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@Undeadpool said:

@drhans: Haw! That was AWESOME! Music wasn't really to my taste, but your editing skills are incredible and more than made up for it.

Thanks! I appreciate it. That seems to be the way the opinions run on the video. You either love it completely, enjoy it despite the music, or don't get more than 10 seconds into it because of the music. Wasn't expecting that sort of reaction, but whatever's cool, haha. =)
#152 Posted by Sarkhan (1196 posts) -

Congrats on the front page!  
And i loved it :) Think you pretty much summed up the fun and insanity of the whiskey media family :) Well done Sir. 
#153 Posted by Jcdenton (14 posts) -

Woww hilarious!!

#154 Posted by TheCreambun (119 posts) -

This video is so awesome it defies words!

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#156 Posted by nickux (1381 posts) -

Every once in awhile I replay this video and try not to laugh at the 2:50 mark with Will Smith. I always fail.

#157 Posted by aurahack (2303 posts) -

I don't understand French rap music. And I'm French, to boot. :/

#158 Posted by Zanthox (239 posts) -

pretty much amazing. I hate rap and can get over it to enjoy this hilarious video. not sure what is up with all the complaining.

#159 Posted by SpartanAmbrose (835 posts) -
@nickux said:
Every once in awhile I replay this video and try not to laugh at the 2:50 mark with Will Smith. I always fail.
Yup. I always lose it there, as well. It's never not funny.
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@Aragorn123 said:
@nickux said:
Every once in awhile I replay this video and try not to laugh at the 2:50 mark with Will Smith. I always fail.
Yup. I always lose it there, as well. It's never not funny.
Same here. Half speed just makes it twice as funny.
#161 Posted by Kazona (3102 posts) -

It started off a little underwhelming, but once it went into high gear it became absolutely awesome. Fantastic job.

#162 Posted by CosmicQueso (575 posts) -

Amazing... well done!

#163 Posted by Mongoose (218 posts) -

Awesome dude, well done

#164 Posted by pickassoreborn (540 posts) -
@drhans: One of my favourite videos ever. Sweet choice of musics too.
#165 Posted by Gregomasta (1541 posts) -
@drhans: Great video man!
#166 Posted by Aronman789 (2673 posts) -

Hate the first 35 seconds, for some reason that dude's voice REALLY annoys me. 
Otherwise, pretty awesome.

#167 Posted by momofire (24 posts) -

Dude, this video is freakin amazing!

#168 Posted by beanies (3 posts) -

This is my first post....and I'm proud to say this is the greatest thing i have ever seen. 

#169 Posted by Rmack (1078 posts) -

This video reminded me Afrika existed. Therefore, it is great.

#170 Posted by afterburner1978 (47 posts) -

Great work!

#171 Posted by DefAde (265 posts) -

Dude... The video is amazing... Ignore the pathetic bitching about the music, it's a great tune that provides an excellent backbone to the editing... and props to GB for putting it on the frontpage because i would likely have never seen it otherwise

#172 Posted by zymase (158 posts) -

This = awesome.

#173 Posted by nindoten (44 posts) -

excellent job :]
#174 Posted by Reuben (622 posts) -

That was really well made haha good stuff!

#175 Posted by Cozmicaztaway (223 posts) -

While the music moight not be something I'd listen to otherwise, it fit really well with the video, and.. well, the video feels sort of like the greatest thing ever.

#176 Edited by CaptainCody (1525 posts) -

Maybe I have high expectations, or maybe because I've seen all the clips before, but I'm not exactly sure what's so great about this. I will mark nice video-editting regardless, your music taste is shit though.
#177 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

This video is kind of amazing. Also, that music is French as fuck.

#178 Posted by Grimluck343 (1162 posts) -

Oh God the shakeweight, I'm crying...

#179 Posted by doublestack (19 posts) -

Socks were just blown off.

#180 Posted by CptBedlam (4462 posts) -

Man, reminds me how the GB coverage was totally the best thing about Kinect so far.

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#182 Posted by Natesaint (146 posts) -

Will with the shake weight was...holy crap that was hilarious. Good stuff!
#183 Posted by Cheesebob (1254 posts) -

That was brilliant.

#184 Posted by GUTBOMB (66 posts) -

Jesus Christ, Will with the shakeweight

#185 Posted by afrokola (548 posts) -

Awesome video, Vinny's head on a skateboard peripheral, Alex hitting Jeff in the face with a set of Moves, and the Creeper Cam (in particular) never get old!

#186 Posted by core1065 (554 posts) -

AMAZING JOB!! Only one problem that I can see, no penguin suit Will Smith.

#187 Posted by Holmies (2 posts) -
@drhans: Ah-Mazing!
#188 Posted by MrHammeh (202 posts) -

Really well done editing it all to the beats bud.

#189 Posted by joshth (515 posts) -

wow that was incredible! way to go dude!
#190 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -
@drhans: It's the skipping on the vocals, it's totally jarring to most people. I didn't love it but it wasn't offensive, as without the skipping it would be pretty good. The Shakeweight thing was perffffffffffect. I laughed so goddamn hard. Impressive and awesome video!
#191 Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny (1011 posts) -

this is awesome! i'm really glad now that they've changed the front page, otherwise i probably would have never seen this

#192 Posted by MayorFeedback (674 posts) -
@MordeaniisChaos: Is that what it is? Hmm. That's always what drew me to the song (I like Modeselektor fine, but I'm not like a huge fan - I mostly just love that tune). I think the vocal editing is just incredible, and I wanted something that felt cut up and glitchy so I could mess with the editing of the footage as much as possible. But, yeah, I guess that sort of electronic music could be a little foreign to some. Interesting. 
But thanks!!
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@core1065 said:
AMAZING JOB!! Only one problem that I can see, no penguin suit Will Smith.
Thanks! And I agree, but I made this over a month ago, so it predates the penguin suit. Maybe in a few months time it will be time for a sequel. =)
#194 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1431 posts) -

Love the music and the video! Make more!

#195 Posted by BonOrbitz (2285 posts) -

Gawd damn, it's a good thing I don't have epilepsy! Great work drhans!

#196 Posted by Capum15 (5025 posts) -
@Grimluck343 said:
Oh God the shakeweight, I'm crying...
I'm glad someone else couldn't hold it in either, that was hilarious. Still making me laugh a few minutes after the video ended.
#197 Posted by kemp (53 posts) -

This is just great, and the music fits! :) 

#198 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -
@drhans: Normally I would, but it was NOTHING but cutting, which just made it annoying and grating. Like a really bad skype call. Had there been a bit of distortion and whatnot, to make it sound like something other than splicing was happening then it wouldn't have really bothered me. It's a decent song, just felt like there could have been a bit less of that particular effect, at least in certain spots where it was just like, constant, ever half a second.
#199 Posted by yevinorion (719 posts) -

That was just awesome. Great fit with the music.

#200 Posted by core1065 (554 posts) -
@drhans: You've probably answered this question a million times. Whats the name of the song, I gotta have it on my Zune!