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i dunno, i think it's okay, but i have to say each time i put it in i play for an hour i'm kind of well...bored? it seems kind of drab to me even though i love batman, i'm kind of dissapointed, perhaps i had too high hopes. and with all that's coming, stuff like Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed 2 , modern warfare 2 and alpha protocol, once one of these hits the shelves i wont care for batman at all i'm afraid.
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you must not like Gargoyles...

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Get out

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I was not impressed with it so I didn't buy it.
That's generally what you should do if you are not into a game, you know, not buy it.

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@Pie said:
" Get out "
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I thought it was cool, though I didn't have really high hopes.  I feel confused like Ryan...why did everyone have such high hopes anyway?
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the games probably awesome, but i cant stand to look at batman anymore. He is like the new spiderman.

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After playing the demo and seeing how cool some of the bosses look I got a little interested...  but not enough to spend 60 bucks on it.  But the game did seem cool, i'll get it when it comes down in price.  But yea sorry for your lose of 60 bucks.

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I was fairly bored with it. I can only swing from so many gargoyles and crawl through so many vents.

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Looking at videos kind of made me just go meh for it. Batman is huge and walks incredibly stiffly but after the demo I'm planning on get it

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I'm borrowing the game from a friend. The game is very polished but also very linear. I can see it getting old quick.  You should research your games before buying. Don't rely on internet hype.

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@Cynical_Gamer said:
" I'm borrowing the game from a friend. The game is very polished but also very linear. I can see it getting old quick.  You should research your games before buying. Don't rely on internet hype. "
Have you got out onto the island yet?
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I think Arkham Asylum is great, coming from someone who bought it on a whim without really knowing what to expect (didn't even try the demo). Even if your expectations were pretty high though I don't really see any particular areas where it would disappoint. Maybe you're just sick of Batman which would be a pretty good, just about the only, reason to skip the game. They really did the license justice and the replayability complaints are really overblown.

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@EvangelBlue said:
" @Pie said:
" Get out "
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@Pie said:
" Get out "
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@Pie: Yep. I'm there now.
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@Pie said:
" Get out "
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I'm a big Batman fan, so I like it a fair bit. But I wouldn't go out and try to convince anyone that it's the deepest game around.

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It's against Resident Evil 5 in my book for Game of the year. I'm a big Batman fan and this game makes you F-in feel like Batman. I went in thinking they'd bone Batman...again. I picked it up on a friends recommendation going in wanting to hate it. Then the game just blew me away. The voice acting sucked me in and I couldn't  stop. If you don't like this game, then you don't like what Batman is. Not liking Batman is fine, but don't down a game because it is exactly what it was meant to be. Besides, it's only entertainment.

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I'll buy it, maybe when it's down to £25-£30.

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I love it. If you don't like Batman at all, I would think there is still something to enjoy but, oh well, to each his own.

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Not everyone likes chocolate ice cream, I suppose.  
I'm totally enjoying it. And I had lukewarm expectations after having played the demo. The challenge rooms alone are worth the price of admission for me.  
It is, as one review states, a "Batman Simulator". And it is glorious.
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Maybe you just don't get off on role-playing Batman as much as most others? Though, I got tired of vents, and the croc level pretty quickly. 
The game is very solid. I think that's the most amazing part of it, to be honest. But I didn't mind one bit dropping $40 on it.

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I didn't expect much before it came out. I thought it would be a major dissapointment. But after it got some great reviews I decided to rent it. It's an awesome game. Tons of fun while it lasted, but I'm glad I didn't buy it because it's not the kind of game I'd want to play through more than once and the challenges don't have lasting appeal to me.

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Well it's AAA on gamerankings, that voids your arguement that it's not good enough.

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I understand.  You mentioned Uncharted 2, and I can't seem to understand why anybody cares about that game so... I know where you're coming from.  You don't have to like everything that's popular.

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Dude, it has gargoyles.

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It does look good, but after trying the demo and watching the vids, I just dont see how people are thinking its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Also, some of us are on a budget, and there are better games out over the following few months.

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I've only played the demo as well but I wasn't that impressed. I mean, it's alright but I can see it getting stale. When I saw the combat first I thought of the Watchmen game so that maybe put me off.

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I had really low expectations, and was so bored with the demo that I didn't even finish it.  But I bought the game anyway after the barrage of good reviews. 
One long weekend later, it is my favorite game of 09 thus far.  It really is that good.  Sometimes it's all about expectations. 

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ok first you can't judge or give an educated opinion on the game if you have only seen videos of it or played the demo. 
secondly i played the entire game and i definitely think it is GOTY material

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I didn't like the demo, so I didn't buy the game, even though so many websites are saying it's amaaazing... it really doesn't seem that amazing when put up against games coming later this year and early 2010; it seems like they made a brawler with some minor stealth and puzzle elements, all at a very slow pace, and the only thing I got out of it was some good slow-mo knockouts.

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 @DOUBLESHOCK:  yes but as i was playing the game, i thought it was much better then the sum of its  parts

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I love me some Batman: AA.

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I'm with you. It says "Meh" to me. 

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get out

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@Pie said:
" Get out "
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i can somewhat see how people dont care for it, but i really liked it. it has a mix of bioshock's look, metroid's exploration, and AC's combat...

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@GaLaXypwn3r said:
"  @DOUBLESHOCK:  yes but as i was playing the game, i thought it was much better then the sum of its  parts "
That's what annoys me soo much!
I could have picked it up on sale for $45 when it first came out (reviews weren't really out yet and likewise the demo didn't impress me), but now-a-days its about $70 =( oh how I regret that decsion to wait.
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then whats it like being completely joyless

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I grew out of the batman fascination. 
So though the game seems really cool, and the demo really gives a gotham vibe... i don't really feel like playing it. 
Batman is too ordinary for me.

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I really liked it, some of it is kind of grating though.

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It's not that I wasn't impressed, but I don't have time to get into it, because of all the big releases on the horizon. And I'm SLOW as fuck at beating games, and I got like 6 to beat coming up.   I'll wait till it's about 30$ at a used games store.

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I reside in and am from Belgium, and you can't rent games here. Furthermore, nobody i know plays games, or better, nobody i know plays games i play (sad i know), so i bought batman, and don't get me wrong, i think it's a decent game, and it couldn't be more batman when it comes to his ingenious abilities, but what i look for in a game is momentum and it didn't have that at all to me, yeah 9 times out of ten when i am intruiged even a little by a game, i check what giant bomb has to say about it, and so far reviews were in perfect synch with how i thought i would enjoy it. This way i bought dead space, and that's one of my fav games ever now, it's how i bought farcry 2 and killzone 2 (having never heard of killzone before , yes i know weird but true) and alot of psn games, and i was well guided to enjoyment, had brilliant, addictive gaming moments thanks to this site, but this time with batman you know GB was always a good reference to me so i went for it , i'm not blaming GB in anyway though :p.  
for years, the best action movie ever, to me, was Terminator 2, groundbreaking visually and a strong theme, this has changed ever since i saw the Dark Knight, for the very reason that the action in that film is in fact, the least entertaining thing, overcast by its strong sence of place, its themes and moral dilemmas, dialogues, sets and everything else is just that strong, all of these things however, are at the core of the batman character and the world he resides in, but they took it to this whole new place, and fleshed it out to perfection. i've seen it 7 times, and i dunno maybe that's one of the reasons (subconciously at first) that i didn't get into Arkham Asylum. to explain what i mean, this is just another iteration on well known batman from the Comics, a world which i am not a part of. I have many good things to say about the game regardless, i think the voice acting for the joker is really good, batman's moves and gadgets, the fighting system, the gargoyles, all that stuff is great. i just don't like the way the game evolves, you do these little things that end way too quickly, and you move on to the next, and some would call it stealth, and i guess it is, but as a big MGS fan i just can't help but compare. In all i think the game caught me at a bad time, i would have enjoyed alot as a kid i think, not that i'm calling you guys kids or anything, dont get me wrong, i'm just saying you know, i just read these words from user Jeust "i grew out of the batman fascination", well i think i got sucked in by the batman fascination , one that took everything to a deeper level, and now i feel silly, for thinking that that could ever be translated into a game, even though i realise Arkham Asylum has no affiliation with Chris Nolan's film, or his take on batman. 
i was also unimpressed by its graphics and especially its textures. you feel like you're moving through a drab and wet painting. maybe i just don't like arkham asylum as the main location for a batman game, maybe it's just that? the place is confined i dunno, it seems contrived for the sole purpose of making batman stealthy, i'll stop now. 

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I'm really getting tired of crawling through vents and not being able to grapple areas where you know you can grapple but the developers decided not to let you.

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yeah - yawn, moving on ...

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I enjoyed the game very much so. What I do not like is the DLC they are pushing. Challenge maps don't impress me. I was kind of hoping for some more story but I can't be greedy. It was worth the price and the time.

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i didnt play it yeeeeeeeeeet :(   PC...

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I liked the game a lot, a well deserved 5 stars.