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Both have incredible games, but which one is superior? personally, I think the N64 is better because you had the best of both worlds in SP & MP.

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snes...greatest system ever

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Both really were great consoles and completed what they set out to do very well. I'd have to go with SNES if only because there were more memorable games for me on that console.

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I think SNES will be the popular answer here, but since the N64 was the console of my childhood of course I will say N64. My favourite games of all time live on that console and I have had such fun with all of them, I even go back and replay a lot of these games every so often.

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SNES, one of my favorites of all time.

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SNES, still the console I have the biggest game collection for and play most regularly (outside of current-gen). N64 is solid though.

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I'm actually genuinely surprised that people consider N64 even close to being on par with the SNES. The first things that spring to mind when I think 'N64' are the myriad games with rudimentary 3D graphics and the clumsy controller apparently designed for people with three hands...

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is this a joke?

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I never owned a SNES, both are pretty good consoles though.

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Definitely the SNES.

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I'll take SNES anyday of the week over N64

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The SNES has more games scored by Yuzo Koshiro on it than the N64, therefore the SNES wins.

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oh come on, snes hands down.. however, if' you're getting together with some friends nothing beats a 64 with 4 controllers. best multiplayer/nostalg console

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I grew up on the N64 and never owned a SNES, so I'll go with N64.

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SNES for sure. N64 was great too though, but not so unique at the time.

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Definitely the SNES... Way superior library of games, not that many good games on the N64 in my opinion...

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SNES, without reservation. The N64's controller is absolutely awful.

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So can we call it?

If you owned a SNES or both or neither, you'll most likely answer SNES.

If N64 was your first childhood console (like me), you'll probably answer N64.

Based on this, SNES is the overall winner.

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N64 had Blast Corps so I'm gonna go with N64.

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N64 had the best Mario Kart!

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It wasn't my first console as a kid, but I didn't have a SNES until very recently, so it's the N64 for me. So much nostalgia.

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@AcidBrandon18 said:



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I was born in 1996, so I grew up with a Snes and Nintendo 64. I didnt choose what games I had on those systems, my dad did. Luckily he chose some awesome games. My favorite SNES games were Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World. My favorite Nintendo64 games were LoZ Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64, 007 Goldeneye, and Mario Party 3. I had a bunch of other SNES and N64 games. I missed a plethora of great games on both systems, like Earthbound and Super Mario 64. So overall I'd choose the N64 for back when I was a child, but I wish my dad hadn't sold our SNES, for it is the superior system to this day.

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SNES, even considered buying it the other day but i'm not so sure how long it will last and all that :S.

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SNES, the 2D sprites look way better on modern TVs than early 3D graphics.

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The answer is obvious. SNES. It has Chrono Trigger.

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SNES. Seriously. While the N64 looks better in retrospect than the massive disappointment it seemed at the time, its signature features are still muddy textures and fog. Yes the N64 has some classic games, and a few great hidden gems (Space Station Silicon Valley HD, where you be?) but it also featured the widespread abandonment of the platform by third parties and has big library gaps. The SNES, on the other hand, has a much bigger library loaded with classics. It's no contest. And I owned both systems.

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Nintendo 64 had some great games, but Snes beats it easily.