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Poll: GotG Round 2: Red Dead Redemption vs. XCOM: Enemy Unknown (762 votes)

Red Dead Redemption 60%
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 40%

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If we were doing a sub-battle to decide which game has the best standalone DLC then these two would be strong contenders.

Red Dead Redemption (2010)

It's like the original box art but with a twist!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

Also like the original box art but with an orange twist!

Voting closes at midnight GMT / 4pm PST.

#51 Edited by CornBREDX (6256 posts) -

These are both great games so it's a tough one. I'm gonna go with RDR because I am the only fan of it's predecessor, Red Dead Revolver, and so the sequel should technically not exist. It's surreal it ever even came out and because there was no fans to care except me it has nothing to do with it's predecessor. The only remaining thing is the spaghetti western tone of the whole thing. RDR improved revolver in every possible way, basically making grand theft horse. If only Rockstar made a PC version. Fuck, I hate how Rockstar considers PC an after thought these days.

XCom enemy unknown was in development secretly while 2k was (weirdly in retrospect) hyping the shit out of the first person shooter XCom game that no one wanted. It did look kind of interesting, and I personally would like to see some kind of 60s gman FPS at some point. I don't think XCom really needed to be that, though. I'm not sure what they were thinking- I don't think they are sure what they were thinking either because that game was scrapped and started over so many times what it came out as is apparently incredibly generic and not at all what they were hyping. That's a shame. In concept a 3rd or first person XCom inspired shooter could be interesting. It's unfortunate it seems no one knows what they wanted to do with that, and the loud whiney fans made sure no one cared.

Anyway, enemy unknown was a great game. It even managed to get all but the most deranged of fans to accept it as a modern take on the whole thing and it did so fairly successfully. It's pretty fun to play, too.

That being said I don't think either of these are the best game of the entire generation but they're both up there. Like top 20.

#52 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7198 posts) -

My vote goes to XCOM, sorry Red Dead.

#53 Posted by Ferros (223 posts) -

The first genuinely challenging one for me. I love both of these games, but Red Dead is the only Rockstar game I've ever gotten 100% in and I did the same in the expansion.

#54 Posted by Karkarov (3386 posts) -

Xcom is a good game, but it had a crap ton of bugs, an asinine camera, enemies that would spawn in melee with you, and all sorts of other crappy issues. Red Dead on the other hand is the pinnacle of it's genre with a story and presentation that rivals actual hollywood work. That and you could go snidely whiplash all up in their and tie people to tracks and watch the train physics go at it.

Easy choice if you ask me. Red Dead.

#55 Posted by Broomhitches (169 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption. I can K.O. horses, which is pretty goddamned awesome.

#56 Posted by Danteveli (1217 posts) -

XCOM was way better experience for me. I have felt like rdr dragged a bit.

#57 Posted by Gatehouse (739 posts) -

I knew this horrible, horrible decision was coming. I love both of these games, for totally different reasons. But for making me enjoy a genre that I never thought I would, I have to give my vote to XCOM. There’s little that compared to that moment when you pull of a mission by the skin of your teeth. Sorry Read Dead, you're my favourite Rockstar game and I don't really mind if you win either.

#58 Posted by LackingSaint (1872 posts) -

Guys, but XCOM though! XCOM!

#59 Posted by charlie_victor_bravo (1055 posts) -

As a person who really likes western as theme, I have to say XCOM.

#60 Posted by SarcasticMudcrab (216 posts) -

I found red dead really boring, I mean it had a great story that was well delivered, but generally the missions and the amount of time spent riding the crappy horse mechanics just didn't do it for me. Gave up after a third attempt to enjoy it. Xcom is up there as one of the all time greats. Easy vote for me this one.

#61 Posted by hermes (1641 posts) -

I can't blame people for going for RDR, but I voted for XCOM. The campaign of RDR was artificially lengthed, which I did not appreciate...

#62 Posted by Claude (16255 posts) -

I have XCOM. I don't like it so good. RDR was the shit. RDR all the way, baby.

#63 Edited by ProfessorEss (7540 posts) -

I am the only fan of it's predecessor, Red Dead Revolver

You're not alone.

#64 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6101 posts) -

I voted for Xcom, but either is an awesome choice.

#65 Posted by DrxLecter (122 posts) -

Really surprised at all the love for RDR. For me it was a mediocre, and rather empty, open world game. While it looked pretty and marsden was a great character, I didn't really feel like there was all that special about it.

#66 Posted by Vanick (332 posts) -

I like X-com but Red Dead Redemption is one of my favorite games ever.

#67 Posted by thefeta (40 posts) -

Never got into RDR. It wasn't a bad game by any stretch just didn't do it for me. XCOM got my vote I love everything about that game.

#68 Edited by GaspoweR (3711 posts) -


This is like Cl0ckwork vs Combofiend. 0_o

#69 Posted by bushpusherr (873 posts) -

I'm didn't have near as strong a reaction to RDR as a lot of people seem to, and I fucking love XCOM.

#70 Posted by Veektarius (5069 posts) -

I never enjoyed X-Com as much as many others. The gameplay was just too monotone.

#71 Posted by dr_mantas (2143 posts) -

DAMMIT. XCOM was brilliant.

#72 Edited by swimbuff (37 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption is probably the game of the generation for me, so it gets my vote. What an incredible ending to that game. A shame these two met so early though because I sure do love me some X-COM.

#73 Posted by Trilogy (2700 posts) -

The real best game of 2010 gets my vote here. Red dead redemption might be in my top 3 of the generation.

#74 Posted by spilledmilkfactory (1907 posts) -

For me personally, Red Dead was one of the most boring games I've played this generation. Aside from the excellent ending, that is. XCOM gets my vote

#75 Posted by mracoon (4990 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption rides victorious into the sunset with 60% of the vote and 742 votes cast.