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Drew's a good dude.

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What the hell is this thread Drew is the coolest person ever.

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Yea, what is this blasphemy?
Drew is da shit.

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You spelled hilarious wrong.

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I literally cannot think of anything about Drew that I don't love. Drew is the man.

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I have never felt an awkward vibe from Drew at all.

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Drew is all kinds of awesome! I would not want a Bombcast crew without him.

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I mean, I could probably find a better way to say this. But if I HAD to try and find something positive out of the tragic loss of Ryan, it would be that Drew has become more prominent on the site. I've always liked Drew and think he fits in real well on the Bombcast. He's more down to earth, kind of the every man. He knows his shit about games, not quite to the level of Jeff, Brad, or Vinny, but that's a good thing. Adds a unique perspective. Plus he usually does the craziest things with his free time. And he had two of the best UPF games, the llama love-sim and the airplane sim. I love Drew.

Honestly my biggest worry is that once the site does get a few new people on board then Drew will kind of go back to being the background guy.

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Priceless Drew moment:

Jeff: *Sexual innuendo remark* "See what I did there? Huh? Huhhhh?"

Rest of crew: *various feigned laughter and "Heyooooo!"s*


Drew: I don't get it.

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I enjoy drew very much in any giant bomb content. I would not say awkward but more of a silent confidence in not needing to fill dead air or try too hard to top the more animated cast.

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Drew does fine, I will say that if I had to pick between him and Rorie, I would like Rorie. But again, that does not mean that Drew doesn't deserve to be a full timer, I have no complaints about him.

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It would be so bad if he didn't end every other statement with an upward inflection. Why is everything said like a question??

Also... Why did he go to N.K.? Is he a comrade?

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Drew is a prince among duders, and I shall hear no argument against it. Also, he’s not awkward, I don‘t even understand where folks get that. Go Drew!

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Its a lot better than Brad constantly talking about DOTA

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@mems1224 said:

Its a lot better than Brad constantly talking about DOTA

What's better is that Brad is the only one who loves Dota and everyone else just kind of smiles and nods when he talks about it.

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I enjoy Drew in all of the formats he is delivered to us in.

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@ttocs said:

@mems1224 said:

Its a lot better than Brad constantly talking about DOTA

What's better is that Brad is the only one who loves Dota and everyone else just kind of smiles and nods when he talks about it.

Haha yea. Everyone is just like, "Uh huh...uh huh...yea...ok....anyways".

Drew is great though, he always has these weird interesting stories to tell.

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Drew can be faintly heard singing something in the latest Bombcast while the duders are talking about the evolution of mobile phones. Anyone have an idea of what it was?

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Drew's fantastic on the Bombcast, it's great to see him more comfortable with talking on mic now and it's always funny that most of his references go unnoticed.

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The more Drew the better! Haha. I think it's great that he's finally starting to speak up more. He's younger than the rest too so he gives a different (less jaded) perspective.

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Drew is easily my favorite millennial

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Drew is awesome. His interest in geo-politics, military tech and simulation games brings something fresh to the podcast.

His face says a thousand words when he glances at the camera when something really stupidhappens on UPF.

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Drew is good people. Especially on the Bombcast. His one liners are so good.

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Drew is the only reason I will keep on listening to the podcast and features of the show. He brings no sarcasm, snarkyness or jadded attitude that has been plaguing the crew for the last year. Tx Drew

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@nashvilleskyline: If you can't see some of the snark and sarcasm he's throwing around then that's only because he's subtle about it. Dude is as sarcastic as any of them in his way.

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He never really came off as awkward to me. He's just more mild mannered then everyone else on the Bombcast and he has a great deadpan sense of humor.

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Drew comes off as a super interesting and confident dude with a unique and fascinating perspective. I think he's both a better fit and a more interesting perspective to have on the podcast than Patrick..

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He's a good counter for when Jeff gets stuck in review mode :P

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I enjoy awkward drew very much. It mixes the dynamic up when you have everyone else being chill or funny.

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Drew is great! I wish I had half the hobbies and interests that Duder has. He ain't akward, he's just Drew.

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I think Drew's great

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He isn't awkward if anything he has gotten better on the mic and in front of the camera since this last summer. Him and Vinny were made for each other. If drew ever moved on before GB dissolves Id be extremely disappointed.

What if... uh... what if Vinny sort of moved on?

Of the many adjectives I could use to describe Drew, "awkward" is not one of them. "Quiet", yes, perhaps "reserved", but not "awkward".

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Drew acts like he could secretly also be a famous Evel Knievel-style stuntman.

I'm cool with that. I don't know how not to be cool with that.

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They are all showmen and Drew's shows might be the most mysterious of all ;)

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@jiggajoe14: "modern day Chuck Norris but more awesome" That is perfect. Drew and I are the same age. So sometimes I feel like I would be asking the same questions he does. Also, I think he proved himself when he said "that's un404fortunate"

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I don't think hes awkward. Less talkative than the rest I suppose, but not awkward.

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Drew is a shining star and an awesome addition to the Bombcast.

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It's funny, without Jeff on the show for this week's Bombcast, Drew is a lot more talkative and assertive.

That's right.

Drew is being oppressed.

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I don't think awkward is the right word. I'd say he's an understandable level of reserved given the company he his conversing with. Drew is a producer and a producer knows to let the talent shine. I think Drew purposefully tries to play the accompanying role, perhaps to a detriment to himself.

I think these character examination threads are way more awkward than Drew is.

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Drew in general is underrated in general. I don't think many users realize how crucial he is to keeping everything running at Giant Bomb in regards to the video content, especially now that Vinny is in New York. I would listen to the podcast if it was only him talking, and I'd watch UPF if it was just him playing flight sims the whole time.

Also, I totally agree with @mocbucket62. He's just as awkward as anyone else who works at Giant Bomb. Everyone's awkward in their own ways.

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I love when Drew is on the podcast. He reminds me of some of the people I hang out with.

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Drew is on the same level of awkwardness as everyone else there.

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These threads are weird. Who are we to analyze the staff like this?

I also don't like how people simply state what goes on at Giantbomb as fact even though they have as much access to that info as any other user of this site (outside of the staff and possibly the mods). Drew may be the cornerstone of the site or just simply a piece, how the hell should I know and you guys don't know either so please stop stating that as fact. There is a lot of this in those complaining threads about the site also and it's always botherd me.

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Drew is the best person outside of GiantBomb East.

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Drew is awesome. Fact.

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@gaspower said:



those letters are close on the key board. Could have happened to anyone.

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I just realized this thread is 5 months old

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@techhits said:

@pyromagnestir said:

@gaspower said:



those letters are close on the key board. Could have happened to anyone.

@techhits said:

I just realized this thread is 5 months old

Don't worry...I'd celebrate Drew's, er, sex appeal any day.

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Drew is a robot drew is the best