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Here is my list of games (made a list around 10 months ago) that I would love to see rebooted/remade or developed in no particular order:

1. Syphon Filter

2. Final Fantasy 7

3. Resident Evil 2

4. Dino Crisis

5. Silent Hill

6. Unreal Tournament

7. Driver

8. WarCraft IV

9. Shadow Complex 2

10. Rainbow Six

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The first two Metal Gear games, to bring them in line with the later Metal Gear games. Also, maybe Ghost Babel.

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I agree with Driver, I'd like to see (all on steam/pc):

1. Guardian Heroes, remake or hd version

2. Street Rod, a third one or a hd version of the first two combined.

3. Firepro Wrestling, with online multiplayer.

4. Streets of Rage, with 2d gameplay.

5. Tenchu.

6. Life & Death.

7. Starcontrol, again keeping the 2d gameplay.

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I kinda don't think I have one? I used to say stuff like FFX, but the HD version is great. It doesn't require a remake. That made me think similarly about a lot of games. Many of my favorite games aren't that old. I don't think I have a favorite game prior to the PlayStation. Sometimes I get out my older consoles and replay games I really love. I still like playing them just as much. Since playing FFXHD, I've been thinking they don't need a complete remake. Doing them in 1080 and touching up some stuff seems perfect to me now.

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Baldur's Gate/2 could use a total overhaul from a gameplay and graphics perspective. in other words, the opposite of what that company that tried to rerelease them did.

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I think that FFXII would look fantastic if given a proper HD makeover.

I'd actually like to see a remake of Nocturne, but with some more modern SMT trappings. For instance, I would prefer that encounters work like they do in SMTIV instead of randomly triggered battles, and I would like to get a description of what skills do outside of battle. I'd also like to be able to choose which skills pass on when fusing and I'd definitely prefer it if the game didn't end when the main character died. No more getting Mudo'd after an hour of successful dungeon crawling.

It's just little things. I still love that game a whole hell of a lot, but you have to get used to some of its old school trappings.

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Hunt the Wumpus! It could work on the Oculus Rift. It was scary back then, it could be scary today!

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Super Mario 64 - yes, I know they made a DS version; but I want to see Super Mario 64 with Super Mario 3D Land graphics. It's my favourite game from when I was a kid, and if it were updated it would look how I remember it. Super Mario 64 is one of the few games from the 3D era where the controls still hold up - I think it controls better than the Galaxy games.

Timesplitters Collection - this is the most sorely missing HD collection on the market; from what I understand it won't happen because of ownership reasons.

Crash Team Racing - there aren't enough couch-multiplayer games on non-Nintendo platforms. CTR is a classic cart-racing game and I'd love to play a re-mastered version with friends.

PaRappa the Rapper/Um Jammer Lammy - these games would be easy enough to remaster in HD and they deserve it. I'd also like to see a spiritual successor to Um Jammer Lammy.

Vagrant Story - I've never had a chance to play this game and probably never will; it's rather expensive for a PS1 game. I'd buy an HD version instantly.

Planescape Torment - another rpg I'd give a chance if it were re-made.

Fatal Frame Collection - I'd like to see these games re-done with modern graphics; could be even more scary with new lighting and textures.

Panzer Dragoon Collection - after Crimson Dragon Yukio Futatsugi should give us something safe; a definitive remaster of all the Panzer Dragoon games. Including Panzer Dragoon Saga!

Metroid Prime Trilogy - in HD this time.

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Legacy of Kain. Maybe an HD remake of the Raziel games (including the PC version of SR 1).

I swear, something LoK related has to come out of Nosgoth.

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I made my own list a while ago. The list is kinda old so if I sat down and thought about it, I could probably come up with a few more games I would add to, but I'm happy with what's on there.

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I good Duke Nukem game. I remember when I was so hyped up watching these Duke Nukem Forever vids.

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(In the first vid the guy sounded like he busted all kinds of nuts)

Anywhoo, I wonder what version these guys was playing, it looked funner then the DNF we got now. I feel like nowadays the Duke series seen more action in lawsuits then actual games.

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Beyond Good & Evil 2

First two Metal Gear games.

KoF 98 Online Edition

CvS2 Online Edition

Mark of the Wolves Online Edition

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Dragon Warrior

Halo 2


Marble Madness

Sunset Riders

Time Crisis

Dark Rift

War Gods



Soul Reaver (Not happening)

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Vanguard Bandits, Lunar, and Front Mission 3 with all new sexy HD graphics would be a day one purchase for me.

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The Strike series, isometric and PS1 versions

Final Fantasy 7 - This has to happen sometime

Twisted Metal 2 World Tour - As long they don't change anything about the Enemy AI or gameplay and just straight up give it better graphics.

Streets of Rage series - Keep it 2d

Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Better than Mario on NES...except SMB3 maybe

Overlander - This shit was badass.

Combat Cars - Great top down car racing/fighting game

California Games - This was a masterpiece on the Master System 2.

Bombjack - The Atari 520st version not the Nintendo crap.


Shadow Complex 2

A Mass Effect game 50-1000 years after the events of ME3, would be interesting to see how the galactic civilization rebuilds itself

Landstalker 2 - Same Lead characters, and yes I know there was a sequel released in Japan. It doesn't count.

Brutal Legend 2

I swear to God in every thread that has a similar sort of topic like this I just harp on the same old games...

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brute force (original Xbox)

kakuto chojin (original Xbox)

jet set radio future!!

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I'd love to see all the main series Pokemon games including Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness remade in HD for whatever Nintendo's next handheld will be. I'm sure it'll be in HD because well not making the next handheld HD would be just ridiculous. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine also needs a remake for modern systems. I loved the game as a kid but it hasn't aged well. Then again its controls were clunky when it came out.

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Phantasy Star. Not as an MMO, but a proper single player JRPG.

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Fear Effect

Jet Set Radio Future

Pokemon Snap

Skies of Arcadia

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Crimson Skies


Jade Empire

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Rebooted: Bloody Roar, Impossible Creatures, Perfect Dark, Dino Crisis, Turok (Again), resident evil.

Remade: Majora's Mask, Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Final Fantasy VII, Omega Boost.

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said this before, but a secret of mana hd remake (keeping the same artstyle, just smoothed/uprezed and DEFINITELY 2D) would make me die of happiness

someone needs to start this as a fan project dammit

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I wouldn't mind a HD remake/pseudo sequel to something like Rogue Galaxy, I remember really liking that game but never got around to finishing it and I'd love to see what the improved graphics would be like. I'd also really like to see something happen with the Onimusha series, either a HD collection or some sort of reboot!

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Tenchu, Colony Wars, Armored Core...done by a Western game company, Yakuza...done by Rock Star North, and Medal of Honor....done by, and stay with me here....Naughty Dog.

Just think about it would you play Yakuza if it were done by the the people making Grand Theft Auto?

And wouldn't you rather have the past glory of the first 'story essential' fps shooter, Medal of Honor, done by people who know how to make a game and a story?

Wouldn't Armored Core just turn out better if it wasn't so stupidly complicated? Maybe, put it into Treyarch's hands because they know how to make a FPS where you add attachments to weapons and have a understandable progression system to game play?

Could we just put Tenchu in the hands of the Assassin's Creed team at Ubisoft Montreal? Could we put Colony Wars in the the hands of Bioware?

I don't think it is as simple as what do we want back. Tons of games have been tried to be brought back, but the original developers mess them up!!! It not enough to get them back, they have to be in the hands of the right teams.

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Perfect Dark.

I think a reboot thats set in the modern day would be awesome. More of a focus on espionage then ray guns.

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Here is my list of games (made a list around 10 months ago) that I would love to see rebooted/remade or developed in no particular order:

1. Syphon Filter


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I would love to see Legacy of Kain/ Soul Reaver(I got into this series right around the time that it ended unfortunately) and Silent Hill.

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Why don't you just buy it on PSN for $5.99? Maybe you're in a region that doesn't have it or you just don't have a PS3 but even at that you could buy a PSP for like 20 bucks to play it.

I don't typically buy games off PSN or XBLA because I don't believe in buying games digitally on a console; but if I come across some free time maybe I'll make an exception.

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Crash Bandicoot - Reboot or remade

Twisted Metal 2 - HD remake

Twisted Metal - Reboot the franchise on PS4

Age of Empires - Reboot the franshise

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I want what is now Crytek UK (formerly Free Radical Design) to make another TimeSplitters.

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Psychonauts 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2, a Resident Evil reboot, a sequel to Prince of Persia '08, TimeSplitters 4, another game like Stranglehold, probably more.

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  • Colony Wars! Would be a great way to show off what the PS4 can do, Sony! And you already killed Psygnosis / Sony Liverpool, you've got something to make up for.
  • An actual Valkyria Chronicles sequel for the new consoles!
  • 8 man Classic Bomberman, Konami! You're sitting on the Hudson IPs anyway, make it cheaply and downloadable, and please forget about Bomberman Zero. Couch co-op is back!
  • Assault Suit Valken / Cybernator: Reimagine it as a Metroidvania!
  • Elevator Action Returns: Give it to Platinum Games, Taito / Square-Enix!
  • Half Life 3. Surprised no one has mentioned that. Valve, just make it so people will shut up about it.
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Id like to see a new Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver. A reboot that is rooted in a more traditional dark fantasy setting like the first game was. Not shitty barren worlds, boring seraph-an knights, and magic based machines like the later games. Something with more of a Raven loft vibe.

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After spending the last couple of days watching the archive of the Extra Life stream from last year, I think a Windjammers Championship Edition DX would be killer.

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Anyone who played NFL Street and NBA Street Vol. 2 please back me up right now!?

I do agree on Resident Evil 2 as well. That game could be amazing if it was modernized... it still kinda freaks me out.

I think Final Fantasy games need to go back to what made them great in the first place, and if it takes a remake to do that, I'm totally down. While we're on the subject of JRPGs, I miss the old Tactics games and Ogre Battle and stuff. Not sure why, but I could spend hours in menus perfecting my army. Also the Chrono Trigger/Cross could use a nice game to blow me away one more time before I die. Literally before I die, just one more Chrono game.,, please.

Turok maybe? Cool weapons and long ass levels. I miss that shit.

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@pontron: Turok was rebooted. It wasn't very good.


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Crystalis - One of my favorite NES games and all it ever got was a shitty GBC port.

Vagrant Story - Remake, sequel, prequel, spin-off, I don't really care, I just want another game with that system set in that world.

Lunar 2 - Give me a good sequel already God dammit, something not Lunar Legend

Lufia 2 - I want a sequel that isn't Lufia: The Legend Returns or a remake that doesn't change the story like Curse of the Sinistrals did.

Silent Hill - Give me a remake that doesn't change anything other than updating the graphics. Yes, that means I want them to keep the original voice acting and the fog. I would settle for a good sequel though.

Shadow Hearts - Same thing as Vagrant Story, I want another Shadow Hearts game dammit.

That's all for now, I'm sure I will think of more later.

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Zeus: Master of Olympus. It is still one of my favorite games. Would love to have some sort of a HD version of it.

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A dark and gritty first-person Ecco.

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@video_game_king said:

The first two Metal Gear games, to bring them in line with the later Metal Gear games. Also, maybe Ghost Babel.

Thank you for reminding me of the awesomeness that was Ghost Babel. I entirely forgot that game even existed. I need to track that down, now!

@sgtsphynx: You do know an excellent sequel to Silent Hill exists, right? Or did you mean another good sequel?

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Final Fantasy IV or VII

Warcraft IV

Devil May Cry 5 (classic Dante)


Resident Evil (any of the first 4 games)

Mega Man (I really don't care about what it is but I need Mega Man)

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I don't know how many even played/remember this, but Criterion's Black was a terrific foundation for what I felt like could have been a great series. I mean, it was pretty much "shoot that guy" and little else, but it was extremely entertaining. It also had a fantastic soundtrack. Black desperately needed a sequel, and if they had added an even remotely decent story and a longer campaign on top of the rock-solid mechanics in a subsequent iteration, it would have been a truly great game. Of course, EA being EA, it got pushed aside and disappeared into nothing.

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HD Remake of Eternal Darkness.

I think if the kickstarter was for this type of project, to bring in new people and reinvigorate fans of the original it would've been successful and possibly lead to the sequel that they tried to make. But this is a dream of mine, maybe some day.

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I would LOVE to see a new Condemned game. Pick up right where 2 leaves off, go completely bonkers, and give me more hobo-punching goodness.

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1. Max Payne 1 (maybe not remake it, but somebody allow me to enjoy that game as much as I did the first time I played it because, god damn is was awesome!)
2. Operation Flashpoint
3. Splinter Cell (done properly)
4. G-Police
5. Crash Bandicoot
6. Tiberium Sun
7. (A new Amped)
8. Tony Hawks Proskater (done properly)
9. Thief
10. A new Luminus.

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So many games.... Imagine if Sony or Microsoft have exclusive rights to a reboot/remake (Final Fantasy Reboot Exclusive on PS4). I bet we will see a few of those this E3.