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Drew smokes weed every day.

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This is too good. I actually laughed! Props to both Anonymous and Jeff!

@jackhole said:

Anonymous asked:

Do you not smoke weed because it's known to give a brother brain damage and you want to keep your skills on the mic sharp?

I try to live my life like pre-Chronic Dr. Dre but without the woman beating.

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Jeff has said before (a few times actually) that he doesn't do drugs at all.

Alex has said he smokes pot on a fairly regular basis.

I think Rorie said he hasn't on the Screened podcast before, but I'm not really sure because that was a long time ago.

That's all I can really remember about what the staff has said about drug use.

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Our Forum Rules are pretty explicit in that we don't allow discussion of illegal activities. I realize pot is pretty borderline anymore, but we still include it as part of our rules. I'm going to lock this down with a gentle warning to all - please don't discuss drugs on GB forums. Thanks!

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