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Just realized that the upcoming shows panel shows in PST and not in the users local timezone like it did in the previous site. I searched around this forum and couldn't seem to find it reported anywhere so I hope this isn't a dupe!. By the way my timezone is EST.

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Yes, I really hope they fix this. A minor feature, sure, but it was very convenient.

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do math

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@damisterchief: While that is an easy answer, it's less than ideal. Users have become accustomed to seeing a time posted and knowing it is adjusted for their local time zone already. If they don't realize that has changed it could create a lot of confusion. I don't mind if they keep it as is but then something should say "All show times listed in PST" or whatever.

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Just realised this too. Pretty annoying, but they probably have more pressing issues to deal with at the moment.

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This ain't a question, holmes. Please don't tick the "Make this a question" box unless you are searching for a specific answer.

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is this still broken?

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@delt31: I haven't had any issues with this in a very long time.

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@delt31: Are you in EST? When I put your IP into our system it displays EST time.

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This reminds me that we never did get an option for 24 hour clock.

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I'm having this problem as well, I'm located in Arizona (MST with no daylight savings so part of the year our time matches PDT and the other we are an hour ahead) but I'm getting what appears to be CST.

just as an example; it's currently about 2:00pm here, the Coming soon for Unprofessional Fridays says 5:30pm and the count down at the top of the site says it start's in about 1:30.

Also I checked that http://whatismyipaddress.com/ and it correctly identifies me as being in AZ.

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Daylight saving time just started here in Australia and now all the upcoming times are off by an hour.

For example, the Beyond: Two Souls quick look was slated to appear on the site at 10:30PM.

But it actually went live at 11:30PM.

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The time is now two and a half hours out for my time zone (Australian Central Daylight Savings Time).

How does the system detect time zones as it's always put me as Australian Eastern Standard Time, when I'm Central (and mainland Australia has at various times between three and five time zones as several states / territories do not go to Daylight Savings times).

I would really like to have an option in my profile to set my time zone, and to have that reflected in the site. I can do maths, and I have to, but each time daylight savings starts / ends I have to guess what the adjustment will be. It would be easier if the adjustment isn't accurate to have times shown as a set timezone (Pacific or whatever options the US has I guess) so that I can go, right now we're at +10:30 and Pacific is at -8. As it is, the system is trying to set it to my time zone and failing, and I have no way of knowing until the countdown timer starts at the top of the screen what time zone.

I realize that implementing a user set timezone system, and adapting the site to it would not be a trivial enhancement. Consider this a vote for having it added, and the above the reason why the current implementation fails for me. Until then and going into the future I will still watch an enjoy your content whether or not this gets changed.

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Sorry for the trouble guys. Going to page @ltsquigs for this one.