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I've been playing the original Mass Effect again (because I'm an insane person) and as you all probably know by now, the title screen music is incredible. There's nothing better than a game that has such a memorable theme which can invoke memories from the game every time you hear it. So, what are your favorites? And why do you love them?

Mass Effect

Persona 4

Persona 3

L.A. Noire

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Mega Man 2 - Ni No Kuni - Persona 3

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This is a tough one, but the first thing that springs to mind is:

Also, a recent example - Krater:

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Hotline Miami, I don't care for the song by itself but it is a very memorable title screen and the song makes it better.

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Probably Final Fantasy XIII, even though the game isn't necessarily my favorite.

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Metroid Prime!

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This came to mind straight away, I would just let the title screen go to play this -

A few of my others -

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@maajin: The only acceptable answer as far as I'm concerned.

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Metroid Prime is a good one I nearly forgot about.

There's Fez, even though I never stayed on the title screen long enough to hear it despite it being mentioned as awesome on the Bombcast too.

Kerbal Space Program always puts me in the mood for rocketry.

Going further back, Psycho Pinball was kinda awesome in its own dumb way.

And speaking of dumb... and even older... Zynaps. Just because it seemed more like an experiment to see how many ridiculous noises the soundchip could make than a song.

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Any Mass Effect game, and two of the best in my personal opinion:

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Hotline Miami nails it for tone alone. Such a great, mellow track.

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@beachthunder: Damn, beat me to it with OMF 2097. It's the one that always springs to mind for me.

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Halo: Combat Evolved because it gets me pumped.

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From your options, LA NOIRE.

And from mine, Secret of Mana.

And Icewind Dale.

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There's really a few answers to this... IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER....

1. Demon's Souls (just very good about making the moment matter, even in the intro.)

2. Earthbound (I can still envision the entire thing in my head.)


3. Evil genius: ("Don't be such a damn fool perkins!")

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This is a bit of a cop out.... but this. SSF2THDR has a great intro.

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Uncharted is pretty iconic as well. Not Metroid Prime levels, but good too. :D

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Halo 2, so much nostalgia.

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C64 version of Short Circuit. Which El Bargo's? "Who's Johnny." that was used in the ....except the c64 sounds waaaay much better,

How ever to be utterly honest. Phantasy Star 2. It sends goosebumps of joy up my spine listening to it.

Cannon Fodders intro/title is also awesome.

The Amiga version has full lyrics.


While the Snes version couldn't....so instead used death noises to go with the music.


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"Dearly Beloved" the Kingdom Hearts Title music really gets to me. Not totally sure why, but it's a damn pretty song.

And this is absolutely not anyone's favorite, but a title screen music thread can't pass without going on a little ride...

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Ah shit. There is so many.

Such as Rainbow Six Rogue Spear.

Pretty much every single intro from a Dragon Ball Z game. Mainly Talking about the original intros from the games of the last 10 years. Budokai and Tenkaichi.

Oh shit yeah...forgot. Nearly one dude had done all the music for all the Dragon Ball games....turned out he plagiarised like hell with all the music he did.

Also really all the phantasy star rpgs before Online.

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My favourite title screen themes?

Definitely has to be the following:

Persona 4 (OP mentioned it)

Metal Gear Solid 2

Grand Theft Auto 2

The first three Tony Hawk Pro Skater games have some great menu music

(Linked to avoid huge ass post)



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  • Halo Combat Evolved
  • Persona 3
  • Persona 4
  • Persona 4 Arena (Various OSTs of Persona still counts)
  • Halo 3
  • Halo 2
  • Halo Reach
  • Smash Bros
  • Team Fortress 2 (MANN VS MACHINE theme) only
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Mass Effect, L.A. Noire, Persona 3 & 4 and Metal Gear Solid 2 come to mind. MGS 2 has been the most recent example of a menu theme that I really enjoyed. Fits the tone of the game remarkably well.

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Fuckin' a

With MGS 2/3 and Halo CE closely behind.

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any smash bros game

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Obviously this

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@miniexadoor said:

Obviously this

This shit has been my ringtone for nearly a year and a half.

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Chills every time. Retro knocked it out of the park with the Metroid Prime soundtracks, damn.

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Heard a whole lot of this theme back in 98

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This song haunted my dreams when I was addicted to this game for that first year when I was playing it at least 8 hours a day every day.

It's the "best."

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My all time favorite is Quest for Glroy I's theme - and I mean the old-school EGA version. For some reason, the timing on the VGA one just seemed off.

My other favorits include Leisure Suit Larry I (the 1991 version, though 7 had a great theme too), Final Fantasy VII, Chuck Rock, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Saint's Row 3, and Halo 3. Phew. There are a ton more and I might pop back in and add some.

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One of my favorites is Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. I really liked the premise of the game and music. It's too bad that franchise has never evolved into better games.

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M G S 4. Boom.

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A few of my favorites have already been mentioned, so here's a few that haven't been:

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I can't be the only person who's played this, right?

I don't even listen to music, and tend to ignore it in games. (Which somehow gives me an advantage in Rhythm games by going off visual queues rather than listening to the beat)

However, this thing got stuck in my head for weeks.

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Don't know that is my favorite, but this is up there...

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@akyho: Glad to see you're a Phantasy duder. :)

But... I give you all... Exhibit A, DX...

The only game I have ever known to make it's title screen music available as DLC to play in-game....

40 posts without mentioning this?? The fuck is wrong with you people?!! :D


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Well people have pretty much covered everything I would say except I'm really shocked no one has mentioned the Crystal theme from the Final Fantasy games.

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Halo, Saints Row 3, Mercenaries, Mass Effect. People have already said them but yeah. Mass Effect and Halo I could listen to all day.

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FTL. It's probably my recent favorite, I sometimes leave the game idle on the menu screen, because it's so good!

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Mega Man 3 Just listen to it, the slow start just builds up and then it just gets better and better!

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Last of Us has a beautiful title screen in general.

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@capum15 said:

Halo, Saints Row 3, Mercenaries, Mass Effect. People have already said them but yeah. Mass Effect and Halo I could listen to all day.

Oh man, Mercenaries for sure. One of my most beloved main themes.


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