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#51 Posted by Tidel (360 posts) -

GB is like Voltron. You can't have Voltron without all the cats. And then sometimes you get new cats and that's cool, because then you have a better Voltron, with like a beefed up crotch. For fuckin.

#52 Posted by jonano (365 posts) -

I have to say that Everyone on Giantbomb is great.If you take one of them out of it the whole thing would crumble. They sort of need each other for it to work there different personalities create a good dynamic that's really fun and entertaining .I think if it was just the Jeff show or the Vinny show it would get boring real fast and you would miss your least favourite duder real fast

For me me It's has to be Vinny then Jeff ,Ryan, Brad and Patrick. Although Brad has really loosened himself up alot and is now alot of fun. I could always sense the nerves in Br.ad but what ever happened to him he seems way happier and that's great.

#53 Posted by Ketchupp (673 posts) -

Drew because he sits up straight.

#54 Posted by Grixxel (766 posts) -

Vinny, Dave and Drew. I find it really hard to pick from em but if I really had to, suppose Vinny.

#55 Posted by itsVASH (172 posts) -

I FUCKING HATE EVERY FUCKING PERSONALITY ON THIS WEBSITE... but honestly they're all pretty cool

#56 Posted by zyn (2591 posts) -

Ryan, Brad, and Vinny.

#57 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2220 posts) -

Jeff is my favorite of the GB crew, I may not always agree with everything he says but damn if he isn't laugh out loud hilarious.

#58 Posted by Pr1mus (3911 posts) -

@joshthebear said:

#59 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3484 posts) -

Vinbro > Vindawg > Vinny.

#60 Posted by AngelN7 (2970 posts) -

Vinny because Vinny.

#61 Posted by hughesman (312 posts) -

@Tidel: But which one forms the crotch??

#62 Posted by liquiddragon (241 posts) -

I think Jeff is probably the best solo personality but Vinny seems like a super nice guy. I don't have a favorite, they're better as a crew.

#63 Posted by Aetheldod (3586 posts) -

I like them all ... but I kinda like Vinny the most , because when he get into something , he gets really passionate about it as far as to consume other media and not think it is stupid (like the rest of the duders tend to). And I tend to do that sometimes :P , also I think Drew is a cool cat , he just exudes coolness without trying , wonder how he does it. Brad is cool too :

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#65 Posted by Zeeco (104 posts) -

Jeff is the best on his own, like in Jar Time, while Vinny is the best in group setting. However, Giant Bomb is at its best when everyone is together, and all the different personalities mesh together.

#66 Posted by _Chad (962 posts) -

Alexis, Daggering.

#67 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (5515 posts) -

It's really hard to say.I mean my knee jerk reaction is Vinny,but Drew has really come into his own this past year.Patrick is probably a close second.By the way,what's with all the Patrick hate I see so often?

#68 Posted by Andorski (5310 posts) -

Patrick, because he makes so many people angry.

#69 Posted by pieman32 (163 posts) -

While I love everyone, the only choice that wont hurt anyones feelings is Vinny. Why? CUZ FUCKING VINNY. No, but tbh, Vinny to me seems to put in the most effort not just behind the scenes but also being funny on the pod too. Jeff is a close second. Another thing that Vinny has going for himis that he is a baby daddy now, and as we all know, babies are imbalanced as fuck.

#70 Posted by rentfn (1280 posts) -

I've really like the Breaking Brad videos. It's fun to watch him be full of rage and then boom victory. I've also really been enjoying Vinny's baby stories. My wife wants to have a kid in a few years and I'm not really excited about the idea so I play her Vinnys adventures and we laugh together.

#71 Posted by Stinky51012 (157 posts) -

Vinny - Perfection

Jeff - All knowing

Ryan - Eh is ok

Brad - Negative nancy, dies a lot

Patrick - Rookie of the year

Dave - Underrated

Drew - Heart throb

#72 Posted by Encephalon (1262 posts) -

Vinny. Because Vinny.

#73 Posted by Voxus (336 posts) -

Vinny cockteased us with his video from his video about Coffee and Parenting (also Fez).

But I forgive him.

#74 Posted by Slag (4400 posts) -

@Animasta said:

the answer to these types of questions is always Vinny, trust me

yeah these kinds of threads are kind of pointless.

#75 Posted by TooWalrus (13202 posts) -

After watching his Sleeping Dogs, Euro Truck Simulator etc live streams, I'm not sure how there's any answer other than Vinny.

#76 Posted by DarthOrange (3864 posts) -

Alex because he isn't an asshole like the rest of them. I miss Screened, I really wish he did more stuff here :( 
Patrick is pretty cool but that recent Dead Island thing was just overboard. The dude needs to pick his battles, there wasn't anything all that wrong with that collectors edition. If he thought there was then he should know better then to assume everyone thinks the way he does. There was no explanation whatsoever as to what was wrong with it. Most of the time though he is pretty cool. 
The behind the scenes dudes are also pretty awesome. 
Fuck Brad. Fuck Jeff. Fuck Ryan Davis.

#77 Posted by TooWalrus (13202 posts) -

@KoolAid said:

Now with Patrick and Brad... I get the feeling that they feel like opinion is the end all qualifier for what's good and what's bad. I'm sure if you asked them, they don't feel that their opinion is all important. It's more just the way it comes off.

You're right, and I'm trying hard not to turn into one of those ridiculous Patrick haters on the site- but he's just been doing so much stuff that bugs me lately, and I noticed this point specifically during this weeks podcast. Jeff was making light of the fact that he hates Tower Defense games, even though Brad and Vinny were into it. Maybe Jeff's just better at portraying sarcasm or something- but Patrick jumps in and just declares that "it's a shitty genre," in a very matter-of-fact way, and that's it. Ugh.

#78 Posted by itspizza (435 posts) -

Vinny and Jeff

Ryan is a close third. If Dave wasn't so busy i'd have him up there too. Besides some moments of greatness, Brad is mostly just there. Patrick is cool when he's just hanging out, but when he talks serious about video games he can be boring/annoying. Drew is in the same ship as Brad. One of my top 5 bombcasts was last summer when Vinny, Jeff, and Ryan where just kickin it. Pure gold.

#79 Posted by Counterclockwork87 (671 posts) -

Vinny! I feel so blessed we grew up in the same town...I probably have met his parents and never even knew it...

#80 Posted by Dark (381 posts) -

Brad, because Brad is the Bradiest Brad that has ever had the pleasure to Brad. Brad also Brads away for @TeamBrad and I am always up to Brad with Brad.





#81 Posted by Miketakon (514 posts) -

@Giantstalker said:

Not Patrick.


#82 Posted by Hunter5024 (5686 posts) -

I think almost all of them are great. Jeff makes me laugh the most.

#83 Posted by ArtisanBreads (3845 posts) -

I love the original 4 dudes all for their own reasons. Really hard to choose between them, so I wont.

#84 Posted by aznjon12 (188 posts) -

Jeff is pretty cool because he likes boobs. We have a lot in common. Then there's Vinny who has the advantage of being Vinny.

#85 Posted by RioStarwind (547 posts) -

I can certainly relate to Brad the most personality wise. I almost always agree with his opinions. Jeff is great at just being himself which is usually really funny.

Ryan does what he needs to to keep things moving along with some amusing distractions. Not sure what needs to be said about Vinny since something makes him instantly awesome.

Ahh I'm thinking about this to much so I'll go with the first one I thought of which happens to be Brad.

#86 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (855 posts) -

@Superkenon said:

@Imsorrymsjackson said:

Vinny, if you don't agree then fuck you.

That's not a very Vinny thing to say...

Maybe that's because i'm not Vinny...

#87 Posted by MEATBALL (3242 posts) -

Vinny, it's probably because he doesn't really inhabit the critic role so he gets to just have fun and it shows. Everything is made better by Vinny's presence. Think everyone at Giant Bomb is awesome, though.

#88 Posted by Winternet (8019 posts) -

Yep, this thread is not weird at all.

I'm going with Luchadeer.

#89 Posted by bushpusherr (786 posts) -

I come to Giant Bomb mostly for entertainment first, video game stuff second. Given that, I would say my order would be:


I hands down find Jeff and Vinny the funniest, especially together. I'm not on a Patrick or Alex hate train, I just don't find them very entertaining at all. Patrick always feels like he's yelling at me, like every word he says is the linchpin of an argument, or is super profound. For Alex, it just seems like he's doing his best to keep up with the comedy chops of the funnier guys, and just comes off as trying way too hard, and makes a lot of awkward and uncomfortable attempts at humor.

I think of the staff a lot like the cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway. Everyone they cycle through the show is usually at least passable, but it's hard not to be bummed out when the much less funny actors take a spot in a bit, and your favorite actor is sitting on the bench.

#90 Posted by face15 (1301 posts) -


#91 Posted by Mageman (351 posts) -

Vinny, because he seems genuine and magical (no homo).

#92 Posted by BaconBuTTy (173 posts) -

The last few things Alex has been involved in have made me really like Alex.

He was chill and relaxed and let his personality do the work rather than attempting to be the snark master he is only good at in his writing. See his Bombastica entry too. He is a really cool guy when he relaxes.

#93 Posted by cruxking (204 posts) -

Legit. Patrick. Dont hate me.

#94 Posted by holybins (156 posts) -

Just adding to the pile: Vinny!

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#97 Edited by Seppli (10251 posts) -

Jeff - he's the Tyler Durden of the Videogame Industry. Vinny Drew Dave are runners up - their trademark manic fun with obscure PC games is always a good time. Fuck Ryan Davis!

#98 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5008 posts) -

DVD (Drew ; Vinny ; Dave) - They seem like having fun with video games. One could say they are the heart and soul of GB.

#99 Posted by Christoffer (1823 posts) -

Jeff for his scary deep knowledge, carefully explained opinions and comedic talent.

Vinny because that's a dude I would like to hang out with in person. Funny, good hearted, handy and doesn't delve into cynical sarcasm quite as much as the others do.

#100 Posted by TobbRobb (4652 posts) -

Jeff probably. I really like everyone for different reasons, Ryan is the funniest and the best actor/host/anything. Brad is relatable in more ways than I might want to admit. Vinny has so much goddamn HEART. But Jeff knows how to handle people in a way no one else does. It's just hard to not agree with him no matter what he says and that is a skill I can respect. On top of that we got the majority of the industry's integrity in one man. He is a likeable dude, plain and simple.