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Bought a WiiU with monster hunter 3. Thought it was a dumb idea at first but I'm completely hooked now! It does a fine job shewing through my spare time.

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I like GB because it isn't a news site, most of the time. There are already decent sources with up to the minute news (my personal preference is Joystiq - it lacks the snark of destructoid or the overblown sensationalism of kotaku)

I like the GB opinion pieces which don't list off every industry happening, but offer more than simple reposted press release content, or rumor-mill scuttlebutt.

I also read a lot of Lets Play and gaming stuff on SomethingAwful, and browse NeoGAF for rumors.

And of course, VGCW. Gotta get my weekly fix.

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/r/games on reddit. I generally don't get news from GB anyway so this isn't some new thing.

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I get my gaming fix by playing games. I browse Reddit for random bits of information but there aren't really any gaming news that I need to know about so badly. If it's worth hearing about I'm sure it will crop up on the Bombcast.

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eurogamer is alright

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I've actually been watching some old Happy Hours.

It's a bittersweet experience.

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There are dozens of videos that I have yet to watch on this site.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Joystiq are my main ones, with a little Polygon on the side.

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Twitter has been a good stream of GB-related PAX antics.

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I just use all games beta is the best and quickest info dump on any gamimg news.

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I visit IGN and Polygon. As much as I think I disklike IGN, they have generally good articles and news coverage.

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just gametrailers.com

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Out of curiosity, hows the 8-4 podcast these days? I used to listen to it when it was on 1Up but kind of fell off due to the kind of ramblings and in jokes by Marky Mark and just general talking over eachother-ness.

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First page of NeoGAF.

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I'm pretty open to go where the wind takes me. But i often have these on more of a weekly rotation.

Ign , Gametrailers, Shacknews, joystiq, angryjoeshow, kotaku, neogaf

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@iamjohn said:

First page of NeoGAF.

Exactly what I was coming here to say.

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RPS, though even that place is getting kinda ridiculous nowadays. And their best writers left.

GB forums keep me well enough informed.

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I go on Kotaku or Gametrailers I guess. But then I don't read that much news, I mostly just enjoy the "produce" of GB.