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To be honest I can't remember. I'm mainly on GB because of the forums. I watch some of the vids every now and then if it interests me.

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I think it was the Klonoa Quick Look. I remember having trouble telling who the hell was who.

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Deadly Premonition endurance run it probably was a year after that i actually started watching quick looks. I'm not sure why i avoided them, maybe i thought they would be super serious previews. At that point i wasn't fully aware of how GB worked, it took me awhile to start frequenting the boards and live streams too

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My uncle told me about this new startup out of the silicon valley area named "Giantbomb" because I was interested in videogames. Their MGS4 review was the first video of theirs I watched.


I got hooked shortly after. I must have been 12 at the time? How the years have gone by and how things have changed. Mostly for the better.
*Side note: I need to listen to the Bombcast more often.

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Video? How to Build a Bomb Episode 1.

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I honestly don't remember, I just know that it was a quicklook that I was linked to and then I ended up making an account because I spent the next several hours watching random quicklooks.

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I've been visiting this site since before the proper launch, back when it was just a blog. The oldest video stuff I remember is How to Build a Bomb. They're awesome videos about them getting set up at their first location, and showing the website gradually come together. They posted all sorts of weird stuff back then. I remember Ryan wrote a top 10 list for video game ghosts, all the Pacman ghosts were on there, but in completely different spots (I can't seem to find this anywhere, I think it probably doesn't exist anymore).

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I've followed the guys since their GameSpot days, so my first content would be, the conception of building GiantBomb, Arrow Pointing Down. That's a lazy answer though. So, I'll say that the first thing I really remember (outside of Bombcast), was the GTAIV stream they did. This was before they had a proper capture setup, so it was just a camera aimed at a TV. It was fucking awesome.

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It was weird at first putting faces to the people in the bombcast. So glad I did though.

I still need to go finish watching that DP endurance run. I feel like I should focus on one group instead of watching each of them and seeing the same thing twice.

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The Arrow Pointing Down podcast or the wordpress blog. If we're going back to before Giant Bomb I think the first thing of Jeff's that I read was the Vice City review on Gamespot. So yeah, I've been reading these guys since 2002.

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If you haven't seen it yet, go check out the Rogue Warrior Quick Look. Fucking classic! I pity anyone whose first piece of content is from the post-Ryan era.

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@milkman: yup same here. I was so done with GameSpot even before gerstmanngate

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A bombcast though I don't know which one. I had been looking for a good podcast to listen to while playing games or walking to work and the Bombcast was perfect. After maybe a week or two I eventually ventured onto the site, started in on the Endurance Run, and have been coming back daily ever since.

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How to Build a Bomb Episode 1.

The site has come a long way since the days of Jeff awkwardly fumbling with keys outside the original office space.

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I'd always heard about Giant Bomb through smash-and-grab articles via Kotaku, but I resolved to actually check the site out one day and the first thing I saw was the 2Human Video Thing.

That was it for me.

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@alyssia: After 7 or 8 episodes one team starts to pull ahead and you can see the race happening. I think it's more interesting to see how they diverge based on the rewards of different side quests. You sort of miss out on that back and forth if you don't watch them in parallel.

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I remember it was probably the beginning or middle of 2011 and I was very happy with my internet after 3 years without it. I had started listening to podcast beyond and game scoop from IGN and I needed more podcasts to listen to, I checked the gaming section and saw Giantbomcast. At first I was a bit scared because I saw that the podcast was more than two hours, but then I realized that these were the funniest people I had ever heard. A few weeks later I finally went on the website and then I watched the persona 4 endurance run.

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One of the Arrow Pointing Down podcasts. Oh, video content. Um... One of the quick looks I guess? Maybe the Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts one? Or maybe the 2Human video thing. Can't remember. I know for the first few months I didn't pay much attention to the video content because my internet was garbage.

@alyssia said:

I feel like I should focus on one group instead of watching each of them and seeing the same thing twice.

Yep. That's probably for the best.

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I listened to the Bombcast for a bit before checking out the site. My first video? The Farmville series with Kessler and Lemon.

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I discovered Giant Bomb when I saw the podcast on the top of the iTunes video game chart. Can't remember the first show I listened to, but I do remember being impressed early on by their approach to game of the year deliberations. So I'm guessing I started listening late in 2010. It might have been a year or two before I started visiting the site regularly. Not sure if I could peg the earliest video content I saw since I've gone back and watched much of the archived stuff.

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Uh, i think E3 late night livestream from years ago. Like 3-4 years ago.

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@milkman said:

Video? How to Build a Bomb Episode 1.

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My first bombcast was the batmanbatmanbatman.com one. My first video was the quick look for Test Drive Unlimited 2.

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How to Build a Bomb? Something really early at least.

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I listened to a bombcast or two in 2009. I could be wrong but I remember watching the Rogue Warrior quick look when it came out, and I think that was the first video content I saw.

I was very on and off with my use of GB, mostly off, until around 2011 when I started to listen to more bombcasts and watch more video content.

Edit: I think the first episode of the bombcast I listened to was in 2008, because I remember the guys saying 'happy inauguration day' at the start and I thought it was hella funny and the U.S. Election was 2008 right?

Also I think the first video was the 'giantbomb.com! It's a site!' video but I don't think that counts as content.

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Been here since How To Build A Bomb. Those were the days...

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Chrono Trigger Endurance Run. I couldn't beat Lavos's final form so I did a quick google search and ended up here. After that I just started regularly checkin' out the site. Though in the beginning I could not tell who the hell was who. Brad was Jeff, Ryan was Vinny, Drew was...I don't know what. Eventually I figured it out and since then I've been glad to be a duder.

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The first QL I watched was Scribblenauts: Unlimited. I remember thinking at the time, "this Ryan guy is kinda a jerk. He keeps griefing this Patrick guy and the dev," (totally great in hindsight). That brought me to the Cherry Tree High Comedy Club QL, which came out around the same time. It wouldn't have stuck with me so much if I hadn't noticed Vinny making Persona 4 references which caught my attention. I found out they did a playthrough of my favorite game and the rest was history.

I remember the first Bombcast I listened to had talk of the Super Mario movie.

It wasn't until down the line after I'd put voices to names to faces (I'm terrible with names) that I realized I'd heard about them from gamespot, years back.

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Their Red Faction: Guerrilla review showed up on a Google search at work. Then I backtracked into the Quick Look (which was sub-10 minutes!). So I stuck around.

Granted, if that video didn't feature a Geo-mod hammer, my first impression of this site would've probably been way different.

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Welp, I remember reading the first couple of blogs posted here before there were any videos.

Something about MGS4 and maybe a poker game?

I watched quick looks pretty much since their inception (before they were named as such), but I remember getting into the endurance run after a few episodes in. I wasn't too sure what it was...people playing an entire video game? Who would want to see that? (Me, apparently).

I also got into the bombcast after there were already a few episodes out. Didn't listen to most the arrow pointing down episodes. I was actually pretty hesitant to listen to a podcast. It was a new form of entertainment for me that I wasn't sure I was going to like.

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My first video was Noby Noby Boy. I wanted to see what the hell that thing was, and the Quick Look was the first video I found. My friends and I still sometimes yell "Press Pac-Man Pac-Man!" at each other when trying to figure out the controls of a game.

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Rogue Warrior

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For years my friend would link me to random GB videos and youtube compilations people made but it never occurred to me to actually check out Giant Bomb until last year. No idea why it took me so long. I think the first major piece of content I consumed when i finally came here would have been one of the free live streams, got me to buy a sub and binge watch all the Unprofessional Fridays.

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No idea. I came over when 1up was bought out/imploded years ago and I was reading people in the comments saying giantbomb was where the kool kids are at so I gave it a look. My first thought was one of disgust, as I remember trying gamespot many years before and absolutely hated these guys. I thought they were super obnoxious and annoying but for some reason it clicked on this site and I just stayed. As my post count can attest to; for a long time it was the forums having some interesting conversations that kept me here, but that has all but gone away in the last few years and I'm kind of just here out of habit more then anything. I waste so many hours of my week watching gb stuff that I couldn't imagine not having gb in my life. While I don't enjoy the content even a 1/4 of what I used to, there's always enough sprinkled here and there that I keep coming back. Used to be a time when I had watched literally everything. Never missed a single video, ql or anything that went up. Now I find myself skipping most QLs, or falling really far behind and just not getting around to watching them for awhile. Mostly because the video player has been fucking atrocious forever and everything looks like ass unless I d/l it in HD. Which takes FOREVER.

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It was probably the 4 player Borderlands quick look they did. Although I did know who Jeff was due to 8.8-gate and Gerstmanngate. I didn't really follow them until after GameSpot though.

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The first content on giant bomb i watched was the quick look for 3d dot game heroes a firend of mine randomly linked back in 2009. I really like long videos and giant bomb has that in spades, then i found the endurance run for persona 4 and have loved the site ever since.

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I was reading a Kotaku article about Borderlands, and in the comments somebody posted a link to a Youtube rip (pre-Giant Bomb having a proper Youtube channel) of the Borderlands: Mad Moxxi's Underdome Quick Look. It was also just about the first time I'd seen anything like a Let's Play that wasn't just immediately pulled off of Youtube for copyright issues, so the idea of "Holy shit, I can just watch guys play a game and tell me about it" fucking blew my mind compared to just reading articles about a game I'm considering checking it.

To some extent, it still kinda blows my mind how useful Quick Look (and Let's Plays) are as a resource to tell if a game is the kind of thing I would like or not.

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Before the site launched there was a review for Condemned 2. Also the How to Build a Bomb episodes.

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The first thing that I watched from Giantbomb was the FEAR 3 Quick Look, actually. I was searching for some gameplay video of it. I saw "Giantbomb" and I thought "wait a minute, isn't that the Gamespot guy's thing that he made after leaving Gamespot?"

So I watched it. Then I watched some more Quick Looks. Then I joined. Then I posted.

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Y'know, I haven't the foggiest. It was... fuck... 2010...? Maaaybe late '09? No idea what I watched or what made me the duder I am today, though.

I knew of Jeff "Jeff Gerstmann" Gerstmann and his various -gates, and that he had created some sort of large explosive website that was a game wiki or somesuch, but that was about it.

I do believe "The Giant Bombcast" (every Tuesday at whenever! Catch the wave!) was my first podcast, as I had previously written off the concept of an online radio show, but I needed more Giant Bomb Dot Biz in my life. So in a way, Giant Bomb is indirectly responsible for my love of MBMBaM and Welcome to Night Vale, which means... nothing, really.

#43 Posted by ArbitraryWater (11994 posts) -

The wordpress blog, a month or two after they officially started calling themselves Giant Bomb instead of Arrow Pointing Down, and even before they brought on Brad and Vinny. I've... probably spent too much time here.

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It was probably episode 1 of How to Build a Bomb. Got in on ground floor.

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I think the only Giantbomb video I've watched is the 12 minute MGS V gameplay demo. I don't remember watching any original content.

Oh, and the Quick Look of Dark Souls II (Steam), after someone posted it on another forum. The first five minutes or so.

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Mine was the Shank Quick Look I think. Saw that and decided I needed to browse the site.

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Persona 4 Endurance Run: Episode 1

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I believe it was some Hulk Hogan kinect game quick look. " I'M GONNA MAKE SWEET LOVE TO 'EM, FROM THE BACK! " ....or something like that.

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It was either the first episode of the P4 ER (though they had about 15 or so out at the time), or a Quick Look. Not sure, been a while.