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I'm talking about some of the best pieces of game audio that really hit hard on their own. I don't mean a great game soundtrack (like bastion) or fantastic general game audio (Dead Space) but a single sound. Like these guys:

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I did some searching and didn't find a thread like this in the forums, so lemme know if I missed it.

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Baa Baa.

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The "Puzzle Solved" Jingle from Zelda for me

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I found this in my search:

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That one always stuck with me.

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You know it is.

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The sound when you're using pills in the Condemned games is awfully satisfying. I really like the 'bwop' noise made during the hacking minigames in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Sleeping Dogs, too.

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Too many choices, my first two were the plasma rifle reload sound effect in Doom 3 or the headshot from Gears of War.

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For the life of me, I can't find it on youtube, despite there being comprehensive sound effect videos for the games, clearly it's in a different category of sound, but that damn bird call when you call in your assassin's in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.


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This guy was always my favourite...first thing that popped into my head when I saw the title.

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@Captain_Felafel said:

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You win forever.

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a couple I can think of off my head are:

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I think it has to be one of the Mario sounds for me, but I've got no idea which one I would pick.

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Maybe not the greatest (it's very hard to just isolate a specific sound from a game as being the greatest).

What springs to mind (aside from Zelda and Metroid reward sounds) is the sound of a dying Hallucinoid in Terror From the Deep - that sound is disgusting (unfortunately, I don't have a good recording of it).

Also, I think this video is relevant:

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I'm a filthy whore

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I know the OP asked for a "single" game sound or piece of audio, but since he broke his own rule, I feel no qualms about doing the same. These are a few of the chimes and jingles that give the warm fuzziness and tap directly into the pleasure center of my brain.

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Couldn't find the original but since it appears in so many different games, shows, and movies it wasn't hard to find it somewhere :

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Needs more Redead screams (2spooky4me to look up)

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There's a lot of great sound work in MGS like the alert chirp, but this is still probably my favorite. I also tried to find the sound of the click that you get then pressing something or picking up an item in Half-Life.

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Any sound effect from Grandia. V-Slash, Paralyze Whip, the menu beeps and boops, I never tire of them. No one's archived them though.

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I guess it's technically not a sound, but pick one.

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Shouldn't a distinction be made between jingles/fanfares (FF victory, Zelda treasure, CoD level up, etc.), and pure sound effects (Mario mushroom, Sonic ring, etc.)?

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if we want to elevate gaming as an art form we should probably pick a sound that speaks on the human condition or something

like a scream or a heart beating. The MGS codec call is a good one since it basically signifies human contact.

heh heh

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@Chaser324 said:

Shouldn't a distinction be made between jingles/fanfares (FF victory, Zelda treasure, CoD level up, etc.), and pure sound effects (Mario mushroom, Sonic ring, etc.)?

Nope. I'll let jingles slide.

@TheDudeOfGaming: That totally counts.

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@verysexypotato: So be it.

As far as sound effects go, it's a bit of a toss up for me between the Sonic ring and the Doom door.

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Ah, nevermind. OP addressed it.

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This is just a thread of pure win text/ring tones.

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The people who get to make all of those little sounds in games have the best job. I don't know why but the first thing that came to mind is Mario going down a pipe.

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It has to be either the Zelda treasure jingle or the Zelda puzzle solved jingle.

Also thanks for reminding me how amazing that orchestral FFXII victory fanfare is.

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Half Life Blast Doors.

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Gotta be the noise when you pick up ABS in Dark Chronicle.

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I love the "Gold Collect" and "Trampoline" sound in Bit Trip runner.

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  • "Oh! Collusion!" - 'Announcer' WWE '13
  • "Shpace Mharines!" - 'Orks' WH40K Space Marine
  • "Victory!" - 'Announcer' Team Fortress 2
  • Ostrich Spawn - 'Ostrich' Joust
  • "Vehicular Manslaughter!" - 'Announcer' Unreal Tournament 3
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Doom 2 - Super Shotgun reload


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The MGS ! sound is an obvious classic.

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@TheSouthernDandy said:

Doom 2 - Super Shotgun reload


I came here to say this. But, come on, two pages for it to pop up? Giant Bomb, I am disappoint.

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Jeff doing the Call of Duty level up sound is the best game sound bite ever.

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The halo countdown beeps before a multiplayer match

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The sound of books being opened in Morrowind will always have a place with me.

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Also, just about every sound effect in Pacman.

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Most Fuck Yeah!!!

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Don't know why but I have a thing for death sound effects.

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Super Shotgun blast and reload from Doom 2 is pretty much given. I also love the level up sounds in Call of Duty and Skyrim. Actually, the chant that plays when you acquire a dragon soul or a new power word in the latter might be even more satisfying.

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When either grunt or wrex says "Shepard"

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I enjoy the Valve intro bass note:

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And the entirety of the most beloved ladder in gaming history:

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Clink clink clink...

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Mario's jump.

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Doom 2's double barreled shotgun, 360 achievement boop, and getting something mew in Super Metroid.