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#51 Posted by Toxeia (744 posts) -

Read the title, and the first thing that came to mind was Duke Nukem Forever.

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FF13 is probably spot on. I've played through all the Final Fantasies (xept 11) and I owe it to the franchise to play their games after they have given me so many good experiences. And actually I enjoyed 13, I did not mind the linear thing at all... what DID bother me was how maxed characters were weak... those Blu giant turtles were ridiculous... its probably to blame on the fighting system... which I did not care for.

#53 Posted by Shaka999 (540 posts) -

Final Fantasy XIII for sure. I didn't enjoy XII, but for some reason I felt compelled to play it. At least with XII I could appreciate the game, XIII on the other hand was unenjoyable in my experience. I honestly have no idea why I finished it.

#54 Posted by HeghmohQib (199 posts) -

Mass Effect - Worked out for the best.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Brother started a guild and needed help. Neither of us have played in months.

Diablo 3 - Everyone kept asking if I was going to play. Still undecided as to how I feel about it now that I have played it.

Honorable mention:

Bulletstorm - Brother said he and his wife wanted to play coop. Bought new, the day it came out. It's sitting on the shelf still in the plastic.

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If I'm interested in an upcoming sequel and haven't played the previous games, I'll usually go back and at least try playing those first. That's usually because I'm interested in the history of the series or just to see the backstory though.

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That's the worst, at that point the developers are going further than a simple theft of your money, my time man, my motherfucking time is getting stolen from me. I believe they made a movie about that, Time Bandits.

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After realising that I kind of hate games, probably all of them

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@Godak said:

@JoeBigfoot said:

@Godak said:

Final Fantasy XIII. It took me a couple of years to get around to it, but I am finding it to be oddly engaging. I'm 25 hours in, though, and the tutorial finally ended.

It's bizarre that that part was not exaggerated. Not much, anyway.

I crapped out around 9 hours in, got bored of the press-X-athon that was the opening segment of that game

It really does get much more intense and interesting once you are allowed to use all of the tools at your disposal. There was absolutely no feasible reason for Squeenix locking away all the goodies so that you can be treated like a mentally delayed chimpanze who has suffered severe brain trauma for 20+ hours of tutorializing.

Pacing. It's a thing.

I actually stopped playing that game at the end of the tutorial. I would've liked to be able to switch an individual characters class on the fly, and not have to rely on preset party configurations, and kept hoping that would pop up. I just wanted to be able to go, ok you (individual character) heal for a bit, or buff for a bit while these other two keep doing what they are doing. It would've made some stuff less annoying.

Also at the time I really wanted a game where all I had to do was push forward on the stick and occasionally press X and pretty shit would happen and the game would never crash.

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I admit that I first wanted to play Nier because "it's Cavia! Come on!" I don't know if that counts.

Otherwise, yeah, if I bought it.

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Assasins Creed Brotherhood.....Assasins creed 2.0 now with 50% more "how doesn't anyone notice him in that outfit?!"

still.....need to stay up to date on the story

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Assassin's Creed.

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Diablo 3, bought it, still haven't played it. I think I wouldn't have played it on my own, it's just that I know a lot of people that are playing the game.

I read about it everywhere on the internet, and I hear the bombsquad talking about it on the podcast... And I kinda think I have to try it. Siiiigh.

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I don't like to feel I have wasted money, so I will often complete games I buy even if I may not be really enjoying it to much. But sometimes thats good because for example in the case of Darksiders, didn't start enjoying it until a quarter of the way through.

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The Witcher and Witcher 2, I bought both during different Steam sales because everyone was raving about them at the time (and still do). Played about half of each game and just could not motivate myself to finish either. The story was bland and I never "got it" and I disliked both of the games combat systems. They are by all means games I should have loved but neither clicked.

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usually i feel obligated to play the first game of things in order to move on to the second one. it felt like a chore to play mass effect (i like it a lot more now) just to move on to mass effect 2