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What would improve, want would want added to the site and what would get rid of


You don't have answer all of the questions

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I am still slightly unsure of how to earn points, but alas, I have not viewed the tutorial yet.

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I would like the layout to be a bit brighter... I don't feel like upping the brightness of my monitor every time I come here.

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dillonator said:
"I am still slightly unsure of how to earn points, but alas, I have not viewed the tutorial yet.
Upload images, add new characters, edit blurbs, there's loads of different things you can do.

I'd like the speed improved, but that will get sorted out in a couple of days. So far this site is almost perfect, it's like the gaming website I've always wanted!
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I too, have not had time to view the sacredness that is the tutorial, but I'll get around to it.

I'd improve nothing, I see nothing bad at this point

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I would like to have an easier Wiki system instead of waiting a long time to get it approved

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blizzvalve said:
"I would like to have an easier Wiki system instead of waiting a long time to get it approved"
pass the 1000 points mark u wont have to wait
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I seem to be having an unusually difficult time trying to decrypt just how to post a link up in this joint.

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I wish you could put your GamerTag in your profile. I wouldn't be surprised if that feature came soon.

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Here is an idea, how about when making threads you can tag the thread depending on its topic. For example you can tag a thread by specific console, by specific game, by topic, etc. Would help the search in the future a lot.

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Uploading videos and forum sigs.

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I would like the overview of the forums to be cleaned up.

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The forums need to be organized. By console. Also a system wars topic. Crap like that. I'm tired of posting on Gamespot, the mods there are douchebags

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The forums seem a little messy. I'd like a more conventional forum layout. Like have categories. Call me boring, but I find that layout easier to navigate. I'll probably get used to it though.
And yea, higher speeds would be sweet, but less than awesome speeds are to be expected ATM.

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make it a little more organized for editing game pages

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Just clean the forums up and I'll be happy, for example make a PS3 and 360 forum but please NO SYSTEM WARS!!

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I would add the ability to use your Gamer Tag and to create ones for Wii and PS3

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Being colorblind its very difficult for me to see the out of 5 star rating for games, i wish they would make the colors for full stars and empty ones a little different. :D

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Yeah how about some small tabs on top of the thread list, PS3, 360, Wii, etc.

But you get used to it, just add the PS3/360/Wii forums into your favorites and badabing.

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cleaned up forums - with platform specific boards

A news section - the front page is a little lacking of content

I can't find out how to edit my lists

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Make it easier to find specific forums, dammit! Also add a System Wars sub branch. What exactly are the rules for the boards?

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Faster loading of pages. The site's a little slow now.

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I'd like a free energy drink with every post and edit i make to the site. Energy drinks ftw!

But on a serious note though i guess different themes would be nice and maybe a more structured forum. As in when i click the forum button it takes me to a list of the different boards?

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People should probably focus their ideas in hte bug reporting forum (I would think it's also for improvements)

Right now, faster loading times is a priority for me.