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You have 2 questions, last one can't be answered easily because everyone has different tastes. However WoW cause of 10 mil+ players for most addictive.

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Motoracer2005 said:
Hi Friends,

What is the most addicting PC game out there in your opinion?

A.Antzill Games

B.Xbox Games

C. World of War Craft
Tell me what is the Most Favorable Games in this three Games
WoW is probably the most addicting. Xbox Games are probably my favorite in there though. Not enough choices really. And whats up with the first link? I mean, whose going to vote for a bunch of flash games?
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WoW is incredibly addicting for a lot of people
Although Team Fortress 2 devours spare time with just as much ease

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All I know is that answer (A) is not. No, never.

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I've never played WoW, and judging by some of the stories I've heard, I'm glad I never did. The most addicting PC game I've ever played is Civilization 4....really any of the Civ games but mainly Civ4.

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The game that hooked me for the longest time? Tribes 2. 5+ years of that... and I'd still be playing if the community hadn't died.

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I was hooked on WoW for almost 2 years, there's my answer.

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WoW for sure, my wife banned me from ever playing it again. 

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Xbox Games = Most addicting PC game?

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World of Warcraft takes it hands down for me.
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It's pretty much general consensus that World of Warcraft is addictive.  "addictive" in the literal sense here, with absolutely no positive undertones.

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You know, I'm really addicted to viral marketing. It just feels so good when you get unsuspecting people on your forum to visit your site using a poorly disguised link!

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I get really addicted to TF2..I just log on for a game or two..and before I know it I'm on it for 4 or 5 hours at a time...when the games are going really good especially, just makes you want to keep playing that 'just one more game' that always keeps adding to itself.

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I was never hooked into the whole WoW thing. I got addicted to AoE II though

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WoW for sure.

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This game, it's called World of Warcraft. Also I spent a good few years of my early to mid/late teens playing Counter-Strike. But that never felt like an addiction to me.

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