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Hate Diet Coke and Coke Zero. Diet Pepsi's alright though.

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Did anyone ever get to try that Pepsi Natural a couple years ago? It was all natural ingredients. They used shit like ginger root and stuff to make the flavor. The weird thing was that it tasted bad. But I couldn't stop drinking them.

Cokes are fucking gross

Unless you mix Coke Lime and Cherry Coke 1:1. AHHHHMAZING.

#53 Posted by Pachtar_Klepek (88 posts) -

COKE ZERO is for winners

#54 Posted by PerryVandell (2109 posts) -

I prefer Diet Coke sweetened with Splenda, but college has restricted me to aspartame-exclusive diet colas. From what I've gathered, Coke Zero is marketed primarily toward men.

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@perryvandell: Yeah, coke zero, pepsi max, Dr Pepper 10 are all geared towards men in their advertisements. Probably because diet soda was originally marketed towards ladies.

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No Coke, Pepsi.

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Cherry Coke.

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"Diet Coke or Coke Zero"

I don't see Pepsi on the list, why are people saying Pepsi?

OT: I prefer Coke Zero, normal Coke feels like my teeth being eroded and Diet just tastes nothing like the original.

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They do taste different & I like zero (esp. the cherry version) over the diet stuff.

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How about regular-ass coke? (that didn't come out right)

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@flstyle said:
Awwww yeah, Pepsi Max, invading your thread

This! Although, between the two, Coke Zero tastes a hell of a lot less metallic than Diet Coke. I much prefer it.

Damn it, now I really wish Pepsi Max was sold here locally. Grumble, grumble...

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I gave up drinking soda ages ago and switched to sparkling mineral water. As gay as that sounds it actually weened me off coke n'stuff. A lot of the time what you enjoy eating or drinking isn't just limited to taste, but well, sensation. The only key difference between fizzy water and fizzy soda is the colossal amounts of sugar in the latter.

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@everettescott said:

@bestusernameever said:

Never understood this, if you're going to drink coke, just drink normal coke, every version is just as bad for you, and if you care about your health to drink a diet coke, you're doing the healthy thing wrong.

Exactly. People just see 'diet' and think that means better.

That's the point.


@carryboy said:


Yep, reminds me of the Vitamin water lawsuit saying it's misleading, because vitamin water (Owned by cocacola) is just as sugary as their normal pops. The crazy part was, coke defended themselves saying it's clearly not a health drink, and anyone buying it because of that message is not informed. Sorry coke, vitamin water totally doesn't sound like a healthy alternative......

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@youngfrey: See this is why we have a resource like GB.

Learning is fun!

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@flstyle said:
Awwww yeah, Pepsi Max, invading your thread

Ditto. I generally drink Pepsi Max because the flavor is regular-ish and it has more caffeine than most other diet sodas. However, when I'm not drinking soda purely for the amount of caffeine it contains, I have also been known to throw back a Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper TEN (you might think that it is because of the masculine marketing, but it also contains more caffeine than a regular Diet Dr. Pepper, LOL).

For the record: Coke Zero is gross as hell.

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Coke Zero, tastes more like real soda. But nothing beats Diet Dr Pepper. But I haven't tried DPX.

Also, Squirt. I am I right guys?

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Who remembers Pepsi Koana? In the mid 1990's in the States, it came only in 2 liters, it was coffee flavored pepsi, and it was the bomb. There was also a blue pepsi around 2000-2002.

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@trilogy said:

I was just reading up on Coke Zero earlier (real busy day), and apparently it's marketed towards young men. The idea is that younger guys perceive diet coke to be a feminine product so they had to re brand Coke Zero as a bevarage for people with tesiticles. A lot of soda companies do this (see dr pepper 10). A usual trope is that it is marketed as tasting exactly like the non diet version.

now I finally understand where Dr Pepper 10 came from.

man is that dumb. Probably works though

#69 Posted by StudsMcKewl (78 posts) -

Dr. Pepper 10 is legitimately delicious, despite the dumb advertising.

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Zero's the hero.

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Sometimes I'm amazed at the perception people have of "health" and what is/isn't healthy. A lot of FUD and childish perceptions of OMG ARTIFICIAL.

have stopped drinking beverages other than water and coffee on a regular basis, but sometimes I'll have a soda with a meal and I'll go for diet because I find regular soda too sweet.

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Diet soda can go to hell.

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Regular. Those beverages will kill you anyway so might as well go with the ones that don't taste like shit.

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@oldguy said:

Coke made with sugar (get that HFCS out of here) in glass bottles is the only way to go (and, since it's hard to come by and a lot more expensive I drink less of it, which isn't a bad thing)...

This is the correct answer. Also acceptable: Coke with lime. The freestyle machines don't do the lime anywhere near as well as the bottled version, which is unfortunate- since I don't know if they even still sell bottles of Coke with lime.

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Don't they both contain aspartame? Avoid that garbage.

I'm with everyone touting water, but if you want to drink soda, I'd avoid aspartame and drink the real deal.

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Diet Coke tastes like the water that would pour out of a bag of garbage that's been sitting in the hot sun, but there's just some charm to it that is really refreshing if I'm gonna drink a diet soda.

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Diet coke tastes fucking awful, so coke zero wins by default.

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Coke Zero because quite frankly if your trying to cut back on calories and sugar you may as well go all the way.

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i miss pepsi twist

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Diet Coke > Coke > Coke Zero
Pepsi Max > Diet Pepsi > Pepsi

At least based on UK versions which I imagine are slightly different than US. Based purely on taste and what I prefer.

Overall probably Diet Coke > Pepsi Max > Diet Pepsi > Coke > Pepsi > Coke Zero

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Dave was a Coke Zero man and I after being diabetic for the last 20 years was a Diet Coke person by default. But clearly as this sacrifice to our dragon shows Diet Root Beer wins.

Sacrifice to WYRM

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Girlfriend is a big Coke Zero fan so been trying that recently. It seems to better approximate the taste of Coca Cola than Diet Coke ever managed. Not as overtly aspartamey.

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@aquablak said:

Don't they both contain aspartame? Avoid that garbage.

I'm with everyone touting water, but if you want to drink soda, I'd avoid aspartame and drink the real deal.

Wait, what's wrong with aspartame? It's been pretty much proven that it's safe for consumption.

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@flstyle said:
Awwww yeah, Pepsi Max, invading your thread

Fuckin A!

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I don't really have a preference. Don't really like either, but I work as a server in a restaurant that carries both and hardly anyone ever orders Coke Zero.

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I always thought "diet" fizzy drinks were a really funny concept. Maybe, I dunno, stop drinking soft drinks drinks, rather than drinking diet versions.

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if im getting a non-diet cola, its Coke from a fountain, and RC or Pepsi if im drinking from a can. my Diet Cola of choice is Coke Zero, and Diet Coke if Coke Zero is not available. ive not tried Diet Pepsi or Pepsi MAX, but i would be open to it.

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What is it with Americans and their Coke products? Pepsi (and even Royal Crown) is waaaaaaaaaaay superior to Coke! Don't agree? Take the Pepsi challenge.

Also, Dr. Pepper tastes like ass!!

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@nail1080: Even if you are not trying to be elitist you come off that way. It would be like going to a Cigar Discussion thread an railing about cancer.

Zero coke is much preferred to diet but I will drink either.

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I think Coke Zero just straight up tastes better. The reason that both products exist simultaneously is purely for marketing. Diet Coke is popular among women, and Coke Zero does better with men.

The McDonalds near my work only has Diet Coke. This has become a huge issue in my life.

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Pft... Pepsi for the win...

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As one of the earlier guys said, it was exactly that Men weren't purchasing Diet Coke due to it's feminine attachment, likely stemming from the cans plastering the breast cancer-awareness logos on them. So they launched Coke Zero to appeal to Men who wanted an "edgy" diet-version. It was featured quite prominently in the film Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Scott pilgrim wore number 0 and drank Coke Zero). It's definitely not the same formula as Diet Coke. I personally prefer Coke Zero's taste even over the original flavor, but that may be due to my taste buds adjusting to artificial sugar.

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I don't drink diet soda because it's an oxymoron to me, but, if I had to choose I'd go with Coke Zero because it comes in a black can. And everybody knows black cans are cool.

#96 Posted by bunnymud (716 posts) -

Diet Coke. Real Coke tastes like ass so Coke Zero is closer to ass than Diet.