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A lot of duders have been watching Dave Lang's live stream all night, but I figured a lot of others might not know about it and regret missing it. It has been a blast, in typical Langzone style. He's raising money for Operation Supply Drop (raising money to help get gaming stuff to soldiers). He's also going to give every popcap game ever made (60 of them, I think?) away to a bidder donator in the next few minutes if you get in there and donate. I'm also going to give any game in my steam inventory to the winner (http://steamcommunity.com/id/branthog/inventory/).


Help a loyal GB duder out! (And sorry if this comes across as spammy, but come on - Dave Lang is practically family, right?). Even if you're not interested in the popcap stuff being raffled off in a few minutes, it's worth chipping in a few bucks, surely. :)

Edit: I said "bidder", instead of "donator". My bad. If you want the popcap stuff, he's basically doing $1 per ticket and then drawing the winner out of all that.

Update: Okay, 10:25 PM PT -- Lang drew a winner, so that raffle is over. BUT now there is a raffle coming up for the "every valve game" pack on Steam! (I don't know when this one is actually happening as Dave hasn't mentioned it again in the last little while . . .). Also, the winner of the PopCap games offered to raffle them off again, so they might be back up for donators overnight. :)

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"bidder" as in for every $1 donation you will get 1 ticket in the raffle for the Popcap games. Minimum donation is $10, and regardless of whether you win or not you will get SOMETHING for your donation.

Come on in, guys!

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It's not spam.

Speaking of spam, I had a spam sandwich from Jollibee yesterday and it was unexpectedly wonderful. Now I feel like a terrible person.

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That sounds positively disgusting, MB. Cleanse yourself with a donation.

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It's the troof

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Every donation gets you one step closer to Peggle Nirvana.

Also give Lang crap for his connection because I'll never live down the Divekick matches I lost to him

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There are some Magic Planet Snack Deluxe codes for Vita on the line too!

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Raffle is over guys! But the donations are of course still accepted with prizes still being given out for donations until the stream ends!

*edit* Yep, new raffle will be coming up for http://store.steampowered.com/sub/29197/

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Valve Complete Pack is up for grabs next.

ALL the valve games.

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He is now "raffling" off a Valve Complete Pack. Same rules as the Popcap bundle (each dollar equals a "ticket"), and he's doing it until 3 am Central time.

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Even if you aren't interested in the raffle, I'd say drop on by. Lang is very fun to listen to, and he is raising money for a good cause with Operation Supply Drop (http://www.operationsupplydrop.org/).

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get up in here or get fucked, boi!

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ALL POPCAP games are back in the drawing for donators!

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His stream has less viewers than I would've guessed, but then I may be grossly overestimating how many people give a fuck about Dave Lang.

Or in my case, I think he's a cool dude, but I don't follow him on Twitter or anything, so I probably wouldn't have heard about this stream if not for this thread.

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Awesome! I just won something. Don't remember what it was but I'm still stoked. Everyone needs to come jump into the Lang Zone.

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@stimpack said:

Raffle is over guys! But the donations are of course still accepted with prizes still being given out for donations until the stream ends!

*edit* Yep, new raffle will be coming up for http://store.steampowered.com/sub/29197/

Accidently shutting down the stream during that raffle was pretty special, some people might call it langesque.

edit: And blaming it on Steams (optional?) game update was pretty funny as well. (Not hating, more people should tune in because they´re missing out.)

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@sadsadsad: Was hilarious. Resuming to him asking everyone "hey did you see who won?" and everyone freaking out and him not knowing if he still had the winner's number loaded up was great.

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Dave playing Legend of Grimrock really badly is super adorable. The controls are really unintuitive if you don't play the tutorial. He got killed by the first snail after feebly throwing all of his possessions at it. It was great.

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now entering the lang zone

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now entering the lang zone

Welcome aboard, we're still going strong here!

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Steven Lin dropping $500 and earning permanent god-like status in the middle of the night was probably the best thing that happened. And that's on top of his GB and Tested donations (now $2000+) this year. What a great duder.

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Tis the season for tax write-offs.

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Don't really care for bumping threads, but I want to keep this thing alive because it's still ongoing! Come on in and join the party, guys!

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Guys, the PopCap game business is back on! *Branthog gave out his games already, though* Enter for a chance to win with your donation, and help out out veterans and Dave Lang's ego! We want to crush everyone into dust! Dave Lang shall be the most generous of all mankind!

The raffle for the PopCap collection will be ending in 1 hour and 24 minutes!

Remember $1 = 1 "ticket", with a minimum donation of $10.

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Aight so anyone know who won the PopCap drawing?

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@mb: That's something I haven't heard of in awhile. How's the Jollibee by the way? I haven't been to one here stateside.