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Or to be more fair to the emotionally withdrawn, which game did you feel the tightest attachment to your character? I've never had a game make me cry but I got pretty choked up at the end of Halo 3 when you see the 117 scratched into the memorial. The Chief and I were old friends. The end of of Red Dead also got me a bit. So here's to the memory of James Marsden and Spartan 117!

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Some games have managed to elicit stronger than usual emotional connections out of me (Final Fantasy VI, Katawa Shoujo, Fragile Dreams, etc.), but never once have I actually cried because of a game.

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The Mass Effect 3 ending...

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Yes, several scenes in MGS4 can bring forth tears, which is wonderful since it's a really unusual feeling.

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No. Games still aren't human enough to elicit an emotional response from me. I can only feel that way with actual human beings portraying real emotions.

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Lost Odyssey - None of the stories but that one scene, you know what it is.

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Never cried, but have been made pretty damn sad by a handful of games. As absurd as it is Gears 3 was the closest I have ever come to doing so.

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@GunstarRed: the dom thing?

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The end of Metal Gear Solid 3 squeezed a few manly tears out of me when it first came out. I remember the message boards back then, I was FAR from the only one to be moved by the swelling music and revelations about The Boss. Spoilers if you click:

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Yes. A tear in my eyes, not waterfall crying though. I can be moved by both movies and video games.

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Grim Fandango has been the closest, I think

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I have never cried but I have had strong emotional responses to ME3, one of the endings of DA:O because Leliana looked so sad and FFX.

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No. Yes, I've felt for characters. No, never cried. Why must true art make one cry?

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I cried so hard. Seriously.

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I've never cried but I do feel a very strong emotional response to a lot of stuff from the Mass Effect series.

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Kinda got upset in Gears of war 3 with dom. 

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Journey ending

MGS4 Raiden part of ending

Unreal 2 ending (really underrated)

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I welled up something fierce at the end of Little King's Story.

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Yes, I think Mass Effect has made me cry at some point. It's a bit tougher for games as they tend to feel as scripted as they are but some voice actors are pretty good at carrying what is generally a tremendous burden so a few games have probably made me cry. For me it just takes good acting (good animation helps too, but not always necessary), and the right use of music.

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Kingdom Heart 1 and 2.

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@GalacticPunt said:

The end of Metal Gear Solid 3 squeezed a few manly tears out of me when it first came out. I remember the message boards back then, I was FAR from the only one to be moved by the swelling music and revelations about The Boss. Spoilers if you click:

Yes! The moment where you had to literally press the trigger pulled some tears from me. (Hopefully that's spoiler-free enough.) And even now 'Way to Fall' by Starsailor makes me sad.

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I had never cried until Mass Effect 3. Still haven't finished the game, but when FemShep joined Kolyat in prayer, man… that did it for me. Jennifer Hale is the best in the business, period.

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@Grissefar said:

Yes, several scenes in MGS4 can bring forth tears, which is wonderful since it's a really unusual feeling.


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Journey had me tearing up a bit when I was going over its ending in my head much later. However, that didn't happen in-game. I have a theory that even very emotional developments, the type where in movies we'd be crying like babies, don't create the same response when you're holding a controller. It just doesn't seem to me that there's time to reflect and feel sad about a situation when you have agency.

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No tears, but Bastion moved me more than I thought was possible.

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Mortal Kombat when I got 10 wins in a row on online ranked multiplayer (which for me was a feat cause i'm a pretty average kombatant) and the achievement didn't unlock... fought one more fight to see if it would work then and lost. I cried tears man, TEARS!

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@MysteriousBob: Thats not very community minded.

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Very recently actually, Journey and Mass Effect 3. And I don't mean either of those ironically, I got caught up in the mood and experience very thoroughly and was slightly overwhelmed by it both times. Not bawling or anything, just welling up and shedding the odd tear. Still, new ground has been broken this year for game narratives.

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I cam close to crying during Journey and at the end of the Mass Effect 2 dlc Overlord.

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The ending of Snake Eater was certainly emotionally charged for me.

Shadow of the Colossus was responsible for some tears towards the end. And certain points in Silent Hill 2. Especially that long corridor...

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I haven't outright cried due to a game, but I have teared up quite severe from several games. The best example would probably be Bastion. The music paired with some of the things that happen in that game... I am still awed about how perfect they managed to make some of that, even without fancy realistic facial expressions and all that.

@MysteriousBob: I feel sorry for you if you don't have the ability to feel emotional due to fictional stories, but there is no need to take that out on us who have the capacity for that.

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Some stuff in Mass Effect 3 came close. I'm not done the game yet but a couple things I have seen tugged on my heart strings.

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Not tears, but Mordin's final scenes in Mass Effect 3 was pretty emotional. He was one of my fav characters in ME2 and I went through every conversation with him in 3. And when he turned around in the elevator closes his eyes and gives a little smile and says,"Would have liked to run tests on the seashells." That got me. It was only a couple hours earlier where we had the conversation about what he would do after the war and talked about the seashells.

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The end of HL2:E2 got me welling up a bit. The affection I had for the characters and the outstanding voice performance combined was something very good.

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I don't think I have broken out into tears, but I get really choked up sometimes. Katawa Shoujo has made me do it multiple times, and Journey got me towards the end, Lost Odyssey with those damn dreams, and those are just off the top of my head.

I have been coming to realize lately that I am a bit of a softy.....

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The Half-Life 2: EP2 ending was very emotional so I probably cried a tad. Also Dreamfall: The Longest Journey definitely made me cry at the really need to continue that series...

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Plenty of times. Metal Gear Solid 3's ending though... that was ravaged me.

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@MysteriousBob: Teach me to be like you. I would like to start enjoying life as little as possible.

Never cried, no, though some games have managed to make more feel more emotion than usual. The final dungeon of Nier is a great example.

It all just piles up with those dudes staying back to die to the boar, killing your 2 friends from the village, watching Emil slowly float backwards to his doom... When Weiss disappeared and was talking all like "yeah, I'm dead" it was just like "Oh come the fuck on! T_T"

Weird, I can't think of any more examples right now, but I know it happens.

On a slightly off-topic note, One Piece is still the saddest piece of fiction I've ever consumed and probably will be for a long long time.

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FFX the ending...cried like baby.

Gears 3 brought a tear to my eye.

There's probably more but i cant think of any others

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Red Dead came the closest, though I felt more vengeful than teary eyed.

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Just you wait.

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I've been known to shed a tear, although not necessarily bawl at emotionally powerful points in games. While some found Dom's death in Gears 3 to be hokey, I was pretty moved by it. Playing Mad World over it and how I was feeling at the time contributed to it. Sitting there, running low on ammo, thinking 'Jesus, when the fuck are they going to stop coming?' Cue scene.

MGS3 had several scenes, though I can't quite recall any as it's been years since I've played it.

Final Fantasy X, once upon a time, elicited pretty strong emotion, though that was due more to some of the core themes of the game and personal issues.

Silent Hill 2. I remember some major story beats hit me hard in that game.

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not that I can remember.

the closest I've come to crying over a video game would probably be: during Lost Odyssey's text sequence thingys that I forget what they're called, at what happens to April Ryan, and at the end of Planescape: Torment.

oh yeah, what happened to John Marston comes pretty close too, I guess.

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Red Dead Redemption's ending was pretty emotional. The final 1/3 of that game was fucking awesome in terms of storytelling.

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Apparently I'm not the only one who cried over the MGS3 ending. Man... It's just so... good... I mean the entire cutscene with the monologue made me almost cry. But when "Way To Fall" by Starsailor started playing, it just... Man...

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Crisis Core made me come close to it....  And that was the first Final Fantasy game Ive ever played in my life

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Half Life 2: Episode 2 gave me a very strong emotional reaction, and so did Braid.

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@weegieanawrench said:

Sure, some games and movies can make me misty eyed. From recent memory, Thane's death scene made me tear up.

Nice spoiler tagging there... It's Mass Effect 3 for anyone about to highlight that...

OT: I don't think a game actually has but some good books and movies have.