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I remember fallen asleep while playing Soul Reaver 2 along time ago. That game started off with long cut scenes that I couldn't skip. Before I knew it I slowly passed out. I Woke up the next day just to have my brother laughing at me.

He said I was playing the game while I was sleeping. He even video recorded me with the camera while I was sleep. I watched the vid and I scared the hell out of myself. I was taping random bottoms I looked possessed it freaked me out. I called my brother an asshole for recording me.

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Yes. I actually just did. I was playing minecraft and it was about to become night so I went to bed. Okay but seriously no I haven't. I go to bed when I become tired.

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Only once. Dear Esther.

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Phantasy Star Universe.
I woke up still mashing A.

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All the time haha. Most recently I feel asleep a few weeks ago playing Kingdom Hearts.

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Other games I have fallen asleep on is MGS4 and Fist Of The North Star.

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only MMOs

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WoW many times I woke up at the log in screen.

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I fell asleep (feel asleep, really) during the ending cutscene in Metal Gear Solid 4. I started getting drowsy when Snake was talking to a tombstone and when I woke up there was an old man in an eyepatch murdering an old man in a wheelchair.

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I've fallen asleep to Quick looks about 5 times lol

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Nope. Never fallen asleep watching tv or a movie either. When I'm that tired it's pretty easy to just go to bed.

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I have fallen asleep waiting for patches to download... Battlefield 3 for example!

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Final Fantasy III/VI all-nighter back when it first released.

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@laserbolts said:

WoW many times I woke up at the log in screen.

yup. when i played WoW and ended up doing those raids that went on way too long. "ok guys, 10 minute break, then we'll beat the last cvouple bosses!" passed right out.

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All the time, I play when I get home from work and it's like around midnight, so I'll just pass out in front of a game for an hour, wake up then go to bed.

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I don't remember but usually I find myself almost sleeping when I am playing in my 3DS on my bed at night, in that case i put my 3DS on the table and sleep fast :)

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For me when I played Soul Reaver 2. I didn't feel tired but watching the cutscenes made me tired. Sense there was no action for to long. My body just shut down it gave up.

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@laserbolts said:

WoW many times I woke up at the log in screen.

Same here except i usually got woken up by the vent guys screaming at me why they are getting aggro.

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Guitar Hero 3, Rock And Roll All Night by Kiss, but I'd just come back from the hospital having had surgery and I had so much goddamn morphine in my system anything would have put me to sleep.

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That usually happens to me while playing on my Vita on the train ride home. Work is tiresome, and the Vita is further exhausting my eyes.

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Back in my day when LAN parties were something people did, we had a name for it: keyboard face. Nothing like waking up with the ol' MS Natural imprinted on your cheek.

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Halo 2, playing coop with a friend. Sooo boooooring.

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I never actually fell asleep, but I certainly closed my eyes for a while without noticing because I'm tired. Mostly in racing games. I don't know why, but I can't play those if I'm sleepy. I end up crashing everywhere because I'm nodding off.

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I have no idea.

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MGS4 pissed me off all the time thanks to the cutscenes. Most of the time I woke up to a level, and I have no idea how I got there.

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@NoobSauceG7 said:

All the time haha. Most recently I feel asleep a few weeks ago playing Kingdom Hearts.

^And I thought I was the only one. Also, not my only game that I've fallen asleep while playing.

Adding to the list would be games like Final Fantasy 13, Lego Harry Potter, Majin the Forsaken Kingdom, etc. There's quite a bit to the list to be honest.

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No. I've also never fallen asleep while watching a movie. (come close once or twice though) Never fallen asleep while reading a book. I have fallen asleep while watching tv, but that's because sometimes I like to put the tv on to drown out my thoughts, which sometimes keep me awake. I've never fallen asleep watching a show I like. I have fallen asleep while listening to podcasts, though. Fell asleep once in class.

I snore, pretty loudly from what I've been told, and I'm very self conscious about that for some reason, so I tend not to fall asleep unless I'm going to bed.

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I've often fallen asleep whilst playing WoW. Friend and I stayed up all night doing dungeons with these other two guys we met, they were so forgiving of our sheer laziness. It was about 3am and we even went to get some chicken and they waited for us to come back before finishing the dungeon. I miss those guys :(

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Fallen asleep playing WoW several time.

Most recently it was Diablo 3 late at night. "I'll just put my head down for a se c o n ......ZZZzzzzzz" I was playing with a buddy too and when I woke, I scrolled through the amusing chat messages he left me after he realized I had fallen asleep at the wheel.

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You never want to fall asleep while playing a online match.

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I have a friend who falls asleep playing games every night. At first it was very irritating while playing CoD or Borderlands, but now it's easy to recognize when my teammate starts staring at the ground walking slowly forward that it's time to say goodnight to this person.

I don't really understand it myself. I'm one of those types who could stay awake until I die of exhaustion if I have something that occupies my mind, so I have to force myself to stop playing at some point.

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I still constantly fall asleep while playing the Phoenix Wright games in bed. Not because they're boring, but because any form of sound and shapes will send me to sleep if I'm in bed. Can't sleep otherwise.

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Going through a dungeon in Persona 3 is the only time I can remember. I did fall asleep during TNT yesterday, though.

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Yeah. It's usually from waking up early from work or staying up really late from playing the game. Happen to me few times already...lol

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thats what movies are for

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Yes, Red Faction 2. I was just extremely tired. It was at the part when you're flying the airship through the city, and I kind of dozed off.

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As I kid I once woke up, ate some breakfast and returned to my bed only to find my gameboy on, with me being in the middle of a battle with a Zubat. Only then did I remember that I was playing Pokemon the night before.

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Yes while playing 999 on the DS not because it was boring but because I was already in bed ... that game is great BTW I got the shitiest ending (at least I think haven't seen the others) but I still loved it.

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I fell asleep playing FF7 once. I was grinding somewhere late at night and when I woke up it was morning, my controller was on the floor and Cloud was standing in a field.

Also Skyrim.

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yeah. but never because of the game it was because i was tired and it was late at night.

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@SockemJetpack said:

I fell asleep playing FF7 once. I was grinding somewhere late at night and when I woke up it was morning, my controller was on the floor and Cloud was standing in a field.

Also Skyrim.

I came close to fallen asleep on skyrim. I kept trying to figure out how to go up on this mountain. End up going around in circles almost passed out.

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In Oblivion once I fell asleep riding my horse. Woke back up and I apparently ran the horse off a cliff.... poor horse. ;(

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i have fallen a sleep during one of your threads also though

the one about what the most expensive thing people bought' was. i was half way through typing my post when my face smacked against my desk as i lost consciousness

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Late night endurance races in Gran Turismo 3. Nothing since then, but it's pretty hard to fall asleep during a PC game.

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fallen asleep playing binding of isaac and kingdom of amalur: Reckoning. started happen some weeks ago. probably gonna fall asleep during any game.

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I once fell asleep mid-gameplay playing the demo of 2008 Turok. I think I was in a safe area, so I was luckily still alive when I woke up

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By the time I end up playing anything, it's usually when I should be going to bed.

So, like every night. I'm fast becoming an expert of sleeping upright with a controller in my hand.

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I wish I had the ability to just fall asleep like that. Falling asleep for me takes a great deal of conscious effort. If I have any sort of stimulation I'll stay awake, so if I'm playing a game and don't stop I could end up playing all night long, regardless of how tired I am.

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i once fell asleep masturbating naked on my bed and when i woke i found hot cup of coffee a cheese and onion cob on the table next to my bed