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I've noticed double and triple threads/posts lately and I myself have accidentally double posted a reply thinking my first reply didn't actually "post" (the WYSIWYG editor typically disappears and shows my new posts but didn't do it that time so I clicked the "Post Reply" button a second time causing the double post)

I think the "Create new topic" and "Post reply" buttons aren't doing what they usually do after being clicked, which is suppressing the WYSIWYG editor and then show the thread with your new post like they usually do when they're pressed. Seems server/AJAX-related? Or maybe it's just me?

EDIT: Actually I just got a 500 Internal Server error when I posted this thread and clicked "Create new topic", but it looks like the thread was still posted in spite of the 500 Error.

EDIT 2: Yeah it wasn't just me:

I just encountered a similar problem uploading that image where it looked like it failed uploading and spit out an error but actually did get uploaded, too.

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I'll second this, got a similar error recently. Using firefox when going through the site.

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It seems to be a site-side issue, as I'm getting the double post issue myself, too. Duplicate your tabs to see if the post actually got through before hitting the button again.

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I've just double posted on three different threads in the last five minutes. For some reason the site says "oops we didn't post that try again" bullshit and then I have to click it three or four times for it to give me one "message posted" banner.

Then I find out I've double posted. Kind of annoying.

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Yeah my posts definitely look like they're about to post but the WYSIWYG editor gets spit back and an error prompt comes up even though the post actually did get through. Image incoming?

EDIT: Yeah that post made it through but the site made it look like it didn't.

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I'm getting this on every post too, using Chrome.

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It will say you errored.

Don't post again, your post went through.

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Workaround: Copy your post and refresh the page after you see that error. Chances are, your post actually went through. If not, paste it back in and try again.

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Yeah, noticed this in the Way of the Dogg QL comment section.

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Happening to me as well, just don't press post again and you should be good.

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Forums aren't what they were. Shit's been fucked for a while. Lesser of the evils for the team of engineers I guess.

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Applies to uploading images as well

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Damn, that white background sucks ass. How can one read that?

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New things seem to be broken with this site at least a couple times a week.

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I guess from having read this they still haven't fixed it yet? I don't usually make posts all that often, but now I'm wondering just how often does this happen now days?

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I'm having the same here, thought I was banned :/

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Locking this up as a duplicate. Original thread here.