
1. Setting up a SHOCK JOKEY trap
2. Pull the enemy through the trap with the UNDERTOW
3. Shotgun 'em

I also appreciated this combo:
1. Levitate some enemys with BUCKING BRONCO
2. Shock them with the upgraded SHOCK JOKEY

So how did you guys used the vigors in BioShock Infinite? :)

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I didn't really combo stuff much but my absolute favourite vigor was undertow.

I played with the shotgun pretty much all the way through and being able to snatch people from across the level and pull them to me for a blast in the head was hugely satisfying - doing it to those goddamn snipers made me very happy.

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Murderous Crow + Shock Jokey + Sniper + Machine Gun.

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I found the upgraded charge combined with a shotgun to be sorta overpowered. Invulnerability + instant full shields and the ability to just teleport around the battlefield with a shotgun, sorta hard to beat.

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Charge plus Crows plus a powerful close-range weapon. Use the crows to distract enemies from afar, use charge to close the gap and take an enemy out, then go crazy with your weapon while crows are still messing them up.

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Bronco, crows and blast 'em in midair. By the way for the people playing on Normal difficulty is it possible just to stick with two weapons you like throughout the game? I'm playing on hard and I find I have to constantly switch it up because ammo is more scarce. Even with the vigours I found myself using all of them far more than I expected. (I thought I'd end up sticking to 2 or 3)

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Right now I'm using Charge+Shotgun and a piece of gear with 70% to do burning for 3 seconds for like 400 damage.with either Devil Kiss or Shock Jokey because they are just good all around.

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Crow traps + anything = Millions of crows

I used Undertow a ton during the tail end of the game. Lots of ledges to push dudes off of.

In 1999 Mode my go-to has been the Bronco vigor. The stun and damage boost is invaluable for enemies that like to get in close like the Firemen and crow bros. Plus, the little cartwheel they do in midair while soaking up bullets is never not funny.

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At the moment I'm a fan of Bronco + Shotgun + an upgrade that does shock damage around enemies that die by excessive force. A lot of shocking going on in Shantytown at the moment.

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I usually throw out some upgraded crows to start, which means when people die they make a crow trap which is pretty much unlimited crows, then use bucking bronco to deal with other enemies. This is only about half way through though.

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- Blood to Salt

- Vampires Embrace

- Brittled-Skin


- Charge with invincibility and aoe upgrade

Everytime I charge I get invincibility and then melee my target to death to get health back and a chance at getting a free charge again. If you get the ball rolling you can basically cast it a near infinite amount of times. If you've ever played Mass Effect 3 it's a lot like how vanguards work. Pretty much the combo that allowed me to finish 1999 mode and get the scavenger achievement!

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Never did a lot of combos, but I love the crow vigor and used it a lot. It's somewhat realistic too :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BXMrsoKQxY

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@intro said:

Never did a lot of combos, but I love the crow vigor and used it a lot. It's somewhat realistic too :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BXMrsoKQxY

Which begs the questions, if Comstock had the gift of "foresight", why didn't he equip his soldiers with peanuts to throw at the crows?

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@laigerzero said:

@intro said:

Never did a lot of combos, but I love the crow vigor and used it a lot. It's somewhat realistic too :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BXMrsoKQxY

Which begs the questions, if Comstock had the gift of "foresight", why didn't he equip his soldiers with peanuts to throw at the crows?

Bookers crows were actually also Comstocks crows just from another "universe" from the past and Comstock also not had the heart to let them be killed.
Thats why the game gets only 9 out of 10 in the most tests.

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Undertow + Shock Jockey is my favorite. Undertow in general is good, nice way to pull a dude right in your face so you can shotgun him to death.

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I spent most of the guy sending enemies up in the air with Bucking Bronco and then just straight DUMPING.

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Murder of Crows + Bucking Bronco + Shock Jockey

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Early on got the one upgrade that turned anything killed by the murder of crows into a crow trap, that thing helped out tons in many levels where just mass doom happened to everything. Later mostly electricity/fire as running on more of the enemies that were immune to the crows.

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Murder of Crows trap, Skyhook melee, and the gear that gives a % of the enemy bursting in flames from a melee attack.

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Crows or Shock + Handcannon or Sniper

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Bucking Bronco, dump shotgun, eat pineapple out of barrels.

Later evolved into:

Undertow grab, dump shotgun, eat pineapple out of barrels.

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I'm still pretty early but I'm kind of playing the game like Syndicate. I use persuasion a lot and electricity on mechanical enemies and the flock of birds on humans. While the enemy are distracted by vigors I use the machine gun and, when I run out of ammo, switch to the pistol. All the while I sprint around the environment taking my shots from various angles. It's pretty fun especially on hard.

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I enjoyed using Devil's Kiss for grouped enemies and crowd management, and the upgraded Murder of Crows trap aid that spawns a new flock if an enemy dies from the trap. Towards the end of the game Return to Sender was so much fun to use, either blocking bullets while I shot people with the carbine or taking in tons of bullets from Patriots.

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I find myself not using/experimenting with Vigors as much as I'd like and I hate that :(

Mainly because of not being able to store and have reserves like you could in the old games (not saying this is a knock against that game, it's just different) I always feel like i never have enough

So when i switch to something like Possession and see that i'd only get three uses out of it with a full bar of salt (i know there's an upgrade that consumes less salt), i just feel like it's not worth it, hence i rarely, if ever, use it.

That being said, i find myself sticking to shock jock, bucking bronco and the crows mainly because they're just more efficient with their salt usage.

I'll switch to devil's kiss if i need to take out a turret, patriot or deal with a handyman

Speaking of handymen, has anyone found a good means of fighting these things without getting raped? I've had two encounters with it so far and i have yet to take it out without dying 2 or 3 times. They're super quick, agile and aggressive. I can never get distance between us for too long before he's all up in my grill literally beating me to a pulp. I completely underestimated them when i first fought them because i was like "oh this guy is gonna be slow but probably hits hard" I was half right :/

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i didnt really get into vigors but i found myself using shock and the one that fires a flock of crows(forgot the name)

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I liked using the alt fire for Return to Sender while picking off who I could until it absorbed enough damage to take out the heavier armored guys.

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I found myself going with the Crows/Devil's Kiss combo quite a bit followed by the Undertow/Shock Jockey combo later on.

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Devils kiss and return to sender are what I fall back on a lot.

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I didn't mess with combos much, but I found myself using Bucking Bronco a lot. Return to Sender was pretty damn cool. I used Shock Jockey the most late in the game, mostly using the traps, it is damn powerful. Possession was consistently handy.

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Shock Jockey and Crows. Used the shit out of Charge in the late game.

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Charge / Undertow / Roman Knight Dude and Devil's Kiss

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Bucking Bronco and Devil's Kiss combo on a group. Undertow to take care of dudes that are far away. Shock Jockey on motorized patriots and I spam Murder of Crows on Handymen. I always tried to keep a high powered weapon like an RPG or Volley Gun on me, and the carbine.