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I always use Parchment v1. It's faster and not as buggy. You can't beat 100%.

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@N7: It's all fixed now. The only reason I was using v2 is because the guides require it.
Thanks to B0nd07 for the new banner :D
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@X19: It's like fate.
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Whoo we have a question so check it out in the guide.

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there was a game a indie rpg about charles barkley i think and he dunked so hard it turned into a nuclear bomb destroying earth and now earth looked like fallout. you know the game?

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@AnimalFather: Dude did you read the OP at all?
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@X19 said:

@AnimalFather: Dude did you read the OP at all?


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Nice, what do I win?  Actually, I'm glad someone went.  I've been waiting to make one, but I'm pretty sure my question is terrible, and didn't want to mar the wall.  Working on my post now.

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Parchment v2 constantly breaks pages for me.

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@Buzzkill: I clean it up if you make a mess XD Since you're just leaving a question with a H2 title it should be fine.
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@X19 said:

@Buzzkill: I clean it up if you make a mess XD Since you're just leaving a question with a H2 title it should be fine.

How does that fix pages from not breaking on a web site you don't work on?

edit: thought so

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@Buzzkill: Thought you meant you had a general dislike for using v2 compared to v1. Guess you have already made a bug report for your issue so meh.
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I don't know why it's bumping my comment bubble underneath my title, so I guess I'll leave that to you to fix. I am sorry for breaking things.

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@SpaceRunaway: Whoever has the top question, their bubble goes underneath the H2 if the title is short. Simple answer, don't worry it's not a problem.
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whos the girl in your av?

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@AnimalFather: That's Rika from Uncharted - Eye of Indra if I'm not mistaken.

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We got a right answer. Keep adding your questions people.

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Don't worry everyone I am back and solving the mysteries of your memory. With that being said I wish you people would have better memories, it would make everything so much easier!

+ I miss the scoreboard, how else am I supposed to brag :( haha

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@Nikral: By my calculations you're still number 1 :D I remade the thread so it could be self sufficient and function without me being the middle man. (hence why the scoreboard has gone)
Man the only flaw of my plan is that I have to keep bumping it. Wish it was sticked somewhere so users could actually see it :/ 
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Yeah I need more questions! The ones on there right now are too vague for me to be of any help now :(

Let's get this stickied!

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@Nikral: There's a new NES question.
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@BoogieWithStu: Duder read the OP. It will get crazy if people leave question in the thread and the guide.
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Answered question 7.

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Posted a new question.

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I'm going to ask the mods if I can get this stickied. I know they unstickied my old thread but I might as well try again.

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I asked a new question... But I can pretty much guarantee the game I'm asking out is probably an obscure piece of shit.

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Asked the mods and they said no sticky. In other news we have two more questions.

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Perfect for me, as I played a game that I've always wanted to play again, but was so long ago I don't remember and haven't had luck even creating threads for it on the site. And I remember weird stuff like Voodoo Vince and Buck Bumble.

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1 Problem I have is that I want to reply to a 3rd person's post, but it is saying I have to wait for someone else to reply :(

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@Nikral: Yeah there is a limit of two comment. Either delete one of your comment s or tell me the person. I will leave comment wrtith bacon iuytn it yo/
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@X19 said:

@Nikral: Yeah there is a limit of two comment. Either delete one of your comment s or tell me the person. I will leave comment wrtith bacon iuytn it yo/ drujk

What happened at the end there!? O_o You were doing so good then it was like you fell off a cliff.

People get notified when you respond to their post on that wall right?

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@Nikral: Man I noticed you haven't been pressing the reply button to these questions. If the user doesn't receive a PM from you, I doubt they will check the wall. Maybe cut your answer, delete comment, press reply and paste your answer in the comment box again.
I chased one guy down and I got the question I answered right :D
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@X19: Oh, didn't see that I was supposed to reply! I just deleted and replied to them.

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Four question left unanswered at the moment.
If anyone has another question just read the OP and add it to the guide.
Great job so far everyone.

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Can you close question 9, since question 10 is just the answer to question 9? Or is it, like, some guide glitch or something?

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@Video_Game_King: Well spotted.
I fixed it.
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How come the other threads got so many questions and this one is so dead :'(

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@Nikral: New Question.
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This was a game that I used to play on my friends computer back in the mid 90's. It seemed flash based and could be played multiplayer 1v1 on the same keyboard. It resembled worms in the weapons you used and the destructions and you would basically use grappling hooks to move around the level. There were weapons like bananna bombs and grenades and machine guns and your character was more or less a human.. Very small looking but i believe you were a human >.>

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@McShank: Hey duder you missed step 1 of putting your question in the guide. Instructions in the OP. 
I know it's weird doing it this way but it means your question is always on display.
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Can't tell if people are getting better at remembering parts of their games and describing it or I'm just getting better at finding people their game ;)

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@Nikral: Who knows but I'm pleased by the results. For me unless the game came out past the original Playstation, then I'm clueless. 
Thanks for the help duder.
We only have 2 questions out of 18 remaining :D Anyone got a question? Read the OP and post in the guide.
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Yea! If the last 2 people can confirm or deny the games offered up as solutions, then the list will be complete!

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@Nikral: and everyone. 

New Question.
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Dude I am terrible at formatting and even worse at following instructions so I'm just gonna post this.

PS2 game, Japanese, Survival Horror, it featured a girl and this big troll monster thing chasing her. There was no combat, you just had to hide in closets and use stealth to survive. It was in my head this morning and I cannot think of the title. Imagine the Ashley sections from RE4 as a full game. Help.

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Clock Tower 3? It sounds a lot like Clock Tower 3.

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@Video_Game_King: I've put his question in the guide. Hopefully he deletes it from here.

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Why did you make it so needlessly complicated? Whats wrong with asking in a thread? I have a game I would really like to identify and feel that more people will just look at it here.

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Did anyone answer McShank's question yet because that's obviously worms.