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I found this on the server at work.  Thought it was pretty funny, but what is the system they are playing?  I was born in 81, so this maybe just a tad to early for me.  I like the wood paneling though, it's like a ski cabin, lol.

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Looks to be a heavily modded Xbox 720.

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lol, I KNEW IT!! 

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Its either A intellivision or Colecovision.

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I think it's an Intellivision, but it's hard to tell from far away.

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Maybe some TSR model?  Some TI computer?

If you click on the picture you get a better view.

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An Intellivision or a Colecovision are the two systems that it definitely is not.

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I honestly have no idea what it is.. I've checked out several recourses and I can't find anything that looks even remotely like that thing.

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Looks similar to  the  Magnavox Odyssey. Not a perfect match though....

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Maybe its not a "console" by todays standards at all...I give you... 

IBM 5150

IBM PC (model 5150)
Manufacturer: IBM
Discontinued: 1987

Even though the IBM PC appeared in 1975, the price was deemed way too high to compete with cheaper alternatives. The newest model was the first computer to be legally reverse engineered by other manufacturers to create PC or IBM clones - hence that old term “IBM compatible.” Yeah, rivals were able steal the BIOS through backdoor shenanigans.

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I guess it is an Intellivision

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Thats the new Nintendo console, set for release in june 09.