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We desperately need the return of the "Soulja Boy Award for Games To Play If You Drink And Get Drunk or Smoke And Get High.

#152 Posted by Grissefar (2830 posts) -

Game Which Conceived the Best Quick Look.
Best Twitter Message by Ice-T
Best Twitter Message by SWERY65
Best Community Effort
Best Game to Feature Alphabetically-Ordered Characters Featuring Firstletters From Every Letter In The Alphabet.

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best new trending feature in video games, ie. eagle noises.

#154 Posted by Deathpooky (1462 posts) -

The Honorary FFX-2 award for best game you're embarrassed play in front of others. 
The Honorary Postal 2 award for game most likely to be referenced by legislators attempting to ban violent games.
Best/Worst revival of a game or character.
Best Dsi/Wii-ware promo text.  
Best retro-style game. 
Best boning.

#155 Posted by chogi (559 posts) -

Best 2010 game we forgot was coming out in 2010

#156 Posted by Cheapoz (1064 posts) -

Most Best Game of Best Mosts (Game). 
Least Misleading Game Title (example: Tron: Legacy: The Game) 
Best Console Game Box Colour

#157 Posted by ReddenBlack (125 posts) -

Most cringe-worthy celebrity cameo
(Although I don't know how anything will top Danny Trejo in The Fight."

#158 Posted by Jayzz (586 posts) -

best delayed game (gogo gt5)

#159 Posted by Torrim (353 posts) -

2011's game of 2010. 
NBA Elite 11 hehehe

#160 Posted by Jolt92 (1609 posts) -

Best Publisher

Best Licensed Game

#161 Posted by HubrisRanger (493 posts) -
@Jambones said:
"What finally happened with Bizarre Creations?
Basically the studio is stuck in a 3-month period of Activision exploring their options as to what to do with the company. The most likely outcomes are going to be selling Bizarre as-is to someone (rumor millers suggest that Microsoft is very interested), or just shuttering the whole thing and allow the entire team scatter to the wind. The last anyone heard anything reliable, some of the guys from Bizarre said they had a second meeting with Activision which was much more positive than the first one, and that there are apparently a few publishers seriously interested in taking on the company.
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Most Heroic Helicopter in a Game  
Best use of Produce in a Game

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Just a small list for consideration: 
Biggest Surprise (negative or positive, can include events) 
Worst Guilty Pleasure 
Best Wii/DSiWare description 
Game You Love to Hate 
Game You Hate to Love  
Best DLC 
Worst DLC 
Biggest "Oh Shit!" Moment ("Buckle-up Mother Fuckers")  
Biggest "What the Fuck" Moment 
Most Unfortunate Flaw
Best Level Design 
Best Graphics (Artistic) 
Best Graphics (Technical, considering hardware) 
Best Ending (spoiler warning) 
Best Soundtrack (original) 
Best Soundtrack (licensed) 
Best Soundtrack (Independent) 
Best Indie Game 
Best Downloadable Game 
Funniest Game (regardless of intention)  
Most Divisive Game 
Best Game No One Played 
Worst Game Everyone Played 
Best Writing (screenplay) 
Best Writing (story, plot, premise) 
Best Voice Actor/Actress Whose Name Doesn't Rhyme with Dolan Yorth

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The 'remember it for what it should have been, not for what it was' award.

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The Fidel Castro sponsored Best Video Game Antagonist Award.
 And, the Fidel Castro sponsored Best Tier 1 Beard Award.

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Best use of ICE in a video game

#167 Posted by autobzooty (96 posts) -

Worst Game Room GOTY

#168 Posted by Jayzilla (2581 posts) -

 Best character in a game you loved to hate.

#169 Posted by thewonderwaffle (68 posts) -

Game with the most annoying social network integration.

#170 Posted by Jambones (1696 posts) -
@HubrisRanger: Cheers for the update. I really hope they get picked up and won't be in for the running for the  Saddest Studio Close Down award. I need GW³!
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Biggest surprise in a good way.
Biggest surprise in a bad way. 
Biggest surprise in a... meh... kind of way.

#172 Posted by wwfundertaker (1412 posts) -

Worst voice acting and best moment in a game of the year.

#173 Posted by benpicko (2008 posts) -

The best Intern that should stay forever award (lemon).

#174 Posted by i8Donuts (96 posts) -

Best Glitch in a Game. 

#175 Posted by dillinger (178 posts) -

Best game that was released too soon. 
Best sequel 
Biggest Disappointment 
Biggest Surprise (can be news related, i.e. duke nukem forever continuation) 
Top RPG of the last Decade 
Top FPS of the last Decade, so on. 
Best game no ones heard of 
Worst game everyone plays (minecraft, im lookin at you) 
Best indie title 

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@Cwaff said:
 Biggest surprise in a... meh... kind of way. "
If they do that one I´m leaving the site. Seriously.
I would like to see "Best/Worst use of the Wilhelm-scream" done by Alex Navarro. RDR has my vote on both of those.
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The only one that matters: The Pacman Pacman Pacman Award 
I've got nothing : (

#178 Posted by MisterMouse (3579 posts) -

best zombie game of the year.

#179 Posted by DrHawking (211 posts) -

Most Authentic Game of 2010.

#180 Posted by MacGeorge (177 posts) -

FPS without a final boss that most deserved to have one.
#181 Posted by Allison (266 posts) -

Game most likely to cause diabetes.
I mean come ON :3

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Most Developer-Supported Game Post Release

#183 Posted by smcn (926 posts) -

Best Vignetting

#184 Posted by Vinny_Says (5729 posts) -

-Best/worst (funnest/boring-est) Currency Generator gameplay (ex:. Fable, Assassin's creed, Mass Effect, etc...)
-Most played out concept of the year.

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I want to suggest "Best janky ass game" but I know New Vegas would win, and I'm not so sure I want to bash it like that, since I haven't encountered any problems whatsoever when playing.

#186 Posted by RedRocketWestie (381 posts) -

Best story explanation for a HUD/gameplay mechanic.

#187 Posted by RE_Player1 (7536 posts) -

- Game most likely to cause a seizure  
- Best use of zombies 
- Game most likely to lead to injury ( a.k.a Kinect games) 

#188 Posted by Sweep (9082 posts) -
  • Best game featuring an octopus 
  • Character you would most like to bro out with 
  • Best game for lazy sunday afternoons 
  • Biggest guilty pleasure of the year
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Dave Snyder's best eastern european/russian game  
Best use of 775 < > 
Best "Twin Peaks" homage game  
Best Wii/DS downloadable description award   "wack that banana off the screen" 
Best and/or worst delayed game   
Big ass ramp award  

#190 Posted by Creamypies (4106 posts) -

Best Australian accent.

#191 Posted by SomeJerk (3498 posts) -

- Best sign that we're heading towards another video-game market crash
- Best anti-competitive move
- Best shot in the foot
- Best case of bad management ruining a game
- Best game that made us feel really old

#192 Posted by mrfizzy (1558 posts) -

Best game that you didnt play 
Character we'd most like to party with. 

#193 Posted by HubrisRanger (493 posts) -
@somejerk Having a cranky day?
#194 Posted by Pixeldemon (243 posts) -

Best game (almost) ruined by its terrible-ass story. 
and conversely: 
Worst game that you still wanted to play because of its great story.

#195 Posted by Grissefar (2830 posts) -

Best Use of Cruel Production (blood n stuff)

#196 Posted by MattDementous (103 posts) -

Best use of kinect interface. 
Best cell-phone in-game interface. 
Worst use of kinect interface/technology. 
Most absurd new character.

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Most "Broken" game to waste your time.
Most likely game to cause a seizure.

#198 Posted by Marz (5680 posts) -

Best Voice Acting Performance from a lead main character in a game.
The Best Jankiest Game of the Year
Best DLC of the Year
Best IPAD/IPOD game of the year
Best Co-op game of the year

#199 Posted by RYNO9881 (625 posts) -

agree with  
the most authentic game of 2010

#200 Posted by xMP44x (2193 posts) -
  • Best Story
  • Best Graphics
  • Best Soundtrack
  • Best Limited / Collectors' Edition
  • Best Online <genre>
  • Best Loading Screen
  • Best Movie Tie-In
All I can really come up with, and I'm not convinced they're great ideas either. I think having a 'Best Loading Screen' would be interesting seeing as we spend quite some time in front of elaborately disguised loading screens. Seeing as movie tie-in games are generally known for being poor it could also be entertaining to try and find one which is actually decent enough to receive an award of 'best'.