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#51 Posted by CounterShock (420 posts) -

Anytime i've heard him speak he comes of as a someone trying too hard to have opposite opinions to bait people into getting mad. Or maybe he just has weird taste in games and is ostracized for it. I'm leaning closer to the former though.

#52 Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie (1225 posts) -

Not a fan. He's just a guy with a shtick. Yahtzee does the whole know it all prick thing much better and less annoyingly.

#53 Posted by Hzaife (160 posts) -

Once u get past his ramblings his arguments are very thoughtful.

#54 Posted by Jimbo (9862 posts) -

She's pretty much the worst. lol I said she.

#55 Posted by Rhaknar (5939 posts) -

wouldnt he be a professional troll, since he gets paid to do it?

#56 Posted by BraveToaster (12589 posts) -

Well, he is right about Final Fantasy.

#57 Posted by pornstorestiffi (4934 posts) -

Never read his stuff or visit Destructoid, so i have no personal grudge against him. But i do enjoy when people take his opinions way too much to heart.

#58 Edited by Questionable (619 posts) -

Jim sterling is teh pageview mastah

Needs more 3 sentence articles, that force you to "hit the jump"

#59 Posted by JoeyRavn (4991 posts) -

@wickedsc3 said:

@JoeyRavn said:

@Mordukai said:

A witty unprofessional troll.

He gets paid to do it, so I guess we can safely call him a "professional".

Just because you get paid for something doesn't mean your a professional.

Yes he is very unprofessional, take the whole thing that happened with the Gears 3 review he did. He played the game and wrote the review in 1 day just so he could get it out when the embargo lifted. After reading that I decided his reviews are not credible at all nor is he professional. Then when his review gets a bunch of hate he writes a big long article trying to defend himself. He knew that his review caused a bunch of talk and so he tried to capitalize on it by keeping people talking and hitting the site about it.

I clearly meant "professional" in the sense of "he does this for a living, not as a hobby", not in the sense of "he adheres to the moral and quality standards his job requires".

#60 Posted by zichster (27 posts) -

I stopped going to Destructoid months ago because of him. It seems like a lot of others did too.

PS 1st post! :D

#61 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

He's not witty and he's a really poor troll, so neither.

#62 Posted by DonutFever (3553 posts) -

I like him.

#63 Posted by MrMatey72 (85 posts) -

@benpicko said:

@Evil_Alaska said:

People take video games way too fucking seriously. I'm glad Sterling doesn't.

#64 Posted by amomjc (977 posts) -

@Mordukai said:

A witty unprofessional troll.

#65 Posted by Strawb (31 posts) -

A bit of both. Minus the witty part. He isn't witty or funny, so I stopped reading. I've never understood the people that keep on reading and getting mad when he clearly enjoys baiting them, but getting mad on the internet is a valid pastime for many, I suppose.

#66 Posted by Belmont_Shadow (174 posts) -

@HandsomeDead said:

He's not witty and he's a really poor troll, so neither.

he's not a poor troll if he gets this much attention.

#67 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

@Belmont_Shadow said:

@HandsomeDead said:

He's not witty and he's a really poor troll, so neither.

he's not a poor troll if he gets this much attention.

The people who fall for it are just really easy to troll.

#68 Posted by TehBuLL (613 posts) -

Eh I like him. He says funny things and occasionally talks about video games so kind of what I read/listen to.

#69 Posted by FritzDude (2265 posts) -

To me he's a witty game journalist with unprofessional troll tendencies.

#70 Posted by Stete (748 posts) -

I think he's pretty damn good when he's not pretending to shove action figures up his arse. Admittetly that happened only once but that's once too many.

#71 Posted by Godak (166 posts) -

I think he's a man paid to do a very specific job.

#72 Posted by Vonocourt (2139 posts) -

He's a loud-mouth writer too clever by half. More often than not his articles come off as nothing more than attempts to get a rise out of people. That's whatever, as you read a few and you quickly recognize his game, but it's the article where he tries to play a sympathy card that really annoy me.

Take his recent one about Shadow of the Colossus. Oh, poor Jim Sterling being ostracized for not agreeing with the general consensus.

#73 Posted by Moreau_MD (402 posts) -

@MrMatey72 said:

@benpicko said:

@Evil_Alaska said:

People take video games way too fucking seriously. I'm glad Sterling doesn't.

This; taking games too seriously is a bit of a joke I agree. However, I would say that Jim clearly does take games and, despite what he might say, his position far, far too seriously. Case in point, the Jimquisition- he rants on constantly about issues in games which most of us wouldn't give two shits about unless actively made aware of them and he uses this as a staging point to shit out a load of pointless abuse. The whole 'V for Vendetta scene/ thank God for me' was funny for like a second- now that he's made it a permanent fixture of the show he comes across as some sort of weird cult leader- again taking himself way too seriously; he's a guy who likes to play vidjya games not the next Karl Marx. I know you could easily put it all down to him just trying to be funny, but people often use humour as a way of covering up their own arrogance and his ‘humour’ is downright sick a lot of the time- if someone said what I quoted in RL people would think he was a paedophile. My point is, is that he was once pretty great; an uncompromising games reviewer who didn't take himself, his job or others too seriously. Once he realized that some of his more extreme/weird outbursts were what generated the most hits though, he decided to sell out and become a full-time internet troll. He's essentially perpetuating the 'gamer stereotype' (i.e. an obese, pasty, 4chan obsessed, self-entitled, angry male) to make a quick buck which is wrong on so many levels. He sucks all the airtime away from the other hard working members of the site, everyone always seems to have to play second fiddle to Jim. This is a shame because I LOVE the dtoid show and its presenters.

#74 Posted by kelbear (496 posts) -

He's just a troll. Completely lacking in wit or insight. You could switch out his posts with any random 14yr old on the internet with none the wiser.

#75 Posted by KawaiiInbou (38 posts) -

I used to like the guy, but DToid and it's audience have just let him get away with far too much rehashing of the same shit over and over again. When he did his series of satire articles they were funny to begin with, but then they got kind of played out, and the community called him out on it. He stopped, so credit where it's due there. But, as I said, they've let him get away with too much since. I feel like the community went waaay downhill since the exodus of staff in the first half of 2010. On the topic of this exodus, I feel like Jim himself tried to fill in the position of 'smart guy' that Anthony Burch created amongst that staff after the guy left, but Jim just isn't capable of filling it. More often than not he comes across as though he's just trying too hard. I'm certain he does take an interest in the topics he talks and writes about, but his 'antics' completely deprive him of any credibility he might have anyway. And his attitude is horrible. I don't remember exactly when or who, but he got into a 'debate' with a HL2 mod-maker regarding whether or not he's homophobic. When he next podcasted, he completed dismissed the other guy's points with some sarcastic bullshit, and never even attempted to address them.

Anyway, rant over.

Tl;dr He's shown talent before but just squanders it now.

#76 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -

Honest to a fault. People can't comprehend honesty when it slaps them in the face.

#77 Posted by Enigma777 (6076 posts) -
@Claude You know what, I think he's a lot like me. He says what he thinks but he also goes out of his way to look like an ass while doing it.
#78 Posted by Dookysharpgun (586 posts) -

I like Jim. I always manage a chuckle when he writes an article or a review. He just acts like a human being, which is refreshing in a time when people think the word 'professional' holds the exact same meaning as robotic and opinion-less.

Jim does his job, and he openly lays the verbal smackdown on assholes who challenge him. I see no issue with that. I don't have to agree with him, but I can still love the work he does, and respect him for having balls like swinging coconuts.

#79 Posted by Vorbis (2750 posts) -

He has strong opinions and he likes to share them, if you believe that's trolling then I think that word has lost its meaning.

I don't agree with everything he says, but I can say the same for anyone in this industry. However, he can be very entertaining.

#80 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -
@Enigma777 said:
@Claude You know what, I think he's a lot like me. He says what he thinks but he also goes out of his way to look like an ass while doing it.
That's what makes it hot. When all else fails, be honest.
#81 Posted by Shadowsun (7 posts) -

He is a troll, but he's trolling people who take games too seriously, which is perfectly fine by me. Although when he's not being a total buffoon, he has sometimes has some insightful things to say regarding games, like his video against the demand for more realistic violence in games. I just think it's a bit of a shame that the Jimquisition has really been taken down a notch since he moved it over to The Escapist.

#82 Posted by Brodehouse (10066 posts) -

I wonder how metacritic takes his reviews as seriously as actual game coverage.  To know that Jim Sterling ultimately has some responsibility about whether or not you receive your bonus has got to be a miserable existence for developers.