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So here's something I thought might be a little fun for the forum. Basically how this works is that you'll see a game title suggested in the very last post and you have to say one positive thing and one negative thing about it. After that you give the title of the next game you want the person after you to comment on.

I will say while the positive and negative comments can be brief I'd prefer that people don't simply post "This game sucks" or "It's just Awesome". Just don't be vague.

Since I'm starting I'll just give and example like say a previous post said

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Then I'd simply post

+ Great fan service with call backs and homages to Generation 1

- No local multiplayer

and finally I'll give a game title that I'll want the person after me to post one negative and one positive comment about to start this ball a rolling!

Twisted Metal (PS3)

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I spent the whole Twisted Metal TNT playing with the crew and it was amazing (my only TNT experience).

But I wasn't as big on the art and music. Just didn't have the charm of that 90's Singletrac sound.

Up next:

The Simpsons Game!

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The gameplay was kinda bland, but the writing was like a really good episode of the show. Big Rigs

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Big Rigs:

+ It is a game.

- That game happens to be Big Rigs.

Master of Epic.

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-Seems pretty generic for an MMO +Seems pretty Kawaii. Chaos Wars

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Chaos Wars:

- Appalling voice acting.

+ Appalling voice acting is worth a good laugh.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

+ It is the Walking Dead!

- It is the bad Walkind Dead game.

Persona 4 Golden

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Persona 4 Golden

+ Kanji is cool.

- Rise is annoying.


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+ Looks...well, if not pretty, then at least somewhat unique from what I've seen.

- Has a very odd sense of hum...oh wait, I was actually thinking about Killer Is Dead, not Killer7. Well shit, let's just leave it to nice visuals then.

Syndicate (The FPS)

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Syndicate (FPS)

+ Is an awesome cyber-punk game, which there aren't enough of.

- Is not Syndicate.

Pokémon X/Y

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Pokémon X/Y

+ It seems to have kept the rabid fans happy

- They replaced the wonderful pixel art with polygons. Boo-urns.

Limbo of the Lost

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Limbo of the Lost

+ Been to limbo. Nice place..... I'm there right now.

-- its a point n click adventure. That's why it gets a double negative.

SUPER METROID!!!!!!!! There is no negative people. ;-)

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+ It's Super Metroid.

- Nintendo followed it up with the worst Metroid game: Other M.

Dark Souls!

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+Vinny loves it

- its a bad game

Burnout Paradise

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+ 60 frames a second and almost perfect driving control/ It still holds up remarkably well

- There's no direct sequel in the foreseeable future.

Dead Space

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+ Great atmosphere, the closest thing to a third-person SS2.

- Lots of cheap jump scares.


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- Stereotypes Mexicans

+ Mexican stereotypes


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+ It's a very well made game in all regards.

- The plot, while epic in scale, seems underdeveloped and too short.

Jak II

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+Great Platforming - Sewer Level

Record of Agarest War

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+Hot Anime Girls

-Almost Naked Underage Anime Girls

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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Return to Castle Wolfenstien

+ Satisfying FPS game play and action!

- Rather than screaming at you in German, the Nazi's scream at you in German accented English which just seems silly.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

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+DBZ inspired characters

-DBZ inspired characters

Hotline Miami

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+ Great soundtrack

- Repetitive gameplay

Dragon's Dogma

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+ Surprisingly fun game

- AI is insanely dumb

The Lost Vikings

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+Great Puzzles to play on a rainy day and space vikings

-Distinctly average in most respects, with no replay value at all

Shining Force 2

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+Really interesting plot

-Translation isn't very good.

Metal Gear Solid 4

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+Kojima somehow managed to wrap all that crazy shit up

-Snake should have killed himself

The Last of Us

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+ Great story. With some of the strongest individual scenes of the generation. It both ends and begins better than maybe any other games ever.

+Great gameplay loops. "Fun" combat, with a lot of variety.

+Amazing world, with great exploration.

- TOO LONG. Well, too much filler.

- Repeating ladder and water crossing puzzles.


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+ Some fantasical elements that can be amusing

- Terribly tedious game design all around

Trash Panic

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+ Absurd and amazing and fun

- Unnecessarily difficult and unreasonable

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

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+Pretty Cool spraying mechanic like JSR

- Stealth was kinda broke

Hatoful Boyfriend

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+ Funny as hell

- Creepy as fuck

Ni No Kuni

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-Beautiful art design

-Obtuse combat


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Puzzle games are cool.

Phone games suck.

Shellshock: Nam '67

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- Woefully poor as a game while being disrespectful to people still suffering as a result of the war

+ Jungles

Geometry Wars

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+ A timeless twin-stick shooter with a fantastic aesthetic.

- Not a ton of content to it, the gameplay has a pretty narrow scope.


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+ That motherfucking soundtrack is phenomenal.

- While the story, characters and setting are exceptionally well-realized, playing the game is a bit dull.


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+ A consistently funny and enjoyable platformer.

- The meat circus (at least in it's original incarnation).

Tomb Raider: Legend

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+ An enjoyable return to form for the series that changed core mechanics in smart ways.

- But man, is it short.

Killzone 2

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Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee

+ It's a Godzilla game!

- Man...that box art.

The Sims

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The Sims

+ For a lot of kids at its release, it was pretty much the Minecraft of its time in terms of how many people played it and shared rad stories (or at least it seems like that in retrospect).

- It could feel either too slow in the progressive building up of resources, or too fast by cheating and breaking it.

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon.

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Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

+ Interesting storyline and overall unique experience.

- Combat isn't great and the inventory management could be better.

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

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+Pretty damn funny

-I think it was difficult?

Tarot Mystery

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I did it! I broke the chain!

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No, I broke the chain. This whole thread is a shining example of why forum games aren't allowed on this site.

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This thread

+ A fun exercise in saying something nice and obscure game recall

- Like all things internet related, brings out the trolls


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+ Looks like a neat Fortune Street-esque rpg hybrid with monster fightin'

- The Mystic Egg stares into my soul. Now it stares into yours.

Max Payne 1

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