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#1 Posted by Baillie (4595 posts) -

#2 Posted by laserbolts (5470 posts) -

Red dead redemption or GTA 4. It's a toss up between those 2.

#3 Posted by Baillie (4595 posts) -

I'd like to note that I did leave out notable games such as Midnight Club and Manhunt, I apologise but they don't fit with the list I was trying to make.

It turns out some of the staff feel Bully is the best game they've made. I cannot understand the idea of this, it's pretty crazy. It's a fun game, but to go above the GTA series is ludicrous.

Red Dead Redemption is easily my pick.

Anyway, vote away.

#4 Posted by AngelN7 (3000 posts) -

Oh man.... It's either GTA : San Andreas or the GTA IV-Episodes from Liberty City , tough call but if I can only pick one I'd say San Andreas , I looooved taking trips with the private jet or just with a nice car arround the whole state while listening to Radio X or K-DST... Strutter!

#5 Posted by Turkfinn (85 posts) -

Red Dead or Vice City for me. I just enjoyed everything about Red Dead and Vice City was just a ton of fun. A lot of the other games were technically superior to it, but it's one of those things where the game just clicks with you for no specific reason.

#6 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

It was a tie between Vice City and Red Dead, but I went with Red Dead.

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Red Dead Redemption, probably the best game I've ever played and even though someone spoiled the ending for me, which sucks.

#8 Posted by BaneFireLord (3094 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption, for sure. It's the only one I've actually finished, although I'm working my way through San Andreas and IV in preparation for V.

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It's very close between Bully and Red Dead Redemption for me. I went with Bully. That game is a masterpiece. But so is Red Dead Redemption. God dammit, this is too hard.

#10 Posted by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

As much as I love pretending to be a child of the eighties RDR trumped everything they'd done before.

Video killed the radio star.

#11 Posted by TooWalrus (13341 posts) -

Tempted to say Max Paye 3, but I know in my heart it's Bully, even though it's been awhile.

#12 Posted by StarvingGamer (9172 posts) -

LA Noire, followed by Max Payne 2.

Also fuck GTA and RDR.

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san andreas. sadly i never played red dead redemption. i didn't like grand theft auto 4. it didn't feel the same compared to san andreas.

#14 Posted by Master_Funk (748 posts) -

San Andreas is the game I had most fun with out of all of them. RDR is probably my second favourite. Didn't care for GTA 4.

#15 Posted by VierasTalo (1101 posts) -

Payne 2 is the best of these games. It isn't a R* game though.

#16 Posted by Animasta (14824 posts) -

Bully easily. San Andreas is a strong second though!

#17 Posted by Nev (598 posts) -

Red Dead followed by Bully.

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GTA 3 was the only game I had for my PS2 for a very long time and remember spending hours just driving around the city, trying to stay alive, using cheat codes to make games out of the world and stuff like that. Never really cared for their other games all that much.

#19 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

Ah, see, you included Vice City. My hands are tied. I was afraid you were gonna do that, 'cause I might actually have to think otherwise.

It's probably Red Dead Redemption as the runner-up, but I still really don't like the entire Mexico act of that game. So I could see myself picking LA Noire on the right day. It's still probably Red Dead, though.

#20 Posted by RE_Player1 (7946 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption is a masterpiece and should be remembered long after this generation is over.

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I haven't played any of the Max Payne games or Bully. But of the rest, I'd have to go with GTA IV. Not even really a huge fan of that, to be honest, and haven't gotten anywhere near completing it (although I may at some point down the road). I've tried on three separate occasions to get into Red Dead Redemption, but ended two attempts after about an hour of boredom and frustration, and my most recent attempt when a game-breaking glitch occurred long after my last save. I still plan to give it at least one more try, so maybe it will 'click' with me then. I made it about half way through LA Noire before tiring of it and moving on. I doubt i will ever pick it back up. I guess overall, I am just not a big fan of any of their games, for whatever reason.

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RDR. It's the only R* game I played to completion. Max Payne 1 & 2, LA Noire and Red Dead Revolver aren't developed by Rockstar.

#23 Posted by Phatmac (5921 posts) -

ROCKSTAR TABLE TENNIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PS. Remedy made max Payne 1&2. :)

#25 Posted by Baillie (4595 posts) -

@Jeust: @Phatmac: I know they didn't develop every game, but they did publish them; so they are still Rockstar games.

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Max Payne 1 and 2 weren't made by Rockstar.

Anyways it is a tight race between LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption but I really loved the adventure feel of LA and I always wanted to play a game with crime scenes, looking for clues, interrogating suspects (even though i was terrible at it) so the nod goes to LA. RDR just dragged at points that lowers it for me, I personally don't like coming back as the son and getting revenge (make that RD3) and Mexico was boring as hell, lasted way to long.

LA Noire did have its faults but I look back fondly on most of the game and kinda feel like playing it again.

#27 Posted by Jackhole (405 posts) -
@Nightriff: LA Noire wasn't made by Rockstar either. It was made by Team Bondi.
#28 Posted by ShaggE (7228 posts) -

LA Noire is fucking amazing, blemishes and all, but for actual Rockstar games it's a toss-up between GTA: SA and GTA4.

I *really* like Max Payne 3, though...

#29 Posted by Nightriff (6466 posts) -

@Jackhole: I was under the impression that Rockstar came in and helped finish the game, if I'm wrong I apologize.

#30 Posted by Jackhole (405 posts) -
@Nightriff: No need to apologize, but no, I'm pretty sure they just published the game.
#31 Posted by Nightriff (6466 posts) -

@Jackhole: According to this site, 4 Rockstar teams were reported to help in development, so take it for what you will.

#32 Edited by awesomeusername (4535 posts) -

San Andreas for sure. GTA IV was great but it didn't have all the crazy shit like San Andres. L.A. Noire was good but fell apart at the last vice case. I still haven't finished Max Payne 3 & RDR was an amazing game but nothing can kick San Andreas off it's throne. I'm hoping GTA: V can though!

#33 Posted by johncallahan (729 posts) -

Red Dead holds a soft spot with me since I have such an intense love of Westerns. Not to mention that game is in-freaking-credible. But I think Bully is probably the best on that list.

#34 Posted by Cloudenvy (5874 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

#35 Posted by AjayRaz (12677 posts) -

san andreas remains one of my all time favorite games so i hafta go with that

#36 Posted by Coafi (1519 posts) -


More people need to experience this awesome game. My second choice would be Red Dead Redemption and my third San Andreas.

#37 Posted by Baillie (4595 posts) -

@Coafi: What's so good about Bully!?

#38 Posted by NapTimeSleeper (344 posts) -

I've enjoyed most of what Rockstar has put out but I would definitely say Red Dead Redemption is my favorite.

#39 Posted by isomeri (1791 posts) -

I don't really consider Max Payne to be a Rockstar game, but it's my favorite one out of that list. Besides that, Red Dead is probably the best thing Rockstar has ever made.

#40 Posted by csl316 (11073 posts) -

I've had Red Dead sitting on my couch for over a year now. Should I play it if I couldn't stand GTA IV's combat?

I still went with GTA III due to nostalgia. Some dumb times were had a decade ago.

#41 Posted by aurahack (2502 posts) -

I only picked Max Payne 3 (which I legitimately believe to be amazing) only because Midnight Club II is omitted from this list.

#42 Posted by Canteu (2890 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption. By like, all of the miles.

#43 Posted by Ghostiet (5700 posts) -

@msavo said:

Red Dead Redemption is a masterpiece and should be remembered long after this generation is over.

Pretty much.

Vice City and MP3 are the runner-ups. Maybe GTAV will top these three.

#44 Posted by CJduke (848 posts) -

Its a toss up between vice city and redemption

#45 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

As much as I love Max Payne 3 and GTA IV, there aren't many games that can compare to Red Dead Redemption for me. It's just so fucking great. I still want a PC version.

#46 Posted by JoeyRavn (5129 posts) -

Vice City. It could be a tie between it and Dead Red Redemption if I had ever managed to finish that game...

#47 Posted by granderojo (1897 posts) -

While I spent the most time in San Andreas(beat it on every platform it was released on, 100% on PS2 and PC) I would say the best is Bully. Red Dead was probably the best mechanically speaking, as a straight up game.

Bully was such an ambitious game. The story was right, the characterization was on point & most of all the pacing was unlike anything I've played this generation. They get up and fucking GO in Bully! The setting coupled with the music reminded me of my own private school dealings, which connected me more to Jimmy than any other character. I was once a rambunctious kid who's parents sent him to private school because he got into trouble. I totally dated a pinky and took her to the fair, and was friends with a Pete and Gary. It is amazing to me now, as I replay as I am right now, how well their interpretation of America stands up being that they made the game during the PS2 era.

Man what a fucking great game that was, and still is. Fuck the mass effect games, needs to catch up on Bully.

#48 Posted by ki11tank (734 posts) -

gta III

relative to its time, best on that list.

#49 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7027 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption, though I love San Andreas for the sheer amount of stuff you can do.

#50 Posted by GunstarRed (5880 posts) -

I hate all the PS2 GTA's and I tolerated IV for the atmosphere and characters. Red Dead was my favourite game a couple of years ago, so that.