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Now that 2010 is almost over, we're starting to turn our attention to the Game of the Year awards process. We're starting by putting together a list of categories, and I figured it'd be cool to hear some suggestions from you guys. I can't guarantee that we'll use them all (in fact, I can pretty much guarantee that we won't use them all), but if you have any award categories you'd really like to see, post 'em! 
For reference, I can already confirm that we'll be doing... 
2010's 2009 Game of the Year 
Best Nolan North Performance In A Nolan North Game By Nolan North 

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The best Cigar/Cigarette smoker. 

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  • 'Best use of a big ass ramp' should return.  
  • Best use of the Kinect technology (not necessarily the best game, but the best display of the technology)
  • Best use of the Playstation Move technology (same as above)
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Best breast physics in non-Japanese game

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I believe "Character We'd Most Like to Party With" needs to return.
I also think that Keith Ingram needs to be a nominee.
Some more "serious" suggestions:

  • Best Story/Narrative (For a Game)
  • Best Multiplayer (Competitive and Cooperative
  • Best Villain
  • Biggest Bummer
  • Best Add-On Downloadable content (a shit ton of really great stuff this year, between the ME2 stuff, Undead Nightmare and that Bioshock 2 add-on that Brad was so wowed by, but the name escapes me of)
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  • Best use of liquid
  • Best Robot
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C. Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence 

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Best non pre rendered game Burp or Fart.

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Best Game Room Release.
Best Beard.
Most Disappointing Sequel.
Best Use Of The Word "Fuck".

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"Games Nolan North Should Have Been In" 
- Example: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, character: police siren

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Best Game Acronym of 2010; I vote BLOPS.

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Best Starcraft game of the year

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The most linear sandbox game.
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best game for an endurance run that wont become an endurance run! (for all of those people who are killing for another endurance run, kind of to spite them haha)

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As always any awards should have best facial hair.

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Game Room Game of the Year.

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Best Use of Digital Video Distortion 
2010 seemed a big year for it.

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- Best story
- Best environment
- Best character in a game (pigsy ftw)
- best sequel
- best multiplayer shooter
- best soundtrack

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No brainer: Best Beard

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Worst use of Activion developers of the year.

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The Deadly Premonition award because it can't really go in any actual game category but deserves an award award

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Best use of zombies (or zombie-like creatures).
Best game delay.
Best Poker game.

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Best face-and-neck-stabbing simulator

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Best Delayed Game. 
EDIT: Wait, that's all of them. Scratch this.

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Best game to play while eating a hamburger.

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Best Quick Look of the year award

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Best ridiculous accent.  Heavy Rain (pronunciation of origAMi killer) and Just Cause 2 (Bolo Santossi) come to mind. 

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Best Game that could've used Jeff Bridges?
Best Game that could use John Vignocchi as its pitch man?
Worst game to have had a delay hit by?

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Best DLC expansion/add on/Pre LC.
If this is the way games are going, with companies needing those extra few dollars per game, it would be good to recognise add-ons that try and be something more than just more of the same.
I'm all for good DLC.

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best uh uh uh uh uh moment in a game  
best horse meet rider moment in a videogame

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Best Faux-Retro/NosCon Game. Scott Pilgrim, Sonic 4, etcetera. Maybe 3D Dot Game Heroes if that counts.
Also, Character We Most Want to Punch in the Face.
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@KennyPowers said:

" C. Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence  "

Also, 2010's "Thing" of the Year. For example, Color Separation should be a nominee. As should Post-Match Awards.
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Other people at Whiskey Media play games.
How about "Screened / Tested / ComicVine 's Game of the Year" ?

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@Milpool said:
" I think we should just defer to the GB Topic Generator. "
This... I want "until you read some fanfiction" to be in one of the award titles.
Also, I love your name and profile pic, Milpool... really brings me back to the golden days of the Simpsons.
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The man that would turn you gay

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Mafia 2 has already won the Nolan North award in my opinion. A City of Nolans is a grand achievement.

Most charmingly garrulous character.

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Best/Worse Use of Kinect UI

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2010 game candidate for 2011 Endurance Run

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best pre-order bonus

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@Milpool said:
" I think we should just defer to the GB Topic Generator. "
Are you telling me that there was fierce competition this year for Best Cosplay of Vectorized Graphics?
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Best use of style instead of fidelity

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Best package GB recieved from publishers of the year.
Best package GB recieved from viewers of the year.

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Best use of FMV

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2010's Most Surprisingly Good Game / 2010's Most Surprisingly Bad Game

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Best Brad Death in a Quick Look 2010
Most Obnoxious Paid DLC (i.e. The Horse Armor Award) 
Best Obscure PC Game 
Most Dangerous (Best) Kinect "Game"

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Best Video Game About Video Games
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Best helicopter fight.
Most evil helicopter. 

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Best beard!