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#1 Posted by MasterBrief (293 posts) -

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on good games to play while listening to podcasts or music. There was a post from a couple years ago but it didn't have many recommendations, not to mention not current. Pretty much something that doesn't have a whole lot of story or other modes to play. Like Jeff always says about Dynasty Warriors is the definition of that but I'd like something modern with guns and preferably offline but doesn't have to be. Stuff I got that I play while listening are Minecraft, Dungeon Defenders. Black Ops 2, RE6 and just got Starhawk. I'd love something kind of like Mass Effect 3's online but offline with some form of progression. Was thinking about getting that God Mode game, that's mindless fun.

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World of Warcraft is the easy answer but I would say just about any mmo with solo content would do. I bet you could find an mmo with guns.

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Any ARPG is perfect for podcasts. Diablo 3, PoE, Titan Quest, Torchlight. I can't think of any genre better suited to play while listening to podcasts.

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Personally i play some WoW or Marvel Heroes as i listen to podcast.

Been thinking of trying Warframe. Not sure if that might fit your need? Or maybe Planetside 2

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I've been playing Diablo III and Rogue Legacy as my podcast games

Borderlands 2 was also good for that for awhile, but something about that game always pushes me away.

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Spintires and Eurotruck simulator are great for listening to podcats. I also like to play Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Civ or any of the Command and Conquer when listning to an audiobook / podcast.

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Euro Truck Sim 2

Leauge Of Legends (vs AI)

World Of Warcraft

Guild Wars 2

Civ 5

Football Manager

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Right now, Diablo 3, Binding of Isaac, and a collection o' Doom WADs are my go-tos for podcasts. XCOM is also fantastic for that.

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Casual CS:GO

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Borderlands or some old Unreal Tournament works great for me.

Destiny should also be right up your alley too. The beta was an A+ podcast game.

Also, while not a shooter, pinball is really awesome for listening to podcasts while playing as well, and Pinball Arcade Season 1 is currently half off on Steam.

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Mine are

Kerbal space program

DOTA2 (I find I play way better if am listening to music or a podcast.

Also any MMO with maybe the exeption of SWTOR (lots of voiced dialogue in that)

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Dwarf fortress is my go to. I find any rouge-like works really well too.

Stuff with guns, and offline with minimal story though... Boarderlands, Hard Reset, Rage, or Fallout 3 would good choices. You could also go old school, and play through Doom and Heretic.

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You like sports games? I'll listen to podcasts while going through a season of NHL and it works great.

#14 Posted by Poppy_Persona (174 posts) -

Assassins creed when not playing a story mission, lots of vita games too like spelunkey and rouge legacy

#15 Posted by bemusedchunk (846 posts) -

WoW is the ultimate podcast game.

Hearthstone is good too. And also Civ IV.

Anything thats mostly turned based where you don't need to listen to sound queues.

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Currently, Diablo 3 is my go-to game when I want to listen to podcasts. Open world games like Fallout and TES can do the job as well. You can listen to podcasts while exploring. Other than that, I'd suggest sports or racing games.

#18 Posted by GiantLizardKing (780 posts) -

I would listen to a podcast and play civ 5 right now if I could

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WoW when I played that. GW2 whenever I play that. Roguelikes like ToME and dungeons of dredmor. Civ 5, europa universalis IV, crusader kings 2, dwarf fortress and prison architect as well. Oh, and clickfest dungeon crawlers like Diablo 3, Path of Exile and Grim Dawn, as well as "sports" sims like the golf club and pool nation.

#20 Posted by believer258 (13195 posts) -
  • Borderlands 1 and 2
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Arms Race mode (it's a good idea to have sound for actual fucking Counter-Strike)
  • Practically anything that's like Diablo. Torchlight 1 and 2 and Diablo itself.
  • First person dungeon crawlers - Might and Magic X, Wizardry 8, Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey
  • Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne and Shin Megami Tensei IV are both third person dungeon crawlers, but still very similar to their first person roots in a lot of ways.
  • Pretty much any JRPG with long grinding segments. Persona 3 and 4's dungeons, Final Fantasy XII, Ni No Kuni's sidequests, Pokemon, etc.
  • Doom, Quake, pretty much any FPS that's light on story and heavy on shooting stuff. And where sound isn't really necessary (so Left 4 Dead probably isn't going to be all that great).
  • Maybe Skyrim. Get a lot of those miscellaneous quests out of the way, or do a bunch of alchemy/smithing/enchanting.

Civilization and X-Com might be decent podcasting games for some people, but I find myself paying attention to them instead of the podcast. I don't know them well enough to play them absentmindedly.

#21 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5032 posts) -

I'm playing Hearthstone while listening to Talk Is Jericho right now. So there's that.

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Pretty happy to see so many people say doom. Great great podcast game

Blizzard games

Dark souls

Old school games that don't have a lot of story

Wwe 2k14

Sports games

I put on a podcast for anything that involves a lot of repetition and little story.

#23 Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake (901 posts) -

I listened to a lot of stuff while working on the platinum for Infamous: Second Son, beating it on expert, collecting all the shit. Almost anything can be a good podcast game if you're not playing it for the first time.

#24 Posted by Crembaw (894 posts) -

Most games I play nowadays become Podcast Games, whether they want to or no.

#25 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5535 posts) -

I can't play a game with a story while listening to podcasts, so SWTOR doesn't work for me.

It might work for you though.

I just wish more people played SWTOR doe

#26 Posted by Brodehouse (10800 posts) -

I want to listen to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, a Western Civilization 101 course from some college, the Bombcast, Cheap Heat and sometimes just music I'm exploring while doing something with my hands. Saints Row and Assassin's Creed and other open world Collect Shit games are great for occupying my hands while I think about the information I'm listening to. Lately I've been grinding through achievements on Abyss Odyssey (which everyone should play because I'm basically Abyss Odyssey's PR street team at this point), grinding through Final Fantasy 8 and screwing around with Nidhogg. Nidhogg is an excellent Thing To Do With Your Hands.

I can't play a game with a story while listening to podcasts, so SWTOR doesn't work for me.

It might work for you though.

I just wish more people played SWTOR doe

When I played SWTOR, after the first 20 hours or so, I muted the music and would play whatever. If I was listening to a podcast, I would pause it during dialogue.

#27 Posted by Fushichou187 (139 posts) -

As someone that primarily only plays on console, the games that I have been playing recently while listening to podcasts-- both things like the Bombcast as well as news, etc..-- are:

Rouge Legacy (PS4)

Don't Starve (PS4)

Transistor (PS4)

Tomb Raider (PS3) Multiplayer, solo XP grinding because I want that platinum and the MP is dead as ****.

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The Disgaea series is pretty good. Right now I'm playing the Vita version of 4.

#29 Posted by Shindig (1994 posts) -

Trials, Pro Evo, erm... Fable 2 might fit into this.

#30 Posted by nonekjr (79 posts) -

For me, team fortress 2.

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It's not for everyone, but it's my podcast/music/GB videos game.

Spelunky. I can play that game without paying 100 percent attention.

edit: I also tend to play podcast games on mute. I tried Luftrausers but I kinda need sound.

#32 Posted by MasterBrief (293 posts) -

Should've put for ps3. I do have Diablo 3 that is a great one, I think once I beat it I'll use that. Like the hear all the voice acting first. Its kind of a weird OCD thing. Also got Hearthstone and barely played it and Magic as well. Think I'll give Hearthstone some more love. Need to get Rouge Legacy too and Binding of Isaac on ps3 since my pc version runs like ass.Thanks guys!

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I do this all the time with Dan Carlin's Hardcore History while trying to 100% Forza 4.

#34 Posted by bartok (2710 posts) -

Pokemon is the gold standard for listening to podcast.

I also like to play quite a few casual games like Picross, Crashmo/Pushmo, Uno, and any Popcap game.

#35 Posted by davidkeithjones (8 posts) -

Any game that doesn't require narrative. So every FPS ever made, every Civ game.


#36 Posted by bigmess (382 posts) -

I mostly listen to the bombast in my car, so forza horizon was my podcast game for awhile.

With the cockpit view it's like I'm driving and listening to the cast through the aux port in my car!

Also euro truck sim 2 is great for the same reason.

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I've been playing Dragon's Crown. It's perfect for it.

#38 Posted by Eaxis (1044 posts) -

I had the best time listening to talkradar whilst playing Just Cause 2!

#39 Posted by Random45 (1519 posts) -

So I just got Super Puzzle Platformer from the Humble Bundle, and it's a fantastic podcast game. Very simple gameplay, but it has a lot of characters and it gets pretty intense later on.

inding of Issac and Just Cause 2 are both good games as well.

#40 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

I used to grind in Runescape, tab over to peggle to take a shot then pick up my PSP to start a fight in FF7 before cycling back to check on runescape. I'd be playing 3 games and most of my attention was on the podcast.

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Sports games are the best podcast games. Played countless games of NBA 2K while listening to podcasts.

#42 Posted by PerfidiousSinn (845 posts) -

State of Decay, usually the Breakdown DLC because it's endless.

I sit in training mode for fighting games (usually Injustice or Street Fighter X Tekken) while listening to podcasts.

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I must be weird, because I can't play games while listening to a podcast. I mean, I can, but then I totally end up focused on the game and miss everything they said on the podcast. So for maximum podcast enjoyment, I try to listen to them while driving.

#44 Posted by amp_1986 (246 posts) -

I don't really have any specific go to games but I usually like to try to get the platinum trophy when I play a game so I often listen to a lot of podcasts when I finishing up some of the more repetitive/mindless trophies. For instance I just platinumed Watch Dogs and was listening to podcasts while doing most of the fixer missions, criminal convoys, gang hideouts, and online stuff.

#45 Posted by Yesiamaduck (1532 posts) -

@slowbird said:

I must be weird, because I can't play games while listening to a podcast. I mean, I can, but then I totally end up focused on the game and miss everything they said on the podcast. So for maximum podcast enjoyment, I try to listen to them while driving.

The trick is to play something you know well enough that you can auto-pilot in, in the same way you go into auto-pilot when u drive.

#46 Posted by anbilow (186 posts) -

Definitely Dynasty Warriors. Also, pretty much any multiplayer shooter and WoW.

#47 Posted by BradBrains (1686 posts) -

@brodehouse: loved podcasts and audiobook for saints row 4 orb hunting

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Diablo 3, League of Legends, Rogue Legacy, FTL, Binding of Isaac, Hearthstone, Forza..

Basically any multiplayer game, sports game, racing game or rogue-like after the first couple runs.

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#50 Posted by paradigm87 (39 posts) -

Hearthstone, Diablo, Path of Exile, and League of Legends (when I'm running solo queue) are some of my current ones. They've also been great in Hearthstone when I've been trying over and over to beat some of the Heroic challenges in Naxxramas.