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Poll: Which has you more excited? Dragon Age Inquisition or The Witcher 3? (670 votes)

Dragon Age: Inquisition 21%
The Witcher 3 79%

Despite them being vastly different playing games, they sure invite comparison when both are the biggest upcoming video game fantasy rpgs right now, and devs from both have admitted how the success of Skyrim affected the games' design. So, which one are you more excited for?

Not to mention both games are conclusions to backstories set up from the games before. Witcher 3 has Geralt finally catching up to the Wild Hunt in his journey to find his lost "love", and Dragon Age Inquisition has the inquisition ready to clean up the mess from DA2's ending (ironic).

Both games will introduce core new mechanics too. You'd be tracking down, trapping, and hunting down monsters in an open-world Witcher 3. You'd be building forts, managing your army, and planning carefully for each encounter in Dragon Age Inquisition.

This is exciting. Both games would be amazing. But having played 1 and 2 from both franchises and liking both very much, I have to say I'm actually much more excited for DA3. Not because of the closer release date, but just being able to journey alongside the characters from the past games once more is something to look forward to. The only thing that pushed me to finish DA2 was hoping for another references of the first game to be dropped, and DA3 will be full of them. Anyways, which game has gotten you hyped?

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Currently Inquisition, it's closer to release so I'm getting pumped for it. I enjoyed the previous 2 a lot and I consider DAO to be in my top 3 games. Witcher 3 is far enough away that I'm not that excited yet. That being said, Witcher 2 is probably my second favourite game ever so I'm still really looking forward to 3.

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Excited for both, but The Witcher III is more " important " to me. I'm just more invested in that story than I am in Dragon Age's.

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The Witcher is too far away to get excited just yet. Even Dragon Age doesn't really have me excited, per se. Faintly tingly, perhaps, but not excited.

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I'd say Dragon Age for me. I have a very strong love for both franchises, but there's just something about Dragon Age that's getting me ridiculously excited right now. Maybe it's because it's coming out this year and the Witcher isn't, I don't know.

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kinda have two answers.short term dragon age because its on ps3 and is coming out soon.long term witcher because im more excited for it ,but im not wanting a next gen console anytime soon plus the release date is farther away.

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I want them both. Equally. For different reasons.

Where's my Bofum option?

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Oh, Dragon Age. The original is one of my favourite games of the last generation, while DA2 was... well, y'know. Though DAI looks like they've been remedying a lot of the common complaints and then some. The Witcher, however, I have no experience with beyond playing The Witcher 2 on 360 for like an hour, which it disappointingly failed to draw me in and I've never bothered to go back to it... I didn't think it looked very good at that, and I don't mean in comparison to its PC version but simply as a console game. Has a very grainy art style that I didn't like the look of and there was just something off about it all.

That all said, I think The Witcher 3 looks pretty alright.

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Both. Although DA3 looks a little disappointing from what they showed. So The Witcher 3 more so than the DA3.

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Both. Deal.

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Dragon Age...feel like a kid before Christmas already. Gonna be a long wait! :)

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dragon age, but aside from fantasy settings i don't think the comparison makes any sense. the witcher only demands an action game level of involvement from the player (and a pretty stiff action game at that), you don't even get to choose your weapon, whereas dragon age is a customizable party-based rpg in the classic mould.

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I honestly love the Rhode bros art, but I never liked a single Dragon Age game, Witcher series is such a more focused and better designed game.

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Thou I am waiting to play Dragon Age 3 ..... really the witcher 3 just wowed me way too much , so much as now I am saving to finally plunge in to the next/current gen now.

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I will probably end up with both but Inquisition comes out first so I'm more excited for it. Also, I care more about the lore in Dragon Age more.

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The Witcher confuses me. I love RPGs, but I can't get into any Witcher games. I think a big problem for me is I can't create my own character. Dragon Age on the other hand... I loved the first one and I didn't find the second one as offensively bad as others did. The only real problem with two was the repeated environments (which was a big problem, to be sure), but that didn't bring the whole game down for me. So I am looking forward to DAI more.

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I like me some Dragon Age, but it's got nothing on The Witcher.

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DA: Origins was awesome, BUT I NEED MY WITCH FIX.

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There is absolutely no contest, The Witcher as a series is already better than anything Bioware has done except MAYBE Mass Effect 1 and KOTOR. Dragon Age is so mediocre, especially when compared to The Witcher. In pretty much every aspect too.

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As someone who hasn't played a single game in either franchise The Witcher 3 stands out the most in my eyes.

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Witcher 3, because Dragon Age 2 still makes me hurt. ...And Witcher 3 looks bloody awesome from top to bottom and is exactly the kind of game I want right now.

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The Witcher for me. I'll definitely give Inquisition a fair hearing this fall, but right now I'm more wary than excited.

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Witcher 3 because of EA's track record.

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More excited for The Witcher 3, but I'm sure I'll love Dragon Age 3 too. Definitely will play both. Shame they didn't show Dragon Age 3's tactical view in the conference, but I'm sure we'll get lots of it from the showfloor coverage.

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Despite not being able to beat either of the first two Witcher games, I'll buy a ps4 for the game.

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Dragon Age was never that great; I mean it never blew my socks off. I thought Origins was a good start and could go to great places, but then 2 happened and I lost all hope.

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Well I'm looking forward to both, but the Witcher 3 got me way way more excited.

They came off strong in every game, 2 and now 3 look graphically on a whole other level from everything else. The dialogue and story in the Witcher games is done better throughout, and of course their way of handling choices and consequences is still untouched by any other recent rpg, something all games in the genre could learn from. Their latest trailer was stunning, while DA trailer still leaves me unsure if they will do good. Dragon Age still has to prove itself after a failed second entry and the only thing it has going over the other for it is the party combat. That said they are both looking to come out more then fine and as a wRPG nerd it's gonna be great to dig into both of them.

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Fuck. Your. Dragon. Age. Get this poll out of my si(gh)t(e).

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@anund said:

The Witcher confuses me. I love RPGs, but I can't get into any Witcher games. I think a big problem for me is I can't create my own character. Dragon Age on the other hand... I loved the first one and I didn't find the second one as offensively bad as others did. The only real problem with two was the repeated environments (which was a big problem, to be sure), but that didn't bring the whole game down for me. So I am looking forward to DAI more.

The characters, Geralt in particular, are a big part of what's great about the Witcher universe. The games, while great, don't quite do the books justice in that regard. Even though there are some choices you can make in the Witcher games, it's really about having the opportunity to play as Geralt and interact with that world and those characters, as opposed to creating your own unique character and adventure. I think that the story, world and characters in the Witcher games are just much better than in Dragon Age, although this is obviously a matter of taste. They're still not up there with the quality of the books.

I love Dragon Age too, though, and I'm psyched about both games.

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witcher 3. it's the witchest.

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The Witcher if I had, HAD, to chose. I really quite keen to play both of them and this poll is unfair making me choose.

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i think there is room for both

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lolest comparison ever.

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The Witcher 3, like there was ever a question. lol.

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Neither. The Witcher never really grabbed me and Bioware haven't produced anything worth playing since Mass Effect 1.

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Witcher Fucking 3

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Seems like a one sided thing to post, especially on Giant Bomb. I am more excited for Witcher 3 but make no mistake I will be playing plenty of DA:I.

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This is a question? Like an actual one? Really? Obviously the Witcher. As cool as the original Dragon Age was, the Witcher has done it way better in every aspect.

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I've invested a fuck ton of god damn hours into the Witcher games and 3 looks like it's gunna blow the tits off 1 and 2.

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NOOOOOOO question, The Witcher III.

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Doesn't matter to me ,since I'm going to play both.

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I'm not even into The Witcher series and that trailer made me want to play Witcher 3! It looked pretty great.

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All the hate around Dragon Age II and (especially) Mass Effect 3 has caused me to double-down on my BioWare fanboyism in the past few years. Inquisition all the way.

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1 game was really incredible 1 game sucked ass; this is not very hard.

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I go with Dragon Age. I like the series a lot and have more invested into it than I do the Witcher since I never played Witcher 1 and only played 2 on the 360. Plus, Dragon Age is closer.

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Both. I like Witcher 2 more than I liked Origins but I will be playing both of these games and I think enjoying them. Happy with what they showed.